15 Foods That Could Give Everybody’s Love Life A Boost

People who subscribe to natural healing methods believe that almost any ailment can be cured by natural supplements or food. These people avoid medicine at all… Simi - July 7, 2018

People who subscribe to natural healing methods believe that almost any ailment can be cured by natural supplements or food. These people avoid medicine at all costs, as they would rather not pump their bodies full of chemicals and foreign substances. Whether this opinion is valid or not is a question that should be left up to the respective experts.

There is, however, one thing that cannot be denied. This being that foods and herbs are not simply useful for sustenance. They have other added benefits that could be considered medicinal in nature if one were open to such things. The specific benefit that is of interest here is sexual function and desire.

Sex is not as taboo a topic as it was a couple of decades ago. People are now substantially more open to talking about it than they once were. Specifically, they are more interested in talking about how to make sex better. Yes, there are always those little blue pills that could help. There is also a range of products which boast of being able to enhance the enjoyment of the act altogether. But, what about the argument of prevention is better than cure.

Are there certain things a person can consume in order to enhance their sex life from the inside out? The following foods claim to do just that. Each target something specific. But, a combination of a few of them could very well aid you in attaining the love life you have always desired.

1. Maca

For this libido-boosting food, we head deep into the Andes of Peru. The maca plant is not really all that nutritional in this context. Rather, it is the root that is of interest. This root has multiple health benefits, all of which can be derived from consuming the product in some form. A fresh version of the root can only generally be found in areas that are close to where the farming takes place. For those that do not have access to farmers in the Andes, they have the option of obtaining dried maca root. This can either be bought in powder or pill form, both of which are equally effective.

The maca root is a very healthy little vegetable to consume. It is an incredibly good source of carbohydrates and protein. Along with these, there are also a couple of vitamins and minerals which are highly beneficial. These being Copper, Iron, and Vitamin C. There is one benefit, however, which is incredibly interesting. It is that maca has been known to be quite effective in the bedroom so to speak.

The first method by which it enhances one’s sex life is by increasing libido. This applies to both men and women. The research done on this topic is rather limited. But, there is evidence to suggest that if one were to consume 1.5 to 3 grams of maca each day for six weeks, then they would be on the receiving end of a relatively elevated sex drive.

Maca can also apparently contribute to the quality of male semen. This has been investigated in both healthy and infertile men with the results being similar. After consuming maca for four months, it seemed as if not only had the sperm count increased, but they also appeared to have increased motility. 

2. Green Tea

Is there anything that green tea can’t do? Read any article that expands on the health benefits of certain foods, and you can bet that green tea will be somewhere on that list. And here it is on this list too because green tea apparently has its uses in the bedroom as well.

Green tea has been ingrained in Asian cultures for literally thousands of years. They consumed the leaves as a beverage, but they have long been aware of its medicinal benefits. These range from aiding in weight loss to maintaining the health of one’s hair. In between those two options, there are tons of other reasons to drink green tea. Some of these being that the tea delivers a powerful caffeine boost which can sufficiently compete with coffee, it has been known to combat cancer, it can lower blood sugar levels, strengthen the immune system and much more. If the internet is to be believed then regardless of your ailment, green tea could prove to be useful.

Now that all of that is out of the way, how exactly is it useful when it comes to sex drive? Everyone knows that green tea is packed with antioxidants. Broadly speaking, these combat free radicals which are thought to be responsible for the natural aging process in peoples. There is, however, a specific antioxidant which is of interest. This being catechin.

Catechin is an antioxidant that helps maintain the health of blood vessels, and it regulates circulation. A person’s desire to have sex along with their ability to perform at the moment is very much dependant on blood flow. Without sounding crude, blood needs to flow to the related sexual areas for there to be any kind of reaction or pleasurable feelings. With this in mind, it is clear what a couple of cups of green tea a day could do for one’s sex life. 

3. Chocolate

When you begin to hit the gym, you might have a personal trainer on your hands who nags you about giving up sweets and pastries. They are most certainly not wrong, but you may want to hang back before you give up chocolate altogether. Go right ahead and avoid white slices of bread, donuts, cookies and the like but maybe consider keeping some chocolate in the cupboard just in case.

