20 Health Benefits of Drinking Intoxicating Beverages

By Simi
20 Health Benefits of Drinking Intoxicating Beverages

You’ve probably been told that nothing good comes from drinking alcohol. All it does is damage your body and brain, right? Wrong. When you drink, and you get talking with a passionate teetotaler, all they want to tell you is about cirrhosis of the liver. They want to talk about the consequences of being caught driving under the influence.

People who drink too much are at risk of all the doom and gloom we read about in articles on the dangers of drinking. When you binge drink or display symptoms of alcohol dependency, you are going to damage your body. You’re likely to need to have your stomach pumped on more than one occasion to avoid alcohol poisoning. A stop on the side of the road for a sobriety test after erratic driving is in your future somewhere, with potentially serious ramifications. Visits to the doctor and even a rehab center may await you.

However, there is quite a lot to be said for moderate drinking. The generally accepted definition of moderate drinking is 1 drink per day for women and 2 drinks per day for men. This can’t be added together and averaged out on a weekly basis, however. Women can’t have seven drinks in one night because they haven’t had any alcohol for a week! That would lead to an episode you would either forget or want to forget, but one that will no doubt be etched in the memories of your companions forever.

One of the most important things when drinking in moderation is to know your limit and be able to stop before you reach it. Far too many people struggle with this. They don’t know when they’ve had enough, and they go overboard. Here are some of the health benefits moderate drinking may offer:

20. Moderate alcohol intake may help to keep your heart healthy

The heart is the most important organ in your body. When you have heart problems, other  complications follow. There are a lot of treatments you can go for if you have heart problems, but not all of them may work. And some conditions may be incurable. The obvious thing to do is look after your heart.

Keeping your heart healthy has a lot to do with choices. These are lifestyle choices that include diet and exercise. Carrying extra weight due to bad eating habits puts a strain on your heart. Drinking to excess and smoking can cause heart disease.

The more strain you put on your heart, the harder it has to work. A heart can work harder to keep you alive but cannot do so indefinitely. Studies have shown that red wine and vodka drunk in moderation can help keep your heart healthy. The red wine boasts the most benefits, though.

A research study carried out on pigs showed that both substances resulted in cardiovascular benefits, but a pinot noir red wine was the winner. Red wine contains antioxidants which fight free radical cells and infections, anti-inflammatory properties and high levels of resveratrol. Resveratrol acts as an antioxidant and protects the body from conditions such as heart disease and cancer.