Training for a Marathon Can Help Reverse Aging

Setting Goals Will Help Create Healthy Habits Goal-setting will do more than help you reach your goal, and it will also help you create healthy habits.… Trista - March 6, 2020
Healthy habits will help you create a healthier lifestyle. Pixabay.

Setting Goals Will Help Create Healthy Habits

Goal-setting will do more than help you reach your goal, and it will also help you create healthy habits. For example, if you train for a marathon for 30 days, your training schedule can become a habit – or at least a part of it. This is because you become used to the exercises or training program. 

This is especially true if it is over 21 days because this is how many days it takes for an action we do every day to become a habit. Of course, if you only train about three days out of the week, the 21 days won’t necessarily apply. But, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have the urge to exercise a bit more. 

Merely training for a marathon can help you become healthier. Pixabay.

You Do Not Have To Run The Marathon 

While the participants in the study went through with running the marathon as it was part of the study, researchers confirm that you don’t need to go this far. You will receive the same benefits whether you train for the marathon or you decide to train and run in the marathon. 

The key is that you need to focus on your healthier goals and ensure you reach them. This is the real trick when it comes to creating a healthier lifestyle and making sure that your health doesn’t take a turn for the worse when you are done with the marathon. 

The key to a healthy lifestyle is to create healthy lifestyles with good habits. Pixabay.

Your Lifestyle Changes Are A Big Reason To Better Health

It isn’t simply training and running in a marathon that gives you better health. You can do this and then go back to your old unhealthy habits, stop exercising, and quickly find yourself in poor health. You need to continue to follow through with your healthy lifestyle choices as these will continue to increase your health and make you feel better. 

This means that you need to get enough sleep, eat healthily, and continue to exercise. It is important to note that exercise doesn’t mean you have to run or go to the gym. It is going for a walk for 20 minutes or so every day. 

Exercise is more than walking or running, and it also includes playing sports and roller skating. Pixabay.

Other Studies Bring Other Results

This study isn’t the only one that has focused on how running a marathon can help you better your health. Many other studies report the same results. This helps make all the reviews supportive of each other, but it doesn’t mean that all the studies came up with the same conclusion. For instance, one study focused on how regular exercise lowers a person’s risk of heart attack by up to 50%. 

Other studies show that exercise stabilizes blood sugar levels and reduces cholesterol. Even though the studies support each other, researchers are still conducting studies so they can gain a better understanding of the correlations between exercise and health. 

Regular exercise will help you shed a few pounds. Pixabay.

Studies Show It Is Best To Go Slow And Steady

When people start to exercise, they usually want to lose weight as fast as possible. They want to start feeling stronger and healthier as soon as possible. While there are exercise programs that will help with this, researchers believe that it is best to use a slow and gradual approach. 

Some studies show that by slowly increasing your exercise schedule, you are more likely to stick with it. On top of this, your health benefits are more likely to stick with you. For instance, there are more stories of people gaining all their weight back when they lost is quicker than people who lose weight with a slow approach. Another reason is that you are less likely to feel tired and give up on your new exercise routine. 

Participants in the study enjoyed the training program over running in the marathon. Pixabay.

Many Participants Feel It Was The Training Program That Contributed To Their Healthier Selves

When researchers asked the participants what they feel contributed to their healthier lifestyle, they stated it is the training program over running in a marathon. Both the researchers and the participants agreed that the one-time event of running in a marathon did little when it came to changing over to a healthier lifestyle. They believe it is the fact that the participants started a training program that they enjoyed and want to continue. 

In fact, most of the participants admitted they wouldn’t continue running in the future and never planned on running in a marathon again, but they will continue their training program as it makes them feel good. 

Running in a marathon will increase your motivation to stay healthy. Pixabay.

But You Shouldn’t Give Up On Trying To Run In A Marathon

Even though participants admitted that they enjoyed the training program over running in the marathon doesn’t mean they regret the marathon. Many of them, even the ones who didn’t like running and don’t want to run in another marathon, stated that they felt the experience helped them keep track of what they put in their bodies and their exercise routine better. Because they had the primary goal, they decided to push through the exercise schedule. 

Furthermore, some participants stated that they wouldn’t work as hard or be as motivated without the marathon. They feel that everyone should plan to run in a marathon at least once in their life.

Biking is a form of cardio exercise and a way to train for a marathon. Pixabay.

Running Is Known As Cardio Exercise

One of the most prominent forms of exercise that many people don’t focus on is cardio exercise, such as walking and running. Cardio exercise is essential because it improves the health of your heart. When you have a healthy heart, your other organs are healthier, and you will feel better overall. 

Because running and the training that you often follow when you are taking part in a marathon focus on cardio exercises, you get to feel these benefits. This is another reason why the study showed that swelling in your aorta goes down. By focusing on improving the health of your heart through cardio exercise, you receive dozens of health benefits that are proven by the studies. 

You can do any exercise routines you are comfortable with as long as you follow the guidelines. Pixabay.

