10 Health Benefits of Bananas That Will Keep You In Top Shape

2. Powering the engine and giving you the right energy to sustain your performance

When it comes to exercise, bananas are packed full of the electrolytes and minerals. It contains all that your body needs when you are working out.  A banana does so much more for your performance than the average energy booster drinks on the shelves. All those are just loaded with both caffeine and processed sugars that quickly lift your energy levels and as quickly drop them. This literally means your engine has run out of fuel and you will feel tired and listless.

A study in 2012 tracked 3 groups of athletes; one group took some energy drink every 15 minutes of the race, another took water and a banana, whilst the last group had no supplements.

The group with no supplements saw a marked decline in their performance over time. Whilst the other two groups with energy drinks and water/bananas performed significantly better in regards to energy levels and running times. However, the group using bananas and water were better metabolizing oxidative stress. It is the waste product produced by lactic acid when our muscles are exerted as well as higher antioxidant levels in the blood.

So before you start your daily exercise routine have a banana. Also, allow enough time for it to get into your digestive tract so that all its nutrients can be absorbed. This will give you the energy you need whilst assisting your body to perform at better levels as it’s the electrolytes and minerals that keep you going.