10 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat

1. Your Heart Health Improves.

Well, it is medically discovered that consuming meat alone does not increase the chances of one developing heart problems; but red meat that has been processed in some way is what significantly enhances the risk of your body getting cancer and heart issues. Your body will always try to get rid of anything it deems foreign by attacking it. It does this by inflammation, which is a defense mechanism of the body against any attacks that are caused by disease-causing organisms like bacteria and viruses.

Meat is one of the foods that may cause the heart to experience inflammation. When the inflammation of the heart walls and tissues persists, it tends to significantly increase the possibility of the heart getting attacked with microbe-causing diseases. These heart diseases are oftentimes caused by the consumption of red meat, especially meat containing the Neu5Gc red meat molecule that our body does not produce, and so considers foreign. So, one may get infected from eating red meat that contains the molecule on a continuous basis.

This happens when the body comes in contact with different molecules that it does not produce itself in order to function properly. So, what the body does is that it reacts to this foreign molecule by creating inflammation in order to get rid of it; this is called an immune response. Continuous inflammation can be dangerous to tissues, and the more the body is exposed to this dangerous situation of inflammation, the greater the risk the heart tissues gets effected. This conclusion was discovered from research that was made in the proceedings of The National Academics of Science in 2015.

It was also stated that red meat has a compound called L-carnation that greatly increases the possibility of clogging arteries when it comes into contact with bacterial diseases. Clogged arteries are without doubt one of the main reasons for getting heart diseases, because the arteries have been hindered from performing their required functions.

The body tries to adapt to this new system and instead it ends up increasing the chances of a person’s death, because clogged arteries mean that there will be little-to-no transportation of oxygen throughout the body system. One is encouraged to adopt a vegetarian diet, as it is known to reduce inflammation and helps to protect the heart.