Chocolate is quite delicious, we all know this. But, believe it or not, there are certain things that are actually quite healthy about chocolate. No one is saying that it is healthy food, but it is not all bad. The one thing that chocolate can boast about is endorphins. For those who have never come across this convoluted word, endorphins are chemicals which get released in the brain that make you feel good. It should be noted that this does not exclusively mean in a sexual context. This sense of feeling good can simply be considered a rush of happiness.

For a bit of context, endorphins are also released when a person bites into a chili or jumps into a cold pool. Endorphins are why, following these activities, a person is slightly buzzed and elevated. The specific way in which chocolate releases endorphins is that it contains a compound called phenylethylamine. This compound activates the endorphin release in the brain. Once this is done, a person is left feeling quite happy.

It does not take a rocket scientist to put two and two together here. A happy person is much more likely to want to engage in amorous activities. At the end of the day, it might actually be beneficial to give your partner a box of chocolates on date night. Mind you, it should be 70% cocoa chocolate if they are to receive the best possible results.

4. Crab

Talking about crabs along with sexuality may bring to mind some horrid images due to conventions. But, before you hop off the page thinking gruesome STD images are about to follow. Be safe in the knowledge that this is definitely referring to the variety that is found at the seaside and not in the doctor’s office.

Considering the world-renowned reputation that oysters hold in this arena, it should come as no surprise that there is another shellfish hitting the list. This time, we are talking about those clawed little critters that scramble along the sand and pose a very significant threat to one’s toes. Those red devils could land up being just the snap that you need in the bedroom.

Crab legs specifically are high in the mineral Zinc. It can be strange to think that this could be beneficial to the human body. Is it not what kitchen sinks used to be made of? Yes, it was, but it is also quite vital to a man’s testosterone levels. In a man’s body, testosterone is largely responsible for the traits that we associate with traditional masculinity.

High levels of testosterone result in increased muscles mass and definition, aggression and you guessed it, sex drive. There is obviously not enough zinc in crab legs to suggest that it could be a replacement for steroids at the gym. Its zinc levels are quite negligible when compared to pharmaceutical grade products. It can, however, raise a man’s testosterone levels just enough to give him that extra boost to and in the bedroom. The next dinner night that rolls along, consider skipping the chicken and instead opting for delicious crab legs. You might be thanking yourself for that later when you both are scrambling into the car in a great hurry to get home.

5. Nuts

This one must seem like an absolute joke. Nuts make for better sex, who would have thought? But, while you sit there giggling like an 8th grader consider the following scientifically verified facts regarding nuts and their relation to sex.

With the vegan movement in full swing, people are stocking up on nuts wherever they go. They do this because they have been told that nuts are incredibly healthy and can provide an excellent protein alternative to meat. This is in fact correct. Nuts do boast quite a large amount of protein when one considers their relatively small size. But, protein is not all that nuts have to offer.

They also contain an amino acid called L-arginine. Not only do nuts contain this amino acid, but they have quite a lot of it. Arginine is a precursor to a gas called nitric oxide. If you are thinking about nitrous oxide and the wildly fast cars in Fast and the Furious, then you are not entirely wrong, but we most certainly are not talking about cars. Instead, we are talking about the male sex organ which is none other than the penis.

When nitric oxide is released into the bloodstream, it causes vasodilation. This is the dilation of blood vessels, specifically those in the penis. This is basically how erections arise, literally. What’s more, nuts do not discriminate as they are beneficial to women too. Almonds, in particular, contain a fair amount of Vitamin E. This has been known to combat vaginal dryness which is very necessary if you have big plans in mind. In order to derive these desirable benefits from nuts, it is not sufficient to throw back five almonds a week. Instead, aim to consume at least a handful of mixed nuts each day. Just make sure to include almonds and walnuts in that handful.

6. Saffron

For this natural aphrodisiac, we head back to the mysterious orient. This spice is the most expensive spice on the planet, so it is not advised that one goes to town with it when making that next romantic dinner. But, whatever you do, do not forget about it because it is a very powerful aphrodisiac. Unlike some of the other items on the list, its effects are not only derived after a lengthy period of consumption.

