15 Signs that Indicate Your Body is Too Acidic & How to Fix it Fast

The body’s acidity level usually refers to the amount of acids that one’s body fluid contains, as opposed to the basic level, which refers to the… Denis Courtney - February 5, 2017

The body’s acidity level usually refers to the amount of acids that one’s body fluid contains, as opposed to the basic level, which refers to the amount of alkalinity one’s body fluid contains. The reason why the body contains alkaline is to neutralize the level of the acids in the body to keep it normal. If one’s body has too high an acid level, the first thing that one can suffer from is stomach discomfort at a greater level. The body has body fluids like saliva, blood, and urine that aids in the transportation of acids and alkaline throughout the parts of the body.

The fluids transport the alkaline and acids throughout the body for lubrication, transportation of oxygen, excretion of waste in the body as urine and sweat, as well as transporting nutrients throughout the body. The pH of the body must always be balanced to avoid disrupting the body’s functions. The potential hydrogen is what generally measures the acidity and basic (acid or alkaline) levels in the body. Scientifically, the pH level ranges from 0-14. A pH of 7 is considered neutral, or balanced. A pH below 7 is acidic, and a pH above 7 is basic.

The higher the pH level the more likely your body has more fluids, resulting in a higher level of alkaline. On the other hand, the lower the pH level, the lower the amount of fluids in one’s body, hence the higher acidic levels. So, medical doctors usually tell their patients that in order for their body to be healthy and safe, their blood should have a pH level ranging from 7.35 to 7.45; their urine should have a pH level ranging from 4.6 to 8.0, and their saliva should range from 7.0 to 7.5.

In recent days, people have been too busy to take care of their health, and they do not pay close enough attention to the acidity level in their body. The most important thing that one needs to be aware of is that excess acid in the body can lead to a lot of destruction in the body. High acidity can lead to liver damage, heart failure, and it might even destroy some parts of the nervous system. With this in mind, people need to develop a way to help maintain their acidic level in their body.

Here are some signs that one should be aware of that might indicate the acidic level in their body is too high and therefore should take steps to rectify:

1. Excess Weight

Excess weight results from your body having to deal with too much junk in it; the excessive, unnecessary things in your body tend to create an imbalance in the level of acids and bases in your body, therefore resulting in one being overweight. What mainly cause the body tissues to expand is the high level of waste in the body, which can result in a high acidity level. Too much cholesterol, sugars, and sodium, as well as not enough exercise often leads to an increased level of acids, which in turn can lead to one suffering from weight gain.

The excess acids in the body wind up not being eliminated because the waste-carrying organs like the colon, kidneys, lymph system and skin end up overworking. They eventually get overwhelmed by removing the excess acids. In order to have the body feel comfortable, its organs develop a new habit by finding different places to store the excess acids. This can result in excess weight and is done by the body taking the excess acids and pushing them into the body tissues, like excess cholesterol, and in turn, the acids stick to the fat cells, which then results in the body gaining weight.

The body needs fat cells to store fats and acids that will later be excreted from the body. If the body makes the fat cells store excessive amounts of acids, excretion becomes difficult. When this happens, the body adapts to the new changes by making the body accommodate the acids, which can lead to excess weight.

The acids come from some of the popular foods that people oftentimes consume, like French fries, sugary drinks, and sodas, as well as alcohol, which leads to more acids in the body. The body might not be able to break down all this waste, and because they can stick in the body, they might not only lead to gaining weight but may also lead to heart disease and kidney failure. The best way to avoid this problem is to consume less of what we mentioned earlier. Eating smaller quantities of these foods, or avoiding them altogether, as well as making sure you drink plenty of water and get physical exercise, may help lower your acidic levels, which in turn may help you lose weight and feel better.

2. Weak Bones

Older adults are very prone to suffer from weak bones; however, people from other age groups may suffer from it too, but they do not take a keen interest in it. Weak bones result from one’s body having excess acids to deal with. Some of these acids come from within the body itself, while other acids can come from different drugs and foods that we consume on a daily basis. For some people, the acid level in the body can be raised due to the use of drugs and alcohol on a regular basis.

