The Secret to Why Brazilian Women are Among the Most Beautiful in the World

Brazil is well-known for many things, from its talented soccer players to the beautiful tropical areas and waterfalls. Of course, one of the other things Brazil… Samantha Davis - February 28, 2022

Brazil is well-known for many things, from its talented soccer players to the beautiful tropical areas and waterfalls. Of course, one of the other things Brazil is known for is its incredibly beautiful women. Many supermodels, including Gisele Bundchen, Camila Alves, and Adriana Lima, are from Brazil. Singers Ceu and Annita, as well as sports stars Jaqueline Caralho and Erika Dos Santos are some other well-known Brazilian bombshells. But, what exactly is it that makes these beautiful women stand out so much?

There are many reasons that Brazilian women are among the most beautiful in the world. From the way that they take care of themselves to the lifestyle and culture in their home country, Brazilian women just stand out. Let’s take a look at some of their secrets.

Brazilian women like Gisele Bundchen take pride in soft, touchable hair. Outsider.

1. Brazilian Women Strive for Soft, Healthy Hair

At one time, it was societal norm for women in Brazil to straighten their hair or use relaxers. This trend lasted for decades and was likely caused by European influence. Today, however, Brazilian women are all about embracing their waves. This is a good thing, since the average year-round temperature in Brazil is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, and the frequent rainfall makes the climate really humid. Though damaging straightening treatments aren’t as popular, many women may have damage from dyeing and spending time in the outdoors.

To combat this damage, weekly scalp treatments are the societal norm. Research also shows that a great deal of the hair care market in Brazil is after-shampoo products like conditioners, hair masks, and hot oil treatments. Many women in Brazil are also frequent flyers to the salon. It’s estimated that about 10% of a woman’s earnings from her job are allocated just on managing her hair. While more natural looks are preferred for waves or curls today, they visit to be styled and have their hair dyed. Ombre looks are popular, as are more natural looking highlights.

Natural and DIY hair treatments keep hair soft, shiny, and healthy. Hello Glow.

2. Brazilians Care About What’s in Their Beauty Products

With so much emphasis placed on hair health, it’s no surprise that Brazilian women care about what is in their beauty products. They take the time to read labels and active ingredients and know which ingredients are harmful and which ones will nourish their hair. This emphasis on nourishment comes from the idea that hair should feel soft, rather than just looking nice to the eyes. With the high demand for better products, natural and botanical hair care products can be found on the shelves. Products are also usually vegan and cruelty-free. This lets the women of Brazil maintain their hair in a way that leaves it touchably soft.

DIY treatments are also popular. Brazilian women pass down these DIY recipes through families, especially since many of the hair masks and treatments are made using ingredients from their backyard. Aloe, avocado, and banana are both popular ingredients, known for adding softness, shine, and strength to hair. They also might add various fruits, herbs, and other flora, such as mango, basil, rosemary, and guava.

Brazilians emphasize dental hygiene and even have toothpaste and floss in public rest rooms. Shutterstock.

3. Brazilian Women Care About Dental Hygiene

Brazil has a very “smiley” culture. People smile to greet one another, when they see others on the street, and of course when they’re posing for photos. With research showing that a smile instantly makes someone more attractive, it’s no surprise that the rest of the world finds Brazilians attractive. With a smile holding such a high cultural value, Brazilians care about dental hygiene. They also don’t make people feel embarrassed for taking care of their teeth.

It’s common for women especially to carry a toothbrush and clean their teeth after lunch during the day. Brazilians are also encouraged to wear braces. They are worn by people young and old, whenever they save up. With no stigmas surrounding them, people even proudly smile when they have them. It also helps that Brazilians have access to dental care. Around 15% of the dentists in the world, or 240,000 dentists, reside in Brazil. It’s also common for restaurants and cafes to have mouthwash and dental wash dispensers in the restroom. Brazilians hold personal hygiene in high regard, so it makes sense that they’d care so much about their teeth.

Brazilian women regularly visit the salon or have nail techs come to the home for manicures and pedicures. Shutterstock.