Inside these deliciously colored strands, there exists a compound called carotene crocin. One might be tempted to think of carrots upon hearing the word carotene. But, this compound in saffron does a lot more than improve one’s night vision. When carotene crocin inters the bloodstream, it does something quite curious to the brain. A bunch of chemical reactions produces the chemical Picrocrocin. This is what acts on the brain and increases the sensitivity of a person’s sexual organs. In plain terms, a person will be more sensitive to touch in those areas after consuming saffron. This is naturally very desirable when it comes to sex, but saffron’s help does not end there.

Saffron is also quite a good stress reliever. It aids in reducing a person’s overall stress and tension levels thus resulting in a relaxed and calm individual. While sex itself may be quite active and vigorous, everyone knows what stress and tension can do to a person’s performance.

As this is a spice, it might seem like quite the task to include it in one’s diet. What does a person even make with saffron? The answer is very simple, take a quick squizz through Indian and Spanish recipes. Both of which should offer a couple of dishes that should include saffron in their composition. One can even throw a couple of stands in milk to spice up their evening cup of tea.

7. Ginseng

Apparently, Asia is stocked with herbs and spices which aid in the fight against sexual dysfunction. At this point in time, people in the West are probably thanking their lucky stars for cultural mixing because ginseng is apparently another powerful aphrodisiac. In certain studies, it even ranks higher than saffron, which has already been expanded upon.

There are various different types of ginseng, ranging from South Korean ginseng to American ginseng. Each may be a different strain of the plant, but with each, only the root is consumed. By examining records, it is clear that ginseng has been around in Chinese culture since at least the 2nd century AD. And this only the first appearance of it in written records. It probably was a part of the folk culture long before then.

In Asian culture, this root has been rather integral in traditional medicine, but it is only now being studied scientifically for its health benefits. Specifically, what it can do for people in the sexual dysfunction topic. Ginseng contains compounds called ginsenosides. These are the chemicals which are thought to aid in sexual dysfunction, but it is not yet clear how they do this. It is very difficult to study the effects of aphrodisiacs on women as it is not as clear-cut as to whether there is an erection or not. Regardless, there have been studies which have shown that ginseng could increase both the male and female libido.

While this is a natural supplement, it cannot be consumed by everyone. People who suffer from hypotension or diabetes should definitely not consume ginseng, especially American ginseng. If you do suffer from one of these conditions and are looking to treat sexual dysfunction naturally, then it is best to consult a physician before initiating consumption of this supplement. At the very least, avoid overly processed products which contain anything other than Korean ginseng.  

8. Red wine

There exists a very delicate balance between alcohol and sex. Moderate amounts of alcohol may lower one’s inhibitions and increase sex drive but have one drink too many, and one might find themselves completely unable to perform. While all alcohols are equal when it comes to someone getting tipsy enough to hop in the sack, they do not quite affect sex drive the way that red wine does.

There are those that drink a glass of red wine each night because of the supposed cardiovascular benefits that the rose red substance delivers. Experts disagree on the specifics of this point, but they mostly concede that red wine does in fact aid in blood circulation.

The link between blood circulation and sex is quite a logical one. The more a person’s blood is pumping, the more pumped they will be for said activity. But, how much red wine is one to drink if they were looking to spice up their sex life. For this answer, we look to a study that was done on Italian women. It is quite fitting actually to speak to an Italian about sex and wine come to think of it.

This particular study was done on 80 women, and the results were relatively unanimous. If a woman drank two glasses of red wine a day, she reported having a satisfied and full sex life. On the other hand, where those who drank more than two glasses or none at all. These women appeared to have a less than satisfactory love life. These results are circumstantial at best and possibly would not stand up to intense scrutiny. But, can you think of anything wrong with having two glasses of red wine before dinner? The slight fog that settles over your mind could be just the thing to get you in the mood, not to mention the possible increased blood flow to vital areas.

9. Peppers

If you want hot sex, then eat something hot. If that sounds like an oversimplified version of things, then you may be getting a little too cynical for your own good. Because eating hot food, specifically, anything containing peppers or even the pepper itself if you are feeling brave, could spice up your sex life. The pun is fully intended.

