25 Common Habits That Make People Age Faster

3. Drink lots of water to slow down the aging process. You are made of 60% water, so why do you need more, right? Well, if… Trista - October 28, 2021

3. Drink lots of water to slow down the aging process.

You are made of 60% water, so why do you need more, right? Well, if we want to keep our skin and organs hydrated and working in order, that is what we need to drink. Although sometimes you just want a nice cold soda, you need to know that drinking or overeating sugar can make you look older. Plus, it can put you at risk of getting health problems in the future since it doesn’t have any nutritional value. Scientists have proven that drinking water does not eliminate wrinkles or make your skin firmer. However, it does have a few other things that will make you feel younger and healthier. 

For once, water can lubricate your cushion joints, protect your spinal cord, and other tissues around it, so that you have better movement and lower the chances of arthritis. Plus, it can help regulate your body’s temperature, especially in hot climates or exercising. If you’re not a massive fan of drinking too much water, there are alternatives that you can drink that can help you keep hydrated and has some nutritional value. You can try plain coffee (in moderation, we talked about it earlier), tea ( the green kind is fantastic!), water seltzer, or even flavored water. If you are a fan of citrus beverages, you can try adding a few squeezes of lemon, grapefruit, or any fruit that you like to give a nice twist to your water. Just try different things until you find the right one that will make your body feel fresh.


2. People won’t know your age when you keep your skin cool and refreshed.

If you live in a hot weather environment, you get that the sun and high temperatures can be brutal. Without you noticing, you can become dehydrated very fast. Dehydration can be extremely dangerous, especially if you don’t notice the signs your body will give you. Over time, you will also see a difference in your skin. If you are in a hot, dry room for too long, your skin will start feeling dry and itchy. If you don’t do something about it, it can get under your skin way too much. Having dry skin can also decrease skin elasticity. In the long haul, that can turn into higher chances of getting wrinkles. 

Some studies have suggested that having dry skin alone won’t cause wrinkles, but it contributes. A team of researchers tested this theory by getting a group of people in a room with high humidity and another group in a room with low humidity. They found that people in the dry room show more wrinkling skin on their faces, especially when they smile, proving the point that moisture is essential if you want to look radiant. It is vital that you not only do you need to drink lots of fluids in hot temperatures but also moisturize your skin often. They have found that people with oily skin tend to show fewer wrinkles, even with more skin breakouts. Meanwhile, people with dry skin age quicker, so don’t forget to bring your favorite face cream if you are one of those people. 


1. Leave those old grudges behind.

Everyone has had a heated discussion with someone that ends in many feelings of resentment and anger. Those emotions can stay with you for a while, depending on how big the fight was. All those negative feelings in the back of your mind can come back to haunt you from time to time and stop you from having your best life. Holding on to those grudges involving a loved one, coworker, or anyone else can affect your mental being. Over time, it brings anxiety and even depression, which can physically cause you to age quicker. And the thing here is not much about how you can look on the outside. What matters is how it will make you feel inside and how to deal with those emotions. 

First off, you need to understand that whatever you are feeling, it’s only affecting your life, and not anyone else. So, to free yourself from those thoughts, you must cope, heal, and move forward. You only live once (YOLO!). Utilize the little time you have in this world to finding your happiness. Surrounding yourself with good vibes while throwing away the ones that don’t feel good is the best thing you can do. Do not hesitate to seek help from a professional. That is especially true if you think it’s too much for you to deal with on your own. A professional can help you move on your time and terms. In the end, letting go of all that is not good for your mind and body will help you glow as you have never glowed before. That alone can make you look radiant, young, and completely free. Don’t be afraid to look for that happy place and be better.