4. Brazilian Women Care About Their Nails

Keeping up on your manicures and pedicures is another way that Brazilian women keep themselves looking beautiful. It’s even common for the same nail tech to work with a family for years. Brazilian women can schedule at the nail salon, but there also nail technicians that come to your house. Even when the family has a limited budged, money is set aside for manicures and pedicures.

Nail technicians also don’t have lengthy application processes like they do in the United States. Gel manicures are more common. Plus, it only takes around 30 minutes for the entire process. Nail technicians generally apply the polish, then use a Q-tip and nail polish remover to get rid of any extra. By applying nail polish past the cuticle, it ensures there isn’t a gap at the base of the nail. This lets the manicure last a little longer as the nail starts growing out.

Universal healthcare makes it easier for Brazilians to stay healthy, inside and out. Shutterstock.

5. Healthcare is Considered a Basic Right

Brazil established universal healthcare for its citizens with its Constitution of 1988. This healthcare initiative offers hospitalizations, surgery, doctor visits, and medication for free, for both national citizens and foreign residents. Having access to healthcare means that there’s no reason Brazilians cannot take care of health problems. Studies show that healthier people are more attractive. This likely has something to do with the fact that healthy people generally eat better and are physically active. The nutrition in their body helps them glow from the inside out.

With the country offering universal healthcare, they also care about the health of their citizens. In recent years, the government started promoting healthier eating and lifestyles. Rather than focusing on food groups, there’s a greater emphasis on eating fresh foods instead of processed foods. There’s also emphasis on being physically active and teaching children to cook, so they grow into adults with better eating habits.

Many of the foods native to Brazil are also great for skin health, which keeps Brazilian women looking youthful. Delishably.

6. Brazilian Food Staples Keep Women Looking Young

The tropical environment of Brazil makes it easy for residents to access fresh produce year round. Eating fruits and vegetables fresh ensures you get the most nutritional value out of them. Plus, many of the crops Brazil grows are considered super foods because of their incredible benefits. Potassium-rich banana, antioxidant-rich Acai berry, guarana, and protein-rich black beans. Many foods grown there like watermelon, passionfruit, cassava, and camu camu are also rich in vitamins A and C, both of which are important for immune and skin health. Having healthy, glowing skin is one of the many reasons Brazilian women are so beautiful.

Brazilians also eat a diet that is rich in healthy fats, which promote overall health. Common staples like nuts, avocado, and fish have healthy fats. Research shows that eating healthy fats like the kind found in these foods helps improve cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, and prevents damaging inflammation through the body. This inflammation can cause cognitive decline, advanced skin aging, and even cancers, so eating these foods contributes to health, too.

Brazilian women rely on natural beauty instead of makeup and accessories. Shutterstock.

7. Women in Brazil Rely on Their Natural Beauty to Shine

Brazil has a high crime rate, totalling around 23.6 homicides per every 100,000 residents and there is a high rate of gang activity and organized crime. For this reason, women in Brazil are not encouraged to accessorize. Jewelry is one of those things that may catch the eye of criminals and thieves, so they don’t show them off in public. There are a few instances where a woman might dress up and they reserve expensive jewelry for these occasions, as long as the event is somewhere they feel safe.

Without jewelry to accessorize with, Brazilian women tend to rely on their fashion to make them stand out. Their wardrobe is paired with their natural beauty, something that accessorizes better than jewelry ever could! Women in Brazil also don’t wear a lot of makeup. This means less clogged pores, better skin health, and natural beauty that outshines anything makeup could ever do. Plus, this means even when women aren’t completely done up, they still look beautiful.

Brazil has been an ethnically blended country for centuries, giving Brazilians a wide variety of beautiful skin tones.

8. Brazilians are Ethnically Blended

Brazil is the fifth largest country in South Africa, by size and population. The large population of people is diverse when it comes to ethnicity and most people are of mixed ancestry. This mixed ancestry started with the European settlers that first established Brazil, who descended from countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. Since most of these settlers were men, many settled and had children with women already residing in the country, including indigenous women and slaves.

