Men Confess What They Really Think of Plastic Surgery

3. Being unique is the most attractive thing. Studies show how social media can make people depressed and insecure by their looks. That is why so… Trista - November 27, 2021

3. Being unique is the most attractive thing.

Studies show how social media can make people depressed and insecure by their looks. That is why so many people are getting or contemplating plastic surgery. It is a big concern that people feel so bad about themselves because of the internet. Then, the same internet urges them to change everything about themselves. This is why you should talk to someone before you take the plunge to plastic surgery. More importantly, talk to a therapist or someone to help guide you into the best decision for you. If surgery is the one that will be the game changer in your life, then go for it.

But you also need to remember to have balance. Overdoing it won’t do much. It might end up turning heads for the wrong reasons. Sure, if you feel beautiful after many surgeries and thousands of dollars, then they can stare all they want. Boolean_sledgehammer makes a good point that is just loving yourself the way you are and learning to do so might be a good start. “To me, people who have had an overabundance of plastic surgery often end up looking bland, featureless, and utterly forgettable. I like uniqueness. I like imperfections. These are the things that make you stand out. Having a “perfect” nose, in my opinion, does not. I can’t fault someone for wanting to alleviate their insecurity, but I’ve found that the “physical ideal” that people strive for is often anything but.”


2. Is this being shallow?

When answering questions on the internet, it is always a good idea to do an auto inspection before saying anything, so this rant by Whisper is by far the most epic one yet: “A lot of shockingly bad answers here from hypocritical men. Everyone likes pretty, by definition. That’s because pretty is defined as “the appearance that you like.” Many people start with this refrain of “shallow shallow shallow” when they talk about cosmetic surgery, not because they don’t like the results, but because they don’t want to appear “shallow shallow shallow” by caring too much about appearance…

But middle-to-upper-class people see appearance as something mutable and configurable, which can be chosen, something that you have. Judging someone based on it is like judging them on how they dress; it’s a bit weird to attach too much importance to it, but it tells you something about people’s taste and how much effort they are putting in. I am pre-surgery (except for breast implants because they can’t seem to make them look and feel quite right yet). If someone has the nerve to decide that they want a change and then follow through on it, and the competence to amass 5 to 15k in spare cash, that tells you a lot more about them than someone who just got lucky in the genetic lottery.”  


1. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can have.

Relationships can be complicated sometimes. One falls for someone because of their character and even more if they are physically attracted to each other. It doesn’t matter if the other person thinks they are not hot. It is always a plus when the other person disagrees about it. Why? Because you know it’s the real deal. If it’s serious enough, it can turn into a beautiful relationship that might stay together for many years to come or for the rest of their lives. But what if the other person has a minor obsession that they can not get over, especially when it comes to how they look?

Smugcaterpillar sadly had to move on because of this, so this is a cautionary tale that people need to be checking on. “My soon-to-be-ex-wife was sort of infatuated with plastic surgery. While I understand the desire for beauty, it was a constant trigger for us to bicker. While by no means a ten, she’s not ugly. She was obsessed with her chin and wanted an implant. It still does, actually. I think it’s super creepy. I find confidence sexy. Plastic surgery implies the opposite for me. Also, it seems like it tends to lead to things like this. That being said, more power to ya if that’s your thing, to each their own, etc.”