18 Early Warning Signs of Diabetes You Should Not Ignore

2. You Experience Unexplained Excessive Thirst

People with diabetes usually experience excessive thirst. No matter how much liquid they drink, they still feel dehydrated, which is exactly what’s happening. When there’s too much glucose or sugar in your blood your tissues become dehydrated. This is because your body is pulling as much fluid as it can from your muscles in an attempt to dilute the blood and balance out the high sugar content. This leaves your tissues needing more liquid, and your body feeling like it needs hydration. Of course, this excessive thirst leads to the other telltale sign, increased urination.

Everything is connected when it comes to our bodies, so it goes without saying that drinking more liquid means more trips to the bathroom. More trips to the bathroom mean you’re getting rid of fluid, and that leaves you feeling dehydrated. See where we’re going with this?

Another common sign of diabetes is people will try to quench their thirst with fruit juice and soda. What happens is the sugary drinks pack the bloodstream with an excess of sugar which simply triggers the cycle once again. It’s recommended to rather drink as much water as possible.

High blood sugar always promotes thirst. The key to combating this symptom is just following your symptoms closely. If water doesn’t help quench the thirst, it’s high time that you should pay a visit to medical expert. Diabetes is the type of condition that requires constant monitoring and constant treatment. Like with every medical emergency, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Of course, this symptom also requires you to assess your entire diet. Are you ingesting too much sodium in your meals? Another reason for frequent urination may be stimulants or energy supplements. Adderall, ritaline and many pre-workout supplements cause excess thirst. Make sure they’re not the issue at hand. It’s mandatory that you report the use of any supplements when asked by your doctor. That way, he can eliminate possible causes and determine whether you have diabetes or not.