20 Health Benefits of Drinking Intoxicating Beverages

19. Moderate alcohol intake may reduce your risk of diabetes

Unhealthy lifestyle choices often bring about the onset of type 2 diabetes. One of these lifestyle choices may include the excessive intake of alcoholic beverages. Diabetes essentially boils down the body’s inability to process the sugars you ingest. If your body cannot break down the sugar, your blood glucose levels rise. This results in symptoms such as excessive thirst and the need to urinate more frequently.

Drinking alcoholic beverages that are high in sugar may exacerbate already high blood sugar levels. A study has indicated that consuming alcohol in moderation can reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

A recent study published in Diabetologia compared participants who drank in moderate amounts to participants who abstained from alcohol. Those who drank moderately had a 27% and 32% reduction in the risk of developing diabetes in men and women, respectively. Scientists concluded that the moderate consumption of alcohol over 3 or 4 weekdays was linked to the lowest risk of diabetes.

Wine is considered the alcoholic beverage of choice to lower the risk of developing diabetes. It contains chemical compounds that help balance the blood sugar levels of the drinker. It is recommended that both males and females drink no more than 7 units of alcohol over the course of 3-4 days and include some days of abstinence.