15 Foods That Could Give Everybody’s Love Life A Boost

2. Green Tea

Is there anything that green tea can’t do? Read any article that expands on the health benefits of certain foods, and you can bet that green tea will be somewhere on that list. And here it is on this list too because green tea apparently has its uses in the bedroom as well.

Green tea has been ingrained in Asian cultures for literally thousands of years. They consumed the leaves as a beverage, but they have long been aware of its medicinal benefits. These range from aiding in weight loss to maintaining the health of one’s hair. In between those two options, there are tons of other reasons to drink green tea. Some of these being that the tea delivers a powerful caffeine boost which can sufficiently compete with coffee, it has been known to combat cancer, it can lower blood sugar levels, strengthen the immune system and much more. If the internet is to be believed then regardless of your ailment, green tea could prove to be useful.

Now that all of that is out of the way, how exactly is it useful when it comes to sex drive? Everyone knows that green tea is packed with antioxidants. Broadly speaking, these combat free radicals which are thought to be responsible for the natural aging process in peoples. There is, however, a specific antioxidant which is of interest. This being catechin.

Catechin is an antioxidant that helps maintain the health of blood vessels, and it regulates circulation. A person’s desire to have sex along with their ability to perform at the moment is very much dependant on blood flow. Without sounding crude, blood needs to flow to the related sexual areas for there to be any kind of reaction or pleasurable feelings. With this in mind, it is clear what a couple of cups of green tea a day could do for one’s sex life.