When all this happens, the body tends to do everything in its power to increase the alkaline levels in order to neutralize the high acidic levels. This is because the body needs a neutral pH level of 7 for it to function properly. So how does the body get all this extra alkaline from within the body? The body actually pulls minerals stored in the body tissues. One of these minerals is calcium, which comes from the bones. One of the functions of calcium is to keep the bones strong. So, as a result of calcium being pulled from the bones to neutralize acidic levels, bones can become weak.

So, one might avoid gaining weight, but he or she might end up having weak bones if their acid levels are too high. For athletes that use chemical substances to boost their body functioning level, they might end up having weak bones too. Eventually, their bones might become so brittle that they may end up spending many years using crutches, or wheelchairs, or may even become bedridden. The body is an amazing, united being. It somehow performs like a united being that will not let another part fail when it can save it. This is the reason why the bones will give up its calcium in order to save the rest of the body.

Lack of calcium in bones has been found to lead to osteoporosis or osteopenia, which in turn leads to bone weakening. When this happens, the bones become brittle and are easily broken. This is one of the main reasons why patients are often advised by doctors to refrain from consuming foods that are high in acidic content, like beef, soda and any other foods that are rich in sugars and cholesterol levels. Instead, one can enjoy eating by substituting them with natural foods like fruits and other sources of proteins that are not high in acidic content.

3. Dental Problems

The thing that makes one’s bones strong is the availability of calcium in them. Teeth tend to have similar mineral content as bones. So, the excess acids in the body can result in the calcium in the teeth being pulled out to help make the other body parts function properly. People tend to think that the only thing that leads to weak teeth is tooth decay from not brushing enough. Well, that may be true for the most part, but another problem teeth are likely to suffer from is lack of calcium in the body. This is because the calcium in teeth may be pulled out in order to neutralize one’s pH level, very similar to what can happen to bones like we mentioned earlier.

The pulling out of the calcium in teeth may, in turn, result in the body getting sick from various tooth problems. A study in 2014 by the International Journals for Chemical Engineering showed that low amounts of pH levels in the mouth could cause the tooth enamel to weaken. This, in turn, results in the teeth not being able to function properly due to its inability to handle hot or cold foods. The teeth might also end up having holes in them due to the lack of calcium.

The study also suggested that consuming too much sugar in the mouth also leads to the increase of acidic levels in the body, which in turn throws off the neutral pH level needed for good health. With all this, one needs to protect their teeth by taking into consideration the foods they are eating and the level of the acids they contain. As a result of this, one may develop cavities that are often very painful when one consume sweet foods. The best way to avoid all this is by consuming food and beverages with low sugar content. For children, especially those that have already lost their baby teeth, parents should avoid buying them snacks rich in sugars and calories in order to help keep them healthy and to have good dental checkups.

It is a healthy practice to visit the dentist at least twice a year. One should stay away from foods high in acids and should consume foods high in calcium in order to encourage strong teeth. For people that are already affected by sensitive teeth due to weak or eroding enamel, the best thing for them to do is to ask their dentist if they recommend a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.

4. Fatigue

Being fatigued is a condition that is experienced by most people; we tend to think that it is just a normal body condition because of our hectic lifestyle. The truth is, the body gets fatigued often due to bacteria that come as a result of too high an acid level in the body. Bacteria, fungi and other unwanted microbes tend to thrive best in acidic levels in the body. When a body consumes too many acids, it tends to pave the way for microbes to increase in number. As a result, the body gets fatigued and might end up affecting other parts of the body, like brain functions and a normal heart rate.

Other body conditions that one might suffer from are autoimmune diseases, which include attacking healthy cells because it is unable to differentiate them from the harmful bacteria that have invaded your body. This is a dangerous problem in the body, because it may lead to other diseases like mumps and meningitis. The bacteria in the body make themselves comfortable, and any time the body tries to fight them, it gets tired, which can lead to overall fatigue. When the body is overly tired, one is not able to perform his or her daily routine normally. They might end up thinking that it is normal for their body to feel that way.

Microorganisms in the body often cause a lot of problems by assuming the functions in the body that are performed by the immune system and hence it leads to the body losing healthy cells. The microbes often hold the body parts, like the digestive tract, the lungs and other organs and tissues, which results in the immune system being over-driven and end up seeking help from the other bacteria that are in the body that are not required to perform the function.

