15 Things You Should Know About Antidepressant Medications Before Taking Them

2. Antidepressant Medications Can Save Lives

When you are in the depths of severe depression, feelings of hopelessness overwhelm you all the time. You feel like life is not worth living and begin to experience suicidal ideation. No amount of talking makes you feel better. In fact, it makes you feel worse. You neglect your health and your body and don’t eat or sleep properly.

You may want to sleep all the time, or not at all. Your appetite changes, so you either start overeating and undereating. You can experience anxiety that leaves you feeling paralyzed. Also, you may be unable to focus on anything. Your concentration is affected, and so is your ability to make sound decisions.

All these symptoms of depression can have long-term, harmful effects on your body. For example, a lack of concentration may cause a motor vehicle accident. Poor decision-making abilities may lead to life-changing consequences, such as taking illegal drugs. The feelings of hopelessness often lead to experimentation with illegal drugs, as the depressed person attempts to self-medicate.

Also, neglecting your health can lead to problems with your teeth, hair and skin. Changes in your appetite and eating patterns cause extreme weight gain or weight loss, both of which are bad for you. Suicidal ideation speaks for itself as a danger to you. For these reasons, a mental healthcare professional may choose to prescribe antidepressants to kickstart your recovery.

Once they start working, the levels of neurotransmitters stabilize in your brain. This, in turn, causes these physical symptoms to subside. Once you have steered away from the path of self-destruction, your recovery can begin. Antidepressants are often the only choice to get to this point. They can save your life and change it forever, so don’t underestimate them.