The link between endorphins and happiness has already been elaborated. But, for clarity, here is a quick refresher. Certain things, like chocolate or a dip in a cold pool, force your brain to release endorphins. These are chemicals which literally lift a person’s mood. This is not to say that endorphins can cure all of the blues, but they can, for a moment at least, make a person feel happier and energized. Peppers do the exact same thing.

When you bite into pepper the first thing you notice is the unbearable pain. Your eyes are watering, your tongue is burning, and it seems like the heat will never go away. But there is something else that is going on if you take a moment to notice it. You do actually feel a bit high after eating pepper. This is not the high that is produced from drugs. But rather it is like a rush of energy. This is the endorphins in your brain at work. And it is this which may get you in the mood to have some alone time with your loved one.

The second way in which peppers can aid in raising one’s sex drive is that they promote circulation. The combination of an increase in blood flow along with the feel-good chemicals that are pulsing through your body could indeed up a person’s sex drive. How much exactly is dependent on each individual and how they react to the heat of the peppers.

10. Apples

When the doctor told you to eat an apple a day, its safe to say that you thought it would maintain your immune system and not much else. But little did you, or even the good old doc know, that it could be enhancing your sex drive on the side. This green and delicious fruit is known to be wonderfully healthy. Delivering a burst of flavor and vitamins with each bite.

One could go on and on about the health benefits of apples but that is not really why you are reading this article is it? Therefore, in order to give you what you came here for let’s take a look at the specific compounds that are included in Eve’s favorite fruit. Firstly, there are those wonderful antioxidants again. These will improve blood flow and overall circulation. Then there are lovely little things called phytoestrogens.

As the name suggests, there is a similarity between them and the estrogen family. In broad terms, women have estrogen while men have testosterone. Obviously, it is far more complicated than that, but for the purposes of this list, we can leave it at that. This gender specificity means that men are unlikely to derive any sexual benefits from apples. Making the apple a fruit for the ladies.

A study was done on at least 700 women. It found that the women who ate apples regularly, this was at least one or even two apples a day, reported having a better sex life along with an increase in their vaginal lubrication.  This study is a relatively small one, and its results have not been corroborated yet. But, could it really hurt adding a few apples to one’s diet. The worst-case scenario is that your sex life remains unchanged, but you are slightly healthier. 

11. Oysters

If history is to be believed, then this one is a no-brainer. There are two individuals who are of interest here. Namely, Cleopatra and Casanova himself. These people may be separated by decades, but they have two things in common. The one being that they were great seducers of their time and the second that they both loved oysters. Is this just pure coincidence or is there some scientific merit to this combination?

It should be noted here that scientific research in the field of sexual dysfunction or function is always circumstantial to some degree or other. Every person is unique in their sexual desires, and it is not always easy to tell whether a person has a raised libido or not. With this being said, evidence suggests that oysters are in fact a natural aphrodisiac.

Like crab legs, oysters have high levels of zinc. This directly impacts the amount of testosterone that a man produces. The equation is quite simple; more zinc equals more testosterone. Furthermore, elevated levels of testosterone correspond with increased sperm production and motility. This means that oysters could actually increase the fertility of a man by boosting his little swimmers.

There is one thing which oysters apparently do that crab legs do not. This being that oysters reportedly boost dopamine levels. This is not limited to only men as women may experience increased dopamine levels following oyster consumption. Dopamine is the feel-good hormone. When it is released a person feels happy, it is as simple as that. For a bit of context, dopamine is also dubbed the love hormone as it is thought to prevalent when people fall in love. Oysters may make a man more virile, but they could also make both parties happy enough to want to take things a bit further. To take the next step right into the bedroom if you will.

12. Watermelon

Now seems like a good time to talk about those little blue pills that changed the lives of men the world over. This would be none other than Viagra. Viagra is a pharmaceutical grade libido enhancer. All one need do is pop one of these pills, and they are set to go for a couple of hours at least. Viagra is very effective, yes. But, it is also artificial and has been known to cause major complications for those who have heart conditions or high blood pressure. It is at this point where watermelon comes in.

There are some, not all but some, who have taken to referring to watermelon as a natural Viagra. Something as natural as watermelon could never be as strong as Viagra, but depending on the circumstances, it could try to compete.

