Brutal Food Poisoning Experiences that Will Ruin Any Meal

What a crumby workday. “I have had some pretty cruddy food poisoning scenarios before, but thankfully was always able to take off from work or school… Trista - August 5, 2021

What a crumby workday.

“I have had some pretty cruddy food poisoning scenarios before, but thankfully was always able to take off from work or school and rest. However, one of the more inconveniently timed bouts of food poisoning was while on a work trip to some tiny African country. My first time in Africa, actually. We were in a small but nice hotel but had a lot of work to do locally. I do not know if it was the food at the hotel or from the site where I worked, but a couple of days into the trip (and the most important day of the trip for me / my expertise, as other parts had been duel / more geared towards my clients and coworkers from a different section) and I barely slept,” shares BigBearSD.

“Was crapping my guts out all night long. I used up all of the TP and had to request more. I used all of that up, too, felt embarrassed, and just took to washing my butt in the cold shower after every s@#%. This kept up into the morning. I took various medicines I had brought with me to protect against the African Trots, but man was that morning rough. I sucked it up, got ready for work, and did my job. It was very hot and humid out, but I didn’t want to drink, let alone eat anything, for fear of having an instant case of the shivering squirts. That was a 12 to 14-hour workday. But thankfully, by the end of it, I was feeling a lot better, still not 100%, but okay enough.”


Food poisoning is a sure way to ruin a concert for yourself.

“I worked security at Bonnaroo in 2005-2006. I went the first couple of years and found my way into getting paid to go and bring a bunch of college friends along. Well, somehow the 2nd day of 06, someone left out an entire pallet of lunches from the day before. They were distributed to the staff unknowingly. I was one of the unlucky ones. Unfortunately, this news didn’t hit me physically or by word of mouth until after I partook in some magic mushrooms after my shift was over. However, before the headliner Radiohead. The s@#%/puke tornado dance in a sauna of a port a potty isn’t something I’d wish on my worst enemy,” shares ThinkinWhisky.

“After an eternity contemplating every decision I’ve ever made in life, I was escorted back to staff camping. The next morning I was expected to be at my post at 7 am. During the walk, I leaked a rancid ham sandwich down my leg and ran to the treeline to puke. It would not be the last time I used explosive diarrhea to get out of work. However, it still remains my most legitimate use of it. I spent the remainder of the day ruining port a potties which went from “sauna” to “7th circle of hell” hot under the June Tennessee sun. I avoid Radiohead like the plague to this day.”