15 Foods That Could Give Everybody’s Love Life A Boost

13. Asparagus There is a certain branch of homeopathy that believes foods that look like certain organs are beneficial for those same organs. This would clearly… Simi - July 7, 2018

13. Asparagus

There is a certain branch of homeopathy that believes foods that look like certain organs are beneficial for those same organs. This would clearly not be the case for all foods, but there are some that would be of interest here. Asparagus is obviously a phallic looking vegetable. There is no mistaking its resemblance to the male sex organ once one has decided to see the similarity.

Asparagus has high levels of vitamin B, which is more commonly known as folate. This vitamin is not of interest itself, but rather the prevailing chemicals that it has an impact on. One such chemical is histamine. Histamine is an incredibly powerful vasodilator. If it has not been made clear before, a vasodilator is a substance which results in the dilation of blood vessels. Dilated blood vessels allow for greater blood flow as they have an increased capacity. Constricted blood vessel, on the other hand, restrict the flow of blood.

Histamine may be a vasodilator, but it is only nitric oxide which dilates the vessels in the penis thus resulting in an erection. Asparagus will therefore not directly influence the prevalence of a man’s erection, but rather the effects will be subtler.

Histamine in terms of sexual activities will result in heightened sensitivity in both men and women alike. Although this may be more marked in women. There is also the argument that an increase in blood flow directly impacts a person’s libido.  While asparagus may make a person’s, urine smell odd its benefits could outweigh its cons in this context. It is also a very healthy vegetable, so there is no harm in including it at dinner or lunch time.

14. Celery

Celery has been given a bad reputation both in and out of the dieting community. Those in the dieting community eat it so much that they cannot stand it anymore, while those outside perceive it as a ridiculously healthy and unappetizing snack to eat. You have to wonder how people would view it if they knew what celery could do for a man’s attractiveness.

Every mammal on this planet secretes these things called pheromones. These chemicals are generally secreted via sweat, and they aim to increase the attractiveness of a person. This process is a completely biological and instinctual one. We cannot exactly pinpoint the smell of a pheromone. All we know is that once it enters our noses, it wreaks havoc on our brains making us lust after the delicious creature that is emitting it.

Certain scientists have even studied these pheromones in the hope of creating a perfume that will literally make the wearer more attractive to the opposite sex. Celery could very well do this naturally. The how is not all that clear but the result has been spoken about by a well-respected doctor and researcher so there should be some validity to the statement.

The gist of it is this; celery could potentially alter the pheromone levels in a man’s sweat. Thus, making him relatively more attractive to a woman who were to pass by his general vicinity.

15. Garlic

There is possibly not a single person on this planet who actually finds garlic breath desirable. The horrible stench it produces makes this vegetable on this list a veritable catch 22. It will make your breath smell rather bad, but on the other hand, it could get you in the mood to get down and dirty. Is it worth a whole packet full of gum or should it be given a miss entirely?

A decision can only be made once the facts have been examined. Like peppers, garlic is classed as a hot food. It does not contain capsaicin-like peppers, but it has its own heat producing chemical. This chemical being, allicin.

Allicin increases blood flow. But, this blood flow is quite specific to sexual organs. This means that a person who consumes garlic will not have an overall flushed feeling, but rather they will have a stirring in a very suggestive area.

The effects that garlic has on libido are however not instantaneous. One cannot go to town on a garlic bulb and then go to town elsewhere. They will need to consume the product over an extended period of time. Research suggests that a month should do it. It can also not be eaten cooked, which excludes eating it with a meal. For an enhanced libido, a person will need to eat garlic totally raw. This will obviously not be an option for most people, and therefore it is suggested to take it in capsule form. This method should also attempt to deal with the breath issue.