This organism also deprives the body of absorbing nutrients into one’s body, like minerals and vitamins. As a result, one’s body depreciates, and fighting any diseases that may come into it is very difficult. The poor absorption of minerals into the body leads to the body producing less energy, and as a result, the body gets fatigued and is unable to perform its functions properly.

5. Skin Problems

The condition of a person’s skin is vitally important to control many aspects of the body. The better a person’s skin is, the more likely it will perform its functions properly and improve one’s overall condition. However, skin problems can come as a result of a low level of pH in the body. As we know, the skin is one of the detoxifying agents of the body. The skin aids the excretion of excess fats and acids from the body through sweating. This excretion process occurs when there is too high an acid level in your bloodstream. The skin is designed to take care of a certain amount of excess acid in order for the body to function properly, but may not be able to if there is an overabundance of acid in the body.

Excess acids float around in your body and tend to create a home for bacteria and fungus, and they increase in numbers daily as one continues to consume foods high in acid content. When this occurs, the liver does its best to flush them out. But when it fails, it gets help from the skin, resulting in the skin being prone to certain bacteria, which in turn may lead to infections on the skin.

The negative results manifest in the form of rashes, allergies, acne, and eczema. This can make one’s appearance unattractive, and the skin may continue to itch, causing discomfort. One is advised to seek medical attention, as well as take the recommended steps to stop excessive consumption of foods that will increase the body’s acidity level. One of the ways to reduce this bacterial infection disease on your skin is by consuming healthy foods and ensuring that you seek medical attention when needed. This may include medication to aid in cleansing the blood, which will help your skin to get better.

One can also avoid the use of deodorants and body products during this period so that the skin can have ample time for healing. Lack of observing all this may lead to the body not being able to function properly due to clogged pores. One should avoid clogging his or her blood with acids so that the kidneys can perform their function properly and the skin can get back to performing its important job, and not be clogged up with bacteria.

6. Mucus Buildup

Mucus in the nasal system is a result of the body having to excrete too many acids from the body. This is because the acids in the body build up bacteria that might cause flues and cold. Some of the people who suffer from this are children because they often endure breathing problems and suffer from the flu very often. When their body cells are increasing, the level of food consumption increases and they are not able to keep track of the amount of acidic foods they are consuming daily.

It is medically proven that if one is suffering from mucus buildup, it is actually a result of high acidic levels in the body that has overwhelmed it. It is important to keep a close eye on this and get medical attention if needed, because the increase in the level of mucus may lead to blockage in the lungs, and the breathing system may become impaired. The mucus in the nasal passages tend to become blocked as well; this makes it very difficult to breathe for children who do not know how to get rid of the mucus in their nose. They tend to suffer a lot from breathing problems.

Mucus buildup in the lungs might lead to death in newborn babies when they are trying to breathe. This problem is also common in people that are suffering from asthma and lung cancer. The condition is difficult to cure if one has gotten deep into it without discovering it in the early stages of development. The mucus problem can become very irritating and exhausting because one needs to blow their nose all the time to make the nasal passages clear in order for one to get an ample amount of oxygen in their lungs.

When one is suffering from this condition, urgent medical treatment is required, because the constant mucus exposure in the lungs oftentimes can make it difficult to exhale. It also results in excessive coughing, wheezing, sinus problems and chest pain. Excessive coughing worsens the conditions and impairs the lung’s ability to expand and compress during the inhalation and exhalation process during the day and especially when one is trying to sleep. One is advised to take fluids that are rich in oxygen and reduce the level of sugar consumption as they increase the level of acids and reduces the chances of one’s healing.

7. Muscle Pain

Muscle pain results from the body’s inability to be able to transport oxygen into the tissues, especially after the body has undergone strenuous exercise. Too much acid in the body hinders the blood from transporting oxygen into some of the body parts leading to muscle pull. The oxygen-carrying capillaries that run through the body are attacked by bacteria that make the body unable to supply oxygen to the tissues. This results in strain in the muscles, as well as oxygen deprivation. A person’s muscles are supposed to relax and not be injured when using their muscles. To ensure that, one should avoid consuming unhealthy foods that increase the acidity level in the body. If necessary, with the advice of a medical professional, one may take supplements to help strengthen their muscles.