Even people of European descent typically have toned, gorgeous skin because of the mixing of various ethnicities throughout Brazil’s history. There have also been many immigrants that have come to Brazil, which further blended the population.

Girls are taught beauty routines from a young age and visit the salon with their mother. Shutterstock.

9. Girls Are Taught Beauty Routines from a Young Age

Many young girls in Brazil start early beauty routines around 12-13 years of age, around the time when they hit puberty. It’s common to see young girls with their mothers in the salon, while getting manicures or even during waxing. By starting so young, girls see this as part of a routine, rather than something that is a luxury or being pampered. It’s part of their regular schedule.

Taking care of yourself is something held in very high regard in Brazilian culture. This prepares girls for becoming young women and teaches them what they need to know to be someone’s wife one day. Starting so early may also have something to do with older traditions, when girls would have parties when they turned 15 and be introduced to different suitors for marriage. Girls marry much later in life than they once did, but families still host huge parties for a teen’s 15th birthday.

Brazilians are friendly even with strangers, which adds to their beauty. Shutterstock.

10. Brazilian Culture is Friendly

Being friendlier and more pleasant is something that instantly makes you more attractive. It’s no surprise, therefore, that women from a friendly culture like Brazil are so attractive. Many Brazilians grow up in close families and they are even kind to strangers. It’s not uncommon to hug or kiss on the cheeks when greeting, even if you are meeting someone for the first time.

In addition to being really friendly, Brazilian women are likely to pay a compliment if they like your scarf or sundress. They take any opportunity as a chance to start conversation. It’s even common to sit next to a stranger on the bus and talk, rather than putting space between yourself and other passengers.

Brazilians love bold prints and colors and look fashionable no matter the weather. Natal Brazil.

11. Brazilians Look Great in All Seasons

Even though Brazil is considered a warmer climate, that doesn’t mean that Brazilian women shy away from winter fashion. Brazilian women wear trendy, fashionable clothes regardless of the season. While they may have some basic staples, it’s most trendy to wear clothing that pops. This includes big, bold prints and bright colors. Often, clothing is made from lightweight materials like jersey or cotton.

Brazilians are used to the heat, so it’s not uncommon to see people in scarves, boots, and jackets when it’s 65 degrees and raining outside. Of course, Brazilian women also look their best when bundled up for the cold, too! They focus on fashion instead of accessories, so even bulky clothing is designed to pop.

Many Brazilian women are naturally curvy because of their ancestry, and curves are celebrated. Shutterstock.

12. Brazilian Women are Genetically Curvy

In Brazil, you don’t have to be thin to be beautiful. In fact, many Brazilian women are naturally curvy because of their genetics. Brazilians have genetic similarities to African women. Several scientific studies have noted the differences in the body composition, as well as the trunk-to-limb ratio, between women who are of African descent compared to those with European descent. It all comes down to genetics!

This research explains why Brazilian women tend to have greater bone mass, less body fat, and more body fat concentrated around the thighs, hips, and buttocks. It also isn’t a problem that they are curvier. In fact, many men in Brazil prefer curvier women. Plus, Brazilian women tend to dress for their men, rather than for fashion or to impress other women. This means they’re more likely to choose clothing that accentuates their curves.

Brazilian women are taught to love themselves and be confident, regardless of their body shape. Shutterstock.

13. Brazilian Women are Confident

In addition to being curvy, Brazilian women also embrace curviness. Women of all sizes can be seen wearing short shorts and crop tops in the summer. This body positivity leads to a society as a whole that is more confident. Confidence is definitely something that makes anyone look more beautiful!

In addition to showing their confidence physically, Brazilian women exhibit their confidence in the way they carry themselves. Brazilians are more emotionally open than other cultures. This freedom of expression lets them resolve problems instead of burying them. It also means that they are generally happier, since they don’t have the weight of hidden problems weighing them down.

Bikini waxes, manicures, and other beauty routines are all very common in Brazil. Shutterstock.