The key component in watermelon in this regard is citrulline amino acid. It is thought to be a powerful vasodilator in blood vessels throughout the body. This would obviously include the organs which one uses in sexual activities. In men, vasodilation in that area produces more powerful erections. In women, this same vessel dilation results in heightened tactile sensitivity.

There is also the question of libido. Over the counter, drugs do not only prepare a person physically for the act, but they also enhance a person’s desire to engage in said activities. Watermelon can apparently be useful with this as well. It has been found to increase the libido of both men and women. Instead of having cake for dessert, it might be a good idea to give watermelon a try. The results may surprise and delight you.

13. Asparagus

There is a certain branch of homeopathy that believes foods that look like certain organs are beneficial for those same organs. This would clearly not be the case for all foods, but there are some that would be of interest here. Asparagus is obviously a phallic looking vegetable. There is no mistaking its resemblance to the male sex organ once one has decided to see the similarity.

Asparagus has high levels of vitamin B, which is more commonly known as folate. This vitamin is not of interest itself, but rather the prevailing chemicals that it has an impact on. One such chemical is histamine. Histamine is an incredibly powerful vasodilator. If it has not been made clear before, a vasodilator is a substance which results in the dilation of blood vessels. Dilated blood vessels allow for greater blood flow as they have an increased capacity. Constricted blood vessel, on the other hand, restrict the flow of blood.

Histamine may be a vasodilator, but it is only nitric oxide which dilates the vessels in the penis thus resulting in an erection. Asparagus will therefore not directly influence the prevalence of a man’s erection, but rather the effects will be subtler.

Histamine in terms of sexual activities will result in heightened sensitivity in both men and women alike. Although this may be more marked in women. There is also the argument that an increase in blood flow directly impacts a person’s libido.  While asparagus may make a person’s, urine smell odd its benefits could outweigh its cons in this context. It is also a very healthy vegetable, so there is no harm in including it at dinner or lunch time.

14. Celery

Celery has been given a bad reputation both in and out of the dieting community. Those in the dieting community eat it so much that they cannot stand it anymore, while those outside perceive it as a ridiculously healthy and unappetizing snack to eat. You have to wonder how people would view it if they knew what celery could do for a man’s attractiveness.

Every mammal on this planet secretes these things called pheromones. These chemicals are generally secreted via sweat, and they aim to increase the attractiveness of a person. This process is a completely biological and instinctual one. We cannot exactly pinpoint the smell of a pheromone. All we know is that once it enters our noses, it wreaks havoc on our brains making us lust after the delicious creature that is emitting it.

Certain scientists have even studied these pheromones in the hope of creating a perfume that will literally make the wearer more attractive to the opposite sex. Celery could very well do this naturally. The how is not all that clear but the result has been spoken about by a well-respected doctor and researcher so there should be some validity to the statement.

The gist of it is this; celery could potentially alter the pheromone levels in a man’s sweat. Thus, making him relatively more attractive to a woman who were to pass by his general vicinity.

15. Garlic

There is possibly not a single person on this planet who actually finds garlic breath desirable. The horrible stench it produces makes this vegetable on this list a veritable catch 22. It will make your breath smell rather bad, but on the other hand, it could get you in the mood to get down and dirty. Is it worth a whole packet full of gum or should it be given a miss entirely?

A decision can only be made once the facts have been examined. Like peppers, garlic is classed as a hot food. It does not contain capsaicin-like peppers, but it has its own heat producing chemical. This chemical being, allicin.

Allicin increases blood flow. But, this blood flow is quite specific to sexual organs. This means that a person who consumes garlic will not have an overall flushed feeling, but rather they will have a stirring in a very suggestive area.

The effects that garlic has on libido are however not instantaneous. One cannot go to town on a garlic bulb and then go to town elsewhere. They will need to consume the product over an extended period of time. Research suggests that a month should do it. It can also not be eaten cooked, which excludes eating it with a meal. For an enhanced libido, a person will need to eat garlic totally raw. This will obviously not be an option for most people, and therefore it is suggested to take it in capsule form. This method should also attempt to deal with the breath issue.