20 Warning Signs of Poor Blood Circulation in The Body

2.Blood circulation: Numbness of hands and feet

Numbness of hands and feet can be a consequence of numerous factors. But it can also be a sign of poor blood circulation. Numbness is usually felt in two different ways. The first one being a slight tingling on your extremities. This is reported to feel like little insects or ants walking over your skin. Just like when your hands or feet fall asleep and start waking up again.

The second symptom being what is usually called numbness. A feeling of numbness is when you stop feeling your extremities the way you usually do. When poor blood circulation comes into play, you will have this feeling that your hands and feet are swollen and cannot really feel what you touch. Like if your extremities had fallen asleep and couldn’t really wake up.

In this case, you need to be careful not to hurt yourself when doing normal activities as you won’t have full sensitivity in your hands and feet. Whenever your blood circulation is not at its best, there are several things you can do to help your extremities.

First of all, keep your hands and feet warm. Move them around, clap your hands, walk often. Don’t let your blood circulation get the best of you! If you have to sit or stand in the same position for long at work, make sure to take small breaks. Move around and stretch to help your blood circulation get back to normal. This will also help you get a little extra fitness!

If you do feel like your hands or feet are often feeling numb or tingling, you may want to check with your doctor. Blood circulation issues can be solved easily if treated on time. Just give a quick call to your local doctor if you have any of these symptoms.