A Junk Food Diet Can Change the Brain in a Week

A junk food diet can change your brain in a week
A junk food diet can change your brain in a week. Shutterstock.

2. The Results

Researchers found that the group that had eaten junk food for the whole week showed less self-control than the control group. Even after they had eaten, their appetite for unhealthy snacks was much greater.
The researchers recommend investigating the role of the hippocampus more closely. Other research has shown that this area of the brain is sensitive to outside influences such as insomnia, stress, environmental toxins and depression. Combined with an unhealthy diet, these “outside influences” could cause long-term and increasing damage to the hippocampus.

Which brings up the question – Can you improve concentration and memory through your diet? Researchers believe you can. Complex carbohydrates, such as those contained in whole grain products, help satisfy the brain’s energy demand steadily and improve concentration. Omega-3 fatty acids from nuts, flaxseed oil and fish are said to have a beneficial effect on nerve cells, and proteins from legumes, fish, seafood and lean dairy products are also considered beneficial.