You Do Not Need Professional Trainers

Even though the study included researchers that helped people focus on specific guidelines, and some received professional training advice, you don’t need this to get yourself started on a training program. In fact, the researchers state that all you need to do is follow federal activity physical guidelines when you are exercising. This means that you will work out for at least 150 minutes every week, which basically boils down to 30 minutes every day. 

Of course, you can also exercise an hour one day and take the next day off or do less than you usually would. Let’s face it; sometimes, after a busy day, we are simply too tired to exercise. Don’t feel wrong about your bad days; just work on following the federal guidelines. 

Sometimes people give up on their exercise schedule because it seems more like work than fun. Pixabay.

Don’t Forget To Have Fun With Your Exercising

One of the downsides about exercise is that people don’t feel like it’s fun. When you start to feel like you are going to work instead of trying to get healthier or having fun, you are less likely to continue with your exercise schedule. Instead of riding a bike for 30 minutes, you won’t feel motivated and tell yourself that you can skip today if you work harder tomorrow. 

Unfortunately, this will cause you to continue pushing back your exercise. Eventually, you will stop exercising entirely and pick up your bad habits again. Making exercise fun depends on you. For instance, you might decide to listen to music, light some candles, or stop and dance randomly. 

Researchers wanted to influence people to stop being couch potatoes and start exercising. Pixabay.

Researchers Focused On The Study To Help The Inactivity Pandemic

One of the reasons the researchers decided to focus on this study is because they wanted to influence people to start a weekly activity schedule. One of the researchers on the study stated, “There’s a growing body of scientific evidence highlighting the benefits of regular exercise, yet we have a physical inactivity pandemic in the United States.” 

People are more likely to sit on their bed or couch and look at their phones, play video games, watch movies, or skim the Internet on their laptops. The problem is that this leads people to pick up bad habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. Slowly, their health deteriorates, and they start to suffer from health diseases. 

Dress warm if it is cold. Pixabay.

Harvard Medical School Wants To Help You By Providing Tips

One of the highest respected medical schools in the country, Harvard Medical School, wants to do what they can to help you become healthier. Therefore, they released several tips that they ask you to focus on as you start your training. First, they want you to start slowly and increase your activity level gradually. 

Second, they want you to dress appropriately when it comes to exercising outdoors. For instance, when you decide to go for a walk in weather that is close to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to dress for it. While you don’t need a large coat if you are running, you should for a walk. You also need a winter hat and gloves. 

When you start exercising, you need to listen to your body as it will alert you if something isn’t right. Pixabay.

Listen To Your Body When You Start To Exercise

Harvard Medical School also knows that you might find something isn’t right with your body once you start exercising. Therefore, they want you to pay class attention to how you feel when you begin your exercise program. This doesn’t just mean that while you are exercising. You need to pay attention the next morning, during the night, and throughout your day. 

If you start to feel your joints hurting, stop exercising as much for a while because your joints might feel overused. You should also contact your doctor to ensure that there is nothing else wrong. If you aren’t feeling well one day, take the day off. Don’t force yourself when you are sick or too tired, as this will cause you to feel worse. 

Continue to push yourself at a good pace so you can see what you are capable of. Pixabay.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Another factor that the researchers warn you about with the conclusion of the study is that you don’t want to become too comfortable. What they mean is, you need to continue to push yourself, but you can’t push yourself too hard. 

For instance, if you are running ¼ of a mile for two months, try to go a ½ of a mile. You can also try to run twice instead of just once during the day. If you become too comfortable and don’t continue to push yourself, your body will start to decline health-wise at a quicker pace. 

Always be proud of your participation in the race, no matter when you finish. Pixabay.

Don’t Push Harder As You Get Closer To The Finish Line

One of the best pieces of advice that people who took part in the study share is that when you are running in the marathon, you don’t want to sprint in the last few seconds. Like you handle your training, you want to go slow and steady. There are times you might run a bit faster for a few seconds, but you should never do this too long because you can find yourself tired quickly. 

When you start the race by sprinting, you will become tired quicker. When you end the race by running, you risk health problems because you are dehydrated by this point. It is best to keep a steady pace. 

Pay Attention To Your Heart Rate Throughout The Process

If you have ever seen people run for a long time, you might catch them, placing two fingers on their neck or wrist. When they do this, they are checking on their heart rate to make sure it is beating as it should. 

\While it will beat faster than usual, you do not want to find yourself with an irregular heart rate for an extended period as this is a sign that you are dehydrated, and your body can have an adverse reaction. You don’t want to become obsessed and take your heart rate every minute, but you do want to check it, especially if you don’t feel well.

Never worry about your bad days, and don’t speak negatively about yourself or your efforts. Pixabay.

No Matter What Happens, Be Proud Of Yourself

Training and running in a marathon is not easy. Sticking to an exercise schedule, unless it is something you really love, is not easy. Whether you find yourself struggling with this new part of your life or not, you always need to take a step back and be proud of yourself. 

When you complete your first day, congratulate yourself. When you complete your first week, give yourself a little reward. When you complete a part of your goal, reward yourself. Find healthy rewards and always look at how well you did at the end of the day. Even on your bad days, be proud of doing your best. 

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