At Home Massages You Can Do That Will Change Your Life

6. Foot Massage One of the major benefits of foot massage is that it’s one of the easiest at home massages to perform on yourself. You… Samantha Davis - April 23, 2022
Foot massage is incredibly relaxing and also promotes healthy circulation. Pinterest.

6. Foot Massage

One of the major benefits of foot massage is that it’s one of the easiest at home massages to perform on yourself. You should use firm pressure as you work on the feet, especially the bottom of them where skin is a little tougher. Start by working on the area around the ball of the foot, applying firm pressure. If your fingertips aren’t strong enough, you can use the knuckles on your hand instead. Then, apply pressure to the bottom of the big toe and walk your fingers down the big toe, and across the top of your foot just below all your toes as you apply firm pressure. Next, use an up-and-down movement to focus on the arch of the foot before moving to the heel. After focusing on the heel, give a little attention to the top of your foot to promote blood flow to the area.

Foot massage is incredibly relaxing, especially for people who spend a lot of time on their feet. It also relieves tension in the area and promotes better circulation, which can be helpful for people who have diabetes or heart disease because of its effect on circulation. Another major benefit of giving your feet a little extra attention is that it gives you a chance to look at bunions and your feet, as well as how your toenails look. Monitoring your toenails actually tells you a lot about your overall health. For example, bluish toenails could be caused by Raynaud’s disease or poor circulation from diabetes, while yellow toenails might result from using nail polish too frequently or growing fungus fungus. Banding across your toenails can also let you know if you have a vitamin deficiency.

Head massage has brain-boosting benefits including more alertness and better memory. It also relieves headaches and encourages hair growth. Pinterest.

7. Head Massage

Head massage is another at home massage with benefits that you can perform on yourself. Start by using the pads of your fingers, as you would while applying shampoo. Massage the scalp using small circles. Then, separate the hair into large sections and gently tug on it to stimulate the scalp and the hair follicles. Next, you’ll use your thumbs to pull up starting above the eyebrows and moving up the forehead and back into the scalp before using the thumbs to stroke across the forehead to the sides of your head. Once you’re done massaging, gently cup your hands under the neck and stretch by gently lifting their head from the bed. If their neck doesn’t move easily, skip this step. Finally, use your fingers to put pressure on the hollows at the base of the skull and gently massage.

Many people are surprised to learn that massaging their head gives real benefits for the brain, too. Head massage targets the small muscles around your head that are responsible for sending and receiving messages in the brain. When these muscles are tense, it makes it harder for your brain to send out and intercept these signals. Furthermore, head massage encourages circulation to the scalp and brain. As blood flows toward your head, the oxygen and nutrients available to the head increases and makes the brain more alert, increasing memory and attention span. Scalp massage has also been proven to boost relaxation, relieve tension, and even encourage hair growth. Since you are working so close to the nose, aromatherapy used in addition to head massage offers additional benefits.

Lower back massage improves flexibility and promotes spinal strength to relieve pain and reduce the risk of future injury. Total Balance and Serenity Spa.

8. Lower Back Massage

This lower back massage is something you can easily do at home without any help. All you’ll need is a tennis ball and a wall (or the floor). Place the tennis ball on the floor and lie on top of it, positioning it near your lower back. Alternatively, use a wall and position the ball between your lower back and the wall. Move your body slowly up and down and side to side, paying attention to how it feels when the ball massages certain areas. You should be squishing the ball a little, but you shouldn’t press so hard that it’s painful. Use the ball to target any sore muscles and apply pressure. Alternatively, rub the lower back with your thumbs, using small circles around the divots near the base of the spine and the group of muscles there.

The major benefit of lower back massage is that it relieves tension and increases the temperature of your muscles. As the temperature of your muscles rise, it makes the tissue in the surrounding area more elastic. The joints also become more flexible, letting you manipulate the muscles, boosting circulation and relieving pain and inflammation. Stretching and lower back massage is also one of the best ways to improve lower back injuries or strains, especially when used together. They improve flexibility and also build up the muscles around the spine. Strength in these muscles is important because they support the spine and help keep your body erect. Additionally, both these benefits reduce the risk of injuries or strains in the future and they can even relieve chronic back pain.

Eye massage relieves ocular pressure and tension to help manage some health conditions. It also brightens the skin and reduces puffiness. Pinterest.

9. Eye Massage

You’ll want to use your fingertips for this unless you have longer nails- then you can use the knuckles instead. For each of these steps, repeat about 10 times on each eye. Start with the index fingers and press on the indented area near the corner of your eye. Then, invert your thumbs like in the diagram and press on the sunken area below the eyebrows. Move to the outer corners of the eye next, applying pressure about a centimeter away from the outer-most corner. Then, press the sunken point beneath the eyeball and near the socket with your index finger. Finally, you’ll place the middle and ring fingers on your upper and lower parts of the eyes, gently moving your fingers over your skin and toward your temples.

