15 Foods That Could Give Everybody’s Love Life A Boost

By Simi
15 Foods That Could Give Everybody’s Love Life A Boost

People who subscribe to natural healing methods believe that almost any ailment can be cured by natural supplements or food. These people avoid medicine at all costs, as they would rather not pump their bodies full of chemicals and foreign substances. Whether this opinion is valid or not is a question that should be left up to the respective experts.

There is, however, one thing that cannot be denied. This being that foods and herbs are not simply useful for sustenance. They have other added benefits that could be considered medicinal in nature if one were open to such things. The specific benefit that is of interest here is sexual function and desire.

Sex is not as taboo a topic as it was a couple of decades ago. People are now substantially more open to talking about it than they once were. Specifically, they are more interested in talking about how to make sex better. Yes, there are always those little blue pills that could help. There is also a range of products which boast of being able to enhance the enjoyment of the act altogether. But, what about the argument of prevention is better than cure.

Are there certain things a person can consume in order to enhance their sex life from the inside out? The following foods claim to do just that. Each target something specific. But, a combination of a few of them could very well aid you in attaining the love life you have always desired.

1. Maca

For this libido-boosting food, we head deep into the Andes of Peru. The maca plant is not really all that nutritional in this context. Rather, it is the root that is of interest. This root has multiple health benefits, all of which can be derived from consuming the product in some form. A fresh version of the root can only generally be found in areas that are close to where the farming takes place. For those that do not have access to farmers in the Andes, they have the option of obtaining dried maca root. This can either be bought in powder or pill form, both of which are equally effective.

The maca root is a very healthy little vegetable to consume. It is an incredibly good source of carbohydrates and protein. Along with these, there are also a couple of vitamins and minerals which are highly beneficial. These being Copper, Iron, and Vitamin C. There is one benefit, however, which is incredibly interesting. It is that maca has been known to be quite effective in the bedroom so to speak.

The first method by which it enhances one’s sex life is by increasing libido. This applies to both men and women. The research done on this topic is rather limited. But, there is evidence to suggest that if one were to consume 1.5 to 3 grams of maca each day for six weeks, then they would be on the receiving end of a relatively elevated sex drive.

Maca can also apparently contribute to the quality of male semen. This has been investigated in both healthy and infertile men with the results being similar. After consuming maca for four months, it seemed as if not only had the sperm count increased, but they also appeared to have increased motility.