14. Brazilians Set Trends in the Beauty Industry

Brazil has many unique practices to keep the women of the country looking beautiful. Waxing is a popular practice, especially since the hot climate means that many women find themselves wearing bikinis, shorts, and crop tops through many months of the year. The Brazilian wax in particular is something that’s been adopted by other countries, too.

Brazil has also set hair trends. At one time, keratin smoothing treatments known as a Brazilian blowout were popular because they help deal with the frizz that many Brazilians have from their natural hair and the humidity that they live in. While this has become controversial in recent years because there may be formaldehyde in the treatment, it is still used in other countries around the world. Another hair trend that is catching on in recent years is Veleterapia candle burning. This is a practice where the ends of the hair are twisted so that split ends are exposed. Then, the split ends are burnt off with an open flame. It’s even something that several Brazilian models swear by!

Brazilian culture is much more relaxed than other countries in the Western world. Shutterstock.

15. Brazilian Culture is Very Relaxed

In many western countries, society is very fast-paced. It seems like everyone is always in a hurry, and things like multi-tasking are very common. By contrast, Brazilians have a very laid back, relaxed lifestyle. They tend to get to things when they get to them, rather than having a deadline. It’s not uncommon for people to run late, though it’s well understood in most situations.

The relaxed culture of Brazilians helps reduce the amount of stress that people feel on a day-to-day basis. Excessive stress, especially on a regular basis, causes problems with memory and even advances the aging process. Brazilian women are the most beautiful in the world because they age gracefully and their relaxed lifestyle may contribute to that.

Botox, mostly used in plastic surgery, can be used to eliminate pain and enhance beauty. Flickr.

16. Plastic Surgery is Popular

Plastic surgery is a common practice in Brazil. They have the most plastic surgeons per capita and are second in the world regarding how many procedures are done. In 2015, Brazilians had over 1,200,000 procedures done, accounting for 12.7% of plastic surgeries in the world. This doesn’t mean that everyone has something done. However, the option is there for women who want to improve on their looks.

Brazilian women are taught to be confident in their beauty. However, they also believe that if you don’t like something about yourself, you should change it or improve on it. Reconstructive procedures are not as common as they are in countries like the United States, but lifting procedures for various areas of the body are popular. The Brazilian butt lift is a well-known surgery that was first popularized in Brazil, which involves taking your own body fat and injecting it into your butt. Even though Brazilians are generally an open people when it comes to sharing medical information, however, it’s not considered polite to ask if someone has had work done.

Sunshine keeps everyone’s skin looking healthy, especially since UV protection is used to limit damage caused by UV exposure. Shutterstock.

17. Sunshine Gives Everyone a Healthy Glow

On average, Brazil gets 12-13 hours of sunshine per day. These long days make it easy for Brazilians to maintain the look of healthy, bronzed skin that makes them so attractive. Even though Brazilians spend a lot of time in the sun, they do wear sunscreen. Many women opt for lower SPF varieties, which lets them protect their skin from damage while still giving them a chance to tan. Self-tanner is also used by women who want a deeper tan without risking UV damage.

Tan lines are another reason that Brazilian women are so beautiful. Brazilian men love their women with tan lines and Brazilian women love to make their men happy. It’s also really easy to maintain tan lines when bikinis are such a popular fashion choice. If you’re going to mimic this idea to give you a healthy natural glow, just make sure you’re protecting your skin based on your skin type.

Brazilians shower a lot, often more than once a day because the climate is so hot and humid.

18. Brazilians Shower a Lot

In Brazil, everyone showers a lot. Bath tubs are considered a luxury, but most people have electric showers in their homes. It’s common for people to shower twice a day, sometimes even more frequently because of the climate. Electric showers are preferred because they heat up faster than gas, so there’s always hot water for everyone in the family to take a shower as needed through the day.

Showering regularly stops people from looking hot, sweaty, and generally rough through the day. Since women always stay fresh, their skin is glowing. Plus, showering regularly stops Brazilians from smelling sweaty too, even in the hot weather! There’s a lot of research that smelling good makes you attractive to the other sex, so this could very well contribute to the reason that the rest of the world finds Brazilians so attractive.

