Buy These 20 Spices and Herbs to Optimize Health

This ground cinnamon is one of the best on Amazon because you get more for the same or lower price as other brands. Credit: Safeway


Cinnamon can be a spice that some people don’t like, which makes it challenging to include in a meal. However, it’s known to help improve your immune system, so it’s always good to add to foods now and then. Maybe you can find a way to put in a little cinnamon and other spices, so the picky eaters don’t taste it?

One of the best brands to choose when buying cinnamon is McCormick. It’s easy to find at the store, but you can get a bigger bottle for a low price without stepping foot outside of your house by checking out Amazon. This cinnamon is aged up to 15 years to bring out its richest flavor, it’s non-GMO, and doesn’t have any added fillers. The bottle holds 7.12 ounces of cinnamon. 

Buy the McCormick Ground Cinnamon for $5.42.