15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods That Fight Pain Naturally

Food and inflammation

Like all bodily functions there is a relationship between food and inflammation, any food an individual consumes contributes to good health or bad health of the person.  Health experts have determined certain foods that can increase inflammation, while other foods that help reduce inflammation.  While inflammation is the way our body responds to attacks, sometime the inflammation immune response never shuts and this leads to chronic inflammation. Some foods can make your body last in this state.  The continued production of white blood cells leads to permanent health conditions such as Arthritis r Alzheimer’s among other health conditions. This ensures that your body is in a detrimental state.  Certain factors contribute to chronic inflammation, so it’s not just a matter of the food taken. Stress, pollution and being overweight can contribute to this condition.  Bad Lifestyle choices such as smoking, lack of enough body rest and sleep or lack of physical exercise also contribute to this conditions.

However the choice food that we eat splays a central role in our health especially when it comes to inflammation. When the body is nourished well it heals quicker and this goes along way when it comes to healing inflammation.  No single food causes inflammation but a combination of foods in a diet can contribute to chronic inflammation. Some foods should be avoided as health researchers have found a link between them and chronic inflammation. Some foods care irritants hence they an exaggerate inflammation.

  • Sugar– Sugar is almost irresistible as it is found in almost all foods, mistakes, chocolates, juices and beverages, however sugars trigger the brain to produce Cytokines which are messengers of inflammation. If a person have inflammation and continues to take excessive sugar, chronic inflammation can occur.
  • Saturated fats– These are the fats that are found in processed foods such as pizza and cheese. Foods that are meat products and dairy products also have saturated foods. These foods trigger the adipose tissue inflammation and can be a gateway to arthritis and heart disease.
  • Tran’s fats– these are fats that are mostly found in fast foods and deep fried products. Processed products such as cookies, snacks, margarines and donuts contains these foods in plenty. These foods are known to trigger inflammation.
  • Fatty acids– there are two types of fatty acids which are essential in the growth and development process in the body Omega 6 and Omega 3. This two types of fatty acids are essential for the body. When the intake of Omega 6 is high they trigger the body to produce inflammatory chemicals which affect the body. Omega 6 can be found in sunflower among other sources.
  • Refined carbohydrates– These are founds from the food from white flour products, white rice and potatoes. Foods that result from this products include, breads, mashed potatoes and French fries and cereals. This foods cause obesity even more than fats. They trigger the body to release advanced glycation end (AGE) which stimulates and escalates inflammation.
  • Food additives– Additives such as MSG; m ono-sodium glutamate which is found in Asian foods or in fast foods trigger pathways of chronic inflammation as well as liver diseases.
  • Gluten– Gluten can trigger inflammation especially for patients with arthritis and other factors such as lactose intolerance. It is found in wheat and barley.
  • Aspartame– This an artificial sweetener that is found in a lot of beverages and products worldwide. It is a neurotoxin, it affects the brain cells and the neuron system. Some people are sensitive to aspartame which makes the immune system treat the chemical as a foreign object triggering inflammation in the body.