Brazilian women marry and have children later, which leaves more time for caring for themselves and relaxing.

19. Many Women Wait Until Later in Life for Marriage and Children

Becoming a mother doesn’t make you any less beautiful, but it does change your body. It also changes how often you’re able to get a full night of rest! By waiting until later in life, Brazilian women are able to keep up on their beauty sleep. They also aren’t handling any of the stress that comes along with raising children.

The average age of childbearing in Brazil is 27.9 years, though many women wait until after they are 30 to get married and start having babies. With this being the social norm, there also isn’t as much pressure from parents to start giving them grandchildren. Plus, Brazilians have naturally curvy bodies that bounce back well after childbirth.

In Brazil, access to childcare and the societal norm to bring children out to social events makes it easier for parents to rewind, reducing the effects of stress and aging.

20. Babysitters Give Parents Time to Relax

Even once parents have children, they don’t necessarily stop making time for themselves. While maternity leave is 120-180 days in Brazil, it’s still common for parents to start interviewing babysitters not long after learning they are having a baby. Unlike babysitting services in some countries, childcare is relatively inexpensive in Brazil. Plus, babysitters usually help with cooking and cleaning in addition to helping with the kids. With access to a good babysitter, mothers are able to relax. Having time to relax is essential to health.

Research shows that relaxation has benefits like reduced blood pressure, improved sleep, better pain management, and improved mental health. Even when the babysitter is taking the night off, it’s common to see Brazilian women out with their children. You might visit a movie theater and see babies crawling on the floor, while the parents are enjoying a movie. Children are also frequently in attendance at parties, which may be held later in the evening. Going out, with or without their kids, gives Brazilian women a reason to look their best. It also gives them some much-needed time to relax.

Brazilian women are fiery and passionate, which only makes them more attractive. Shutterstock.

21. Brazilian Women Have Spicy Attitudes

In Brazil, it’s not uncommon to overhear a couple arguing on public transportation or walking down the street. Many Brazilian women have feisty attitudes, though making up happens just as quickly. This is probably because Brazilians are not afraid to make their emotions known.

While some people prefer a woman who is sweeter and more gentle, many others find a woman with an occasional temper or feisty attitude attractive. It keeps things interesting and keeps their partner on their toes. Plus, there’s never a dull moment in the relationship. Instead of going through the same motions every day, men are constantly trying to figure their partner out. This keeps a little mystery and excitement in the relationship.

Brazilian women often live with their parents until marriage, so it’s easier to keep their regular beauty routine in their schedule. Shutterstock.

22. Brazilian Women Have the Time and Money to Maintain Beauty

Maintaining a high standard of beauty is something that takes time and money. With the typical living situation in Brazil, young women have that. It’s common for unmarried people to continue living with their parents, even after they’ve turned 18. Young people live with their parents until they get married. During that time, bills are split in half and the money saved is set aside until the young person moves into their own home.

In addition to giving Brazilians a chance to save money, this time with parents also saves time. Chores around the house are shared and the family eats dinner together. Since there aren’t quite as many responsibilities, young women have free time for keeping up with their beauty routines. This keeps their skin glowing and their hair and nails looking great, especially since many people do not marry until their mid-to-late 20s.

Brazilian men and women love hitting the gym and spend a lot of time being physically active outdoors. Shutterstock.

23. Gym Culture Makes it Easier to Stay Fit

Brazil has more than 34,000 fitness clubs around the country, used by both men and women who want to stay fit. In a country where it’s so hot, people wear a lot less clothing. They spend a lot of time outside and at the beach with friends and family, and they want to look great while they do it. Not only are there a lot of gyms, but gym memberships are also affordable for most people. This makes it easy to stay committed to fitness.

Another benefit of Brazilian gym culture is that they have many facilities that work well for families. Parents don’t have to worry about childcare when they go to the gym. Plus, the warm weather and the country’s enjoyment of sports like volleyball and soccer mean that people are being physically active even when they don’t have time to hit the gym.