The obstruction of the oxygen-carrying capillaries also leads to the obstruction of vitamins and minerals being carried around the body, because the blood is hindered from its necessary flow. A person’s blood needs to be cleared of excess acids in order for it to be able to function properly on a daily basis. Lack of a healthy bloodstream in the body may also lead to a weak immune system.

In such situations, the deprived muscles lead the body to endure a lot of pain and discomfort as it struggles to perform its required functions. Also, muscle twitching is a result of high acidic levels in the body. The stomach also tends to suffer from what is called “heartburn” as a result of excess acids in the stomach that comes from the food we consume, as well as abnormal levels of alkalinity in the body too. When one is suffering from this, they may need to seek medical help to get any imbalance under control.

In the situation of an imbalance in the acidic level, the deprived muscles in the body part tend to overreact by thinking that they are overworking themselves when in fact they are not. The muscle pain then results in the body suffering from fatigue, and one may also be very apprehensive about doing the thing he or she was doing before the encountered the muscle pain. The overload of acids in the body might end up making one gain weight from not exercising due to muscle pain. One way to remedy all of this is to get the body’s pH level neutralizes once again.

8. Sleeplessness

Well, if you come to find yourself not getting enough sleep, even though your body really wants it, then it might be a result of low pH levels (acidic) in your body. The body needs to coordinate with your brain so that it can know when to sleep; high-stress levels often lead to an imbalanced level of pH in one’s body as it makes the brain have to work harder than usual. When one is stressed, the body tends to release hormones that may cause an imbalance in the acidity levels in the body. These hormones may tend to release dangerous acids that can accumulate in the body and may result in keeping the brain from functioning properly.

Kidney failure may be due to excessive consumption of waste products that are unable to be excreted, which leads to the body being unable to get proper sleep. Failure of some of the body parts that excrete waste products from the body properly may also lead to the body not getting enough sleep. This problem can result in one’s body becoming weak, and one may even pass out unexpectedly, causing a dangerous situation. Calcium is known to help with one’s sleep. The body can suffer from the lack of sleep because the body is pulling if out of bones and other places in order to neutralize the body’s acidity.

People that take a lot of drugs and alcohol tend to suffer from lack of sleep because of the decrease in calcium in their bodies. One is advised to consume foods rich in calcium to avoid all these dangerous side effects of low calcium levels. Lack of excreting urine and other acids in the body might lead to a lack of sleep.

One is also advised to seek medical attention if insomnia is chronic. This is also a clear indication that they should avoid the use of chemicals that will cause pH levels in the different parts of their body from balancing. One should also keep in mind that lack of sleep for more than a week weakens the body’s systems and wears out the heart’s ability to transport oxygen to the other parts of the body. When left uncorrected, it may eventually lead to death. Medical researchers have found out that for one to reduce the acidic levels in the body, the following natural ways should be considered.

9. Keep Yourself Hydrated

A well-hydrated body will help keep one’s body in good condition because it helps to ensure that the acids are being taken to their required places. And it also ensures that enough oxygen is being transported to the body tissues so as to avoid the frequent muscle pain due to the capillaries’ inability to transport enough fluids with oxygen in it. A frequently hydrated body tends to keep the unwanted acids moving from the system and excreted properly.

It is important to note that any effort that one takes to cure her or his body is meaningless unless the body is adequately hydrated. In hydrating the body, it is advisable to use pure water that does not have any additives except the ones that are medically proven to be healthy. It is advisable to start your day by taking a glass of warm lemon water. Yes, lemon is acidic in nature, but it is medically proven that lemon juice is only acidic outside the body. When it is inside the body, it becomes metabolized, and the level of the acid in it is reduced.

The body then takes the lemon in it as it helps in improving the metabolic level in the body. As a result, the lemon helps in raising one’s pH levels to the normal range required. If the acidity levels are excessive, then it is advisable to carry lemon water around and drink it as you continue to perform your normal routine. It has also been medically proven that taking at least seven glasses of water a day helps in the hydration of the body; this will greatly make one’s body function normally and reduce the chances of getting into problems like liver failure, skin problems and sometimes heart failure.

The liquids that one consumes are important, and so one should ensure that he or she does not drink alcohol that is rich in acidic levels as it is killing your liver. Another method to avoid all this for the children is by ensuring that they take a glass of milk after every four hours and also one is required to ensure that they have taken water that has lemon as an additive in it.

