10 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat

8. Your Acne May Improve. Meat that is rich in vitamin B12 may cause an excess of the vitamin in your body, which has been known… Denis Courtney - February 5, 2017

8. Your Acne May Improve.

Meat that is rich in vitamin B12 may cause an excess of the vitamin in your body, which has been known to trigger an acne breakout. Acne breakouts can be very uncomfortable physically and emotionally. The healthier a person’s skin is, the more likely it will perform its functions properly and improve one’s overall condition. However, skin problems may come as a result of a low pH level (acidic) in the body. As we know, the skin is one of the detoxifying organs of the body.

The skin aids in the excretion of excess fats and acids from the body through sweating. This excretion process occurs when there are too many acids circulating in the blood stream. The skin is designed to handle a certain amount of that, but sometimes other factors cause skin issues.

Researchers have discovered that people who do not have a predisposition to acne can handle extra B12 in their system more effectively than those who do have a predisposition to acne. When the medical researchers were conducting their studies, they noticed that the people who were given vitamin B12 injections developed worse acne just a few days later, leading them to believe that cell division is significant in acne breakouts. So, consuming less red meat, which is high in vitamin B12, might lessen the chance of prolonging an acne breakout.

Vitamin B12 is vital for the proper functioning of the digestion system, typical cell division, and protein amalgamation. Cell division is an important process in the body, and as mentioned above, can prolong an acne breakout. The absence of vitamin B12 causes a remarkable drop in the rate of the development of acne, while an increased rate of consumption of red meat that contains vitamin B12 increases the speed and duration of the discomfort of acne.

Some sources of vitamin B12 are cheddar cheese, eggs, yogurt, grain and red meat. During digestion, the body tries to get rid of the excess vitamin B12, and as a result, the body’s skin responds by excreting the excess B12 through the skin’s pores, which may lead to the formation of acne on the skin. Acne not only affects the outer part of one’s being with uncomfortable, unsightly pimples, but it also affects one’s inner self. One’s self-esteem may lessen due to one feeling rather embarrassed about their looks.

So, if one avoids foods that are rich in vitamin B12, they may be able to have fewer and less severe acne breakouts. However, if one continually eats foods that are rich in vitamin B12, they may need to seek medical attention due to the increased level of inflammation and the spreading of the acne.

9. Better Intestinal Microbiota Metabolism.

During an exclusive research, it was demonstrated that metabolism by the intestinal microbiota of a trimethylamine present in red meat also produced TMAO which is trimethylamine-N-oxide. TMAO is in more abundance in people who consume red meat than those that do not. The presence of a specific bacterial taxa that is being spotted on human feces showed that the agency increased the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. These microbes also triggered major adverse cardiac events like myocardial infarction, stroke, and death.

These risks are gotten as a result of consuming a lot of meat that is processed and meat that is not well cooked. The microbes available in the meat make themselves comfortable in the body and in turn continue to grow and make the tissues rigid for movement.

The body also may develop some micro-organisms like ringworm that increase in the body, especially in small children. When they are high in number, they make the body too weak to do anything and may manifest on the skin looking like acne. It is, therefore, advisable to deworm about every three months. For people with excess weight, it is advisable to do some exercises regularly in order to prevent the body from having to endure strokes and heart failures.

For the diet section, one is advised to take a lot of vegetables and also take supplements that will enable the body to metabolize nutrients and proteins from the milk properly. The supplements should be medically recommended, however. When one practices all these things, they are increasing the health of their digestive tract, helping the body to metabolize food properly and without interference from unwanted microbes.

10. Artery Clogging Menace.

Red meat contains bacteria that tends to clog arterial walls. People eat lean steak because it is low in fats and cholesterol and high in protein. This is a healthy meat that can be recommended to meat addicts, but consumption of this meat in high quantities increases the risk of the arteries becoming clogged by the fats. Researchers have found that certain bacteria in the meat breaks down into a substance that can be harmful to the body and cause arteries to become clogged.

It was discovered that an individual’s collection of intestinal microbes is as essential to their diet as anything on a nutritional label. It was further stated that bacteria from the foods that we eat can grow and accumulate in the gut. And regular consumption of these foods may make the bacteria strong and the immune system too weak to fight them.

From all the information covered in this article, it can be concluded that consumption of a lot of red meat may lead to death. It is therefore advisable to avoid red meat and processed meat altogether. They carry strong bacteria that may significantly damage the body if they are not well fought against. If they promote clogged arteries, especially of the heart, it can be a very painful and serious experience.

People that are suffering from arterial diseases never recover from it as there is no cure; the only comforting thing present is the painkillers that are needed to be taken frequently. If one does not use painkillers, they may likely die. For the less fortunate people who cannot afford to get the brand name meds, they are forced to get generic medicine, which may not have as high an impact on the body. With all this, it is better for one to adopt the vegetarian diet and avoid consumption of red meat and processed meat in high quantities. It is always best to take care of one’s body.