10 Health Benefits of Bananas That Will Keep You In Top Shape

9. Bananas have positive results in managing depression Whilst we don’t know the exact causes of depression, research has found that a number of elements such… Simi - November 14, 2017

9. Bananas have positive results in managing depression

Whilst we don’t know the exact causes of depression, research has found that a number of elements such as genes and stress can affect brain chemistry. It can reduce your ability to maintain mood stability. A recent survey of people suffering from depression showed positive results after the participants ate bananas.

For those suffering from depression, it’s a banana and not an apple that will keep the doctor away. The Tryptophan found in bananas has another much-needed effect on humans: The body converts Tryptophan into Serotonin, a hormone in the brain that induces feelings of happiness. Tryptophan also helps one to sleep better as it calms muscles, which is often a problem for insomniacs. Another Amino Acid called Tyrosine raises the level of norepinephrine and dopamine levels in the brain.

These neurotransmitters are vital to keep the brain alert and responsive to sensory inputs. They help combat depression, lethargy and allow the brain to quickly react to situations. During stressful times whether it’s at home or just the general fast pace of our lives remember to eat a banana during the day. It helps to assist with maintaining a healthy mood stabilizer in our systems.

We often forget that our children have stressful lives and that depression can develop in them, so make sure you add bananas into their diet from a young age and get them into the routine of eating healthy. It also makes an easy to add snacks into their school lunch packs. Remember your attitude towards a fruit is what your children will see, so be the example they need for a healthy eating regime.

10. There’s magic and healing inside a banana peel

Did you know that if you rub banana skin on a mosquito bite it reduces the itching and swelling and is far more effective than those off-the-shelf creams? Banana peels are also great in helping wounds and skin abrasions heal faster as they are packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C and B6, which all help the skin heal quicker.

The inside of peels also has a great whitening effect on teeth, helping to clean away plaque, sugar and bacteria. Also, the pulpy side of peels can also remove warts…containing a substance called mucilage, applying it to the infected spot overnight for a few weeks will remove the wart with no need for expensive doctors or unnatural chemicals.

Then believe it or not you can use banana peels inside your home to help with all sorts of household tasks such as using the peel as a gentle abrasive to remove stains or marks off household surface. If you mess ink from a pen on yourself, the natural oils of the banana peels draw out the ink from your skin, allowing for easy removal. Also if your leather shoes or bag is looking a bit dull and sad, merely rub the banana peel over the surface and then buff with a soft cloth to help restore its natural luster.

Banana peels when dried are rich in potassium and make a great poison to chase away pests in a garden; the potassium is also great for the soil and the roots of the plants you are protecting so you can use them to create your own compost.