10. Eat Organic Foods and Fix Your Calcium and Magnesium Levels

As we have seen, a lack of adequate amounts of calcium levels results in the body experiencing fatigue, and the teeth and bones getting weak. Also, the nervous system and the heart tend to become unhealthy. Lack of calcium in the body leads to certain body organs pulling out some of the calcium in the bones and teeth in order to function properly, which may result in their deterioration of them. To avoid all this from happening in your body, you should consider eating dark leafy green vegetables as they are rich in calcium.

Other natural sources of calcium are dry fruits and seafood because they grow in acidic areas, and consuming them increases the body’s metabolic function which leads to the balancing of acidic levels. Other grains are also good sources of calcium. You can take supplements after consulting a medical doctor to know the right amount to take in order to help keep your pH levels balanced. Also, you can help in solving the problem by avoiding foods that are genetically modified. This is because these foods contain chemicals and other additives that increase the level of acid in the body. It is also advisable to stop the consumption of high levels of alcohol, foods that are rich in caffeine, like drinking coffee and soft drinks and eating processed meat.

Consuming all this during the day causes an imbalance in the pH levels, which may result in one’s body gaining weight, and could lead to obesity. When one makes it a habit to consume this type of food often, he or she may become addicted to them. If this happens, it may result in one being unable to stop the cravings. And the more the body wants and receives, the more the acids are being consumed and accumulated in the body. Artificial sugars are sources of acids.

Also, as one is trying to reduce the consumption of acids in the body, he or she should consider taking care not to completely deprive the body of acids, because a certain amount of acid is necessary to maintain a balanced pH level. When the pH level is balanced, the body is better able to perform its function. This is because it gives the body energy and helps the tissue generate heat to keep the body warm. One should keep a close eye on the signs that the body is producing and come up with a natural way of fixing it as soon as possible.

11. Shortness of Breath

The high body acid levels cause a lack of calcium. Lack of adequate amounts of calcium levels results in your body experiencing fatigue, shortness of breath and weak teeth and bones. Also, the nervous system and the heart tend to become unhealthy. Insufficient calcium in the body leads to certain body organs pulling out some of the calcium in the bones and teeth.

Other natural sources of calcium are dry fruits and seafood because they grow in acidic areas. Consuming them increases the body’s metabolic function which leads to the balancing of acidic levels. Other grains are also good sources of calcium. You can take supplements after consulting a medical doctor. It is important to know the right amount to take in order to help keep your pH levels balanced.

You can also help in resolving the problem by avoiding foods that are genetically modified. This is because these foods contain chemicals and other additives that increase the level of acid in the body. It is also advisable to stop the consumption of high levels of alcohol and foods that are rich in caffeine. Drinks like coffee and soft drinks and eating processed meat should be avoided.

Consuming all this during the day causes an imbalance in the pH levels. This may result in your body gaining weight and could lead to obesity. When you make it a habit of eating this type of food often, you may become addicted to them. If this happens, it may result in being unable to stop the cravings thus a continuous intake of acid causing discomfort such as shortness of breath causing heavy breathing.

12. Increased heart rate

Healthy bodily acid levels can be reduced by exercising healthy daily eating routines. An increased heart rate is an indication of high acidity in the body. Starting each morning with a fruit assists in the balancing of acid build up in the body. The citrus food that are acidic in nature such as oranges, grapefruit, and tangerine are good for your body. They contain alkalizing properties once they are ingested and digested by the body. A lack of the nutrients provided by these fruits decreases bodily acid that causes an increased heart rate- which can become a problem.

Fruits such as apples and apple cider vinegar are highly effective as treatments for high acidity in the body. Although fruits like oranges, apples are naturally acidic in composition, they are composed of acids that are healthy and enzymes. These acids and enzymes assist your body in neutralizing the acid. They establish the recommended neutral or healthy PH levels for normal bodily functions. For optimal results, organic apple products should be used. This ensures that the pesticides and various chemicals exacerbating body acid are reduced from entering the body.

Fruits are also an excellent substitute for junk food which as we saw earlier, which exacerbates high acid levels. The fruits do not contain any unhealthy fats which together with acid, create difficulty in the excretion of waste. The sugars contained in fruits are also a good substitute for sugar contained in other processed foods.

