18 Tried-and-Tested Tips in the Fight to Quit Smoking

Claim your quit date

Once you’ve identified the pros and cons of stopping smoking, do some research into what happens in your body when you quit. It’s best to be prepared and understand what is to come if you stop smoking. If you’ve found more pros than cons for giving up nicotine, you can make a final decision that this is what you want. Knowing what lies ahead means you won’t find yourself burdened with unexpected ‘surprises’ along the way. Now, you need to start planning for when you are going to stop smoking.

It must be a conscious decision. Planning is necessary. Quitting nicotine is a huge change and change should not be undertaken lightly. Think about your timing. It may not be wise to quit smoking in the middle of a stressful project at work. You’re likely to lose your temper and say some things you can’t take back when the withdrawal kicks in. If you postpone it to a less stressful time, you can get through it with some mild irritation, but still be on speaking terms with your colleagues. Set a date on which you mean to stop.  Undertake all the necessary preparations. Then stick to your date, no matter what. If you set a date and keep putting it off, you’re not ready to quit.