When performing eye massage, it’s important to use gentle pressure. The skin around the eyes is thin, particularly the eyelids and the under-eye area. However, eye massage does offer many benefits. This massage targets accupressure points that promote good blood flow to the area. As blood flow increases, so does the flow of oxygen and nutrients that promote skin health and help reduce puffiness. Massage also opens the pores and helps it absorb better, so using a nourishing serum after massage helps all the ingredients that are good for your skin penetrate deeply. Research also shows that in addition to brightening the eyes, engaging these pressure points helps with eye twitching, relieves tension, and can even benefit people with vision problems and glaucoma because of the way massage relieves pressure.

Abdominal massage offers digestive benefits, including relieving constipation and other digestive issues. It also encourages blood flow to the vital organs located in the abdomen. Pinterest.

10. Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage is something that can be done by a professional, but it works best as a nightly routine before you go to bed. Lie on your back and prop your knees up, using 2-3 pillows for support under them if you need to. Start by applying pressure in a circular motion, working outward and starting at the belly button. Make about five circles around, getting bigger with each one. Then, repeat this moving in the opposition direction. Next, use a stroking motion to move up from the pelvic bone toward the belly button about four times, then the leg crease to the belly button. After this, you’re going to use a flat palm to shake areas of skin, including the abdomen, thighs, and leg crease. Finish by making small circles around the belly button, moving from right to left two times. You should do this every night to get the most benefit.

The obvious benefit of abdominal massage is the way that it benefits the digestive tract. Improving digestive health keeps things flowing regularly, prevents bloating, and even increases how well your body absorbs nutrients from the foods you eat. Additionally, abdominal massage promotes blood flow to all the organs located in the stomach as well. This stimulates organs like the spleen, kidneys, and liver, aiding in the removal of toxins from the body. Furthermore, since research has shown that gut health plays such a big role in mental health and overall well-being, abdominal massage offers benefits for the mind that go beyond basic relaxation as well. Some researchers say that massaging this area might also help with toning the muscles and weight loss, however, that hasn’t been proven by any concrete scientific studies just yet.

Elbow massage is especially beneficial for people experiencing chronic pain, especially since it helps remove some of the toxin build up that causes flare-ups of tennis elbow and other conditions. SHS Beauty Care.

11. Elbow Massage

Often, elbow massage starts with a hand massage to stimulate the muscles and make it feel relaxed. After you’ve finished the hand massage mentioned above, use one hand to hold the wrist and the other to cup the elbow. As you cup the elbow, make a circular motion and massage it. Repeat this at least three times. Then, stroke down the arm using a firm grip, working from elbow to wrist. With each stroke downward, you’re going to continue down the hand and stroke each finger. Finish by gently squeezing the finger you are working on before repeating the movements. You’ll want to use a lotion or massage oil for this type of massage, especially if you’re performing it on someone that has a little more hair on their arms. It can be painful if you pull at it.

The biggest benefits of elbow massage are for people that have tennis elbow or elbow strains. With tennis elbow, flare-ups are often caused by toxins triggering inflammation in the area. Elbow massage relieves pain by releasing these toxins so they can be removed by the lymphatic system and filtered out of the body. It also offers benefits for the tissue and muscle in the area. As massage encourages blood flow, it also brings the oxygen and nutrients needed to promote healing. Furthermore, massage increases flexibility and range of motion so the joints and tissues in the elbow bend easier. This is important, especially since people often need use of their arms in their day-to-day lives. Deep tissue massage that targets the tendons and muscles rather than promoting relaxation is best for this type of injury/condition, so don’t be afraid to use pressure while you’re massaging.

Hip massage promotes flexibility in this area. It also helps lift sagging skin around the hips and buttocks, smoothing the area and making it look firmer and more plump. Joom.

12. Hip Massage

Hip massage is another type of at home massages you can do yourself. The goal with hip massage is to engage the tendons underneath the skin, helping them support the skin better and re-distribute the fat. This gives a firmer, better appearance. To massage the hips, start at the waist-hip curve and apply pressure in a curving motion. You’ll move from the waist, across the buttocks and down toward the hips. Then, engage the leg-thigh curve. You’ll want to push in an upward motion instead of downward, moving against gravity. You’ll do this by applying pressure from the back of the thighs and up toward the hips and buttocks. Work over each of these areas several times. You’ll want to do this every day to help build up the muscle and redistribute the fat on a more permanent basis.

Hip massage helps re-distribute fat because you’re targeting it with the way you move your hands. Fat sits below the the skin, under the dermis and epidermis layers. The thighs, buttocks, hips, and stomach are all high-fat areas on the body. As you smooth these out, it helps redistribute weight and give skin a smoother appearance. By improving blood flow to the area, massage also makes skin appear firmer and plumper. Hip massage also promotes flexibility in the hips to reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, while the jury is still out on massage for weight loss, massage does support a lot of things that make it easier to lose weight. For example, massage promotes better mental health and sleep patterns, which make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle and stay motivated. It also helps relieve pain after a workout, which can help your muscles recover and become stronger.