Overall, the nutrients and benefits of fruits outweigh food choices that are heavily processed and are considered junk food. Not only do they decrease acidity in our bodies, but fruit also has many benefits. This includes maintaining a consistent heart rate.

13. Headaches

We often hear about how great it is to incorporate vegetables in our meals to increase health. When experiencing frequent headaches you can suspect high acid levels. Green leafy vegetables assist in the alkalization of the body. Eating green leafy vegetables neutralizes acids and the consequence of this is a decreased chance of health conditions like headaches and osteoporosis.

Wild green and leafy vegetables that are also generally eaten raw such as lettuce are the best option. Other vegetables such as beet greens and spinach should preferably be eaten only in moderation. The reason is that they contain high oxalic acid. This acid prevents calcium absorption in these foods. These vegetables should, therefore, not be used-up as a main source of calcium.

Vegetables that are brightly colored such as peppers, carrots, and potatoes also all have high alkalization properties. This can neutralize and balance acid levels within the body system. These vegetables may be incorporated into the diet to assist in maintaining low acidity levels in the body. Like fruits, vegetables are an excellent substitute for junk food. Sweet food causes high acidity, in turn, causing frequent headaches. Eating leafy greens also has other advantages. They are low in fat and calories and may help keep healthy blood pressure. They also assist in building and maintaining your immune system of the body, therefore, promoting overall good health.

It is, therefore, of crucial importance for your diet to contain leafy vegetables, but colored vegetables are equally a good choice. Including these foods in everyday meals promotes good health, they lower acidity levels in the body. These foods also boost an unhealthy immune system helping the body fight off any diseases and infections.

14. Lack of appetite

It is no surprise that eating food that naturally causes acid to be produced will increase body acid levels. High acidity may cause a lack of appetite in all or in specific kinds of food. To avoid appetite loss you can start by avoiding acid-inducing foods. You must stay away from alcohol and caffeine. Food products that contain caffeine include coffee, tea, and energy drinks. Food products that contain alcohol are all categories of alcohol such as whiskeys and brandy, wine and ciders. The next thing to avoid is dairy products, meat, grains and especially, processed food items.

Most cold-cut meat, pasta, breakfast cereals, and oats are more food groups that should be avoided. These foods have a tendency of increasing the acid levels in your body. Not all these food are bad although this sounds like most of the food that one often eats on a normal daily basis. Eating this food in moderation should leave a person in good and proper health. If you are not completely sure how to appropriately eat these foods, you can get advice from a dietitian.

It should further be kept in mind that the closer the food grows naturally, the better it is for your health. Therefore, whole wheat grains, cereals, and food that is unprocessed is the healthier option. It will also reduce the chances of creating acidity in your body.

It is important for the diet to be monitored, keeping in mind that unprocessed food is always a good choice. Including these considerations in everyday meals promotes good health and lowers the acidity levels in the body. Balanced acidity levels will reduce problems of appetite loss and promote good health.

15. Rapid and shallow breathing

Sometimes, the bodies require a bit of extra help in ensuring that it is functioning at its optimal level. Unfortunately, one of the more serious problems caused by high acid concentration is rapid and shallow breathing.

Considering the other signs, rapid and shallow breathing can be linked to the other symptoms of high acidity in the body. It can be linked to fatigue, weight gain, and increased heart rate. The fat that gathers and is stored in your blood vessels due to acidity blocks the flow of blood. This, in turn, forces the heart to beat faster in order to compensate for the low blood flowing through the clogged vessels. Following this, oxygen is not transported as frequently, causing you to feel fatigued all the time.

It is, therefore, important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to reduce acidity in your body. This also reduces you from experiencing the symptoms associated with having high acid levels in the body. This is accomplished by eating the correct foods and sometimes, the help of supplements can be employed. Supplements that are made of alkaline properties are meant to balance acid levels. Supplements containing calcium are made to mitigate the negative effects of high acid levels in your body. Whether experienced in isolation or in unison, these signs and symptoms should not be taken lightly or ignored.

If you are experiencing these signs in an extreme manner or for a long time, you should seek medical attention. This is to enable the condition to be treated before it becomes dire or severely serious. It also allows for the remedy to be suggested according to the specific conditions of the person.