20 All Natural Ways to Stay Young Forever

Some predict that today’s generation will be the first in over a century with short life expectancy. There could be some truth in this bearing in… Simi - December 13, 2017

Some predict that today’s generation will be the first in over a century with short life expectancy. There could be some truth in this bearing in mind that most people have stopped taking care of their bodies. The lifestyles have brought some challenges which are affecting the bodies. There are several conditions that are now affecting both the adults and the youth.

In adults, overweight or obesity has long been associated with a range of health problems. These include the coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. But now, this so-called disorder is affecting a large number of youth and children too. Young people are increasingly becoming inactive and they eat inappropriate foods. They take less than half the recommended portion of fruit and vegetables. At the same time, they exceed the recommended amounts of fats, sugar, and salt.

Although the risks to physical health are main issues that have received the most attention, there are other factors to consider. There are factors such as the psychological problems that affect many people. Low self-esteem has been associated with the feelings of sadness, loneliness, and nervousness. The frustrations that these can cause can lead to dire consequences including drug abuse.

All the health problems that are associated with the lifestyles can be prevented. The very first thing you want to do is define your goal in very clear terms. By knowing exactly what you want to achieve will help you achieve your goals. Here are some of the natural ways that you can do in order to stay young.

1. Don’t overeat

If you want to look younger, that means you are aging. The aging process affects the body’s metabolism. This means that your metabolism slows down. To keep control of your body’s metabolism you can reduce your food portions that you take. When the food portions are large, the body’s metabolism fails to keep up with the extra work. As a result, you end up gaining weight.

Normally people want to take three large meals a day. When you are managing your body’s metabolism, you can take at least five to six meals a day. These should be half of the normal portion that you take. This will help keep your metabolism going on at a good rate and will give you a nice figure.

The small portions can be difficult to measure. However, a small portion is the one that should fill up the palm of your hand. Another way is to eat some snacks in replacement of your normal large meals. Taking some snacks at some intervals will help you fill the void that could have been taken by the meal. Try to avoid the snacks that are of no benefit to your body. Good snacks should include some fruits.

Another great way to reduce overeating is by drinking a glass of water before or after you eat. This will depend on how you prefer taking the water. Water will fill up space in your stomach which is supposed to be taken by the food. In that regard, you will feel satisfied and the appetite for food will reduce. The good part with water is that your body will be hydrated as well.

2. Keep fit by running a marathon

One of the reasons why your body may be aging very fast is lack of fitness. Many individuals find it tough to start taking exercises because of lack of will-power. The best way to overcome this is to focus on a single event such as a marathon. There are several marathons that take place. The training involves consistency and progression. Consistency because there is no other way to run a marathon other than, to run. Progression because you have to start slow, break yourself into the routine. Slowly you increase the speed and mileage. This will keep your body fit and look young.

Running a marathon is great, but you will need to have other distractions to keep you focused and interested. You can take up a game such as squash or swimming to break the monotony of running. Games are an effective way to keep fit and they provide a social outlet. This will assist you to gain a youthful appearance.

For instance, a game of squash will give you an opportunity to make friends and have a great time. It is a social outlet that might help to keep you consistent and moving on days when self-esteem is low. Rather than going home and watch TV or slip into a bar after work. A happy individual will help your body be healthy while doing the exercises.

There are other aspects that you may need to improve your fitness levels. This cannot be achieved by running alone. Running, for example, is good for cardiovascular conditioning and weight management. However, they do little to build strength and absolutely nothing to encourage flexibility. You need the combination of all these for you to look young. Therefore, you will need a strength program to supplement with the running.

3. Protect Your Skin from the Sun

A reasonable amount of sunlight is good for your skin but a lot of exposure can damage it. Exposure to the sunlight for a long time can cause wrinkles, age spots, and skin problems. Protecting your beautiful skin from the sunlight will help you stay young. Studies from the American Academy of Dermatology showed that the sun plays a significant role in the premature aging of the skin.

There are several ways in which you can do to protect the skin from the sun. These include staying under shade and wearing protective clothing that covers the whole body. Applying sunscreen that is particularly broad-spectrum will help your skin. Studies have indicated that eating tomato paste can protect you from the damage caused by the sun. It says that tomato paste supplements help to improve endothelial mechanics and decreases plasma total oxidative status. This will ensure that your skin looks healthy and young.

Exposure to the sun has also been associated with the development of the skin diseases. One of the skin diseases you can get is the skin cancer. The skin cancer will not only make your skin look bad but it can kill you. Research shows that ultraviolet (UV) radiation stimulates skin cancer. In a recent study that was done in 2015, by Genome Biology, they found that aging and sun exposure are the major causes of skin cancer. The sun causes epigenetic transformations like the DNA methylation. This is the process that induces cancer.

Hair is another part that will make you look young. The sun exposure can damage your hair. Absorption of radiation in photosensitive amino acids that is in the hair and the photochemical reduction creates free radicals. This affects the hair proteins such as the keratin and damages the hair shafts.

4. Wash Your Face

The face is often forgotten but you will look better if it’s washed once a day. Cleansing the skin will enable you to remove the makeup and pollutants that collect on the skin during the day. Wash your face before bedtime with a mild cleanser. But if you have a skin disease then you might have to avoid washing the facial skin.

If you are not keen on washing your skin during the night, you can do it in the morning. This will help you feel fresh and rinse the skin with some lukewarm water. Avoid cleansing your skin for more than twice a day as this will cause your skin to get dry. This normally happens to those with dry and sensitive skin.

There are several ways in which you can wash your skin. These include using a gentle and nonabrasive cleanser that has no alcohol. You can wet your face with lukewarm water and apply the cleanser by using the fingertips. Then rinse with lukewarm water and touch dry using a soft towel. Avoid scrubbing your skin as this will damage the skin.

Sweating is normal for a healthy body but the sweat is not good on your skin. The sweat can irritate the skin and it’s advisable to remove it. If you have oily and skin prone diseases, you can wash your skin twice every day. This can be done in the morning and evening before going to bed. Avoid using the hot water as this causes redness and irritation for those with the sensitive skin. Likewise, the cold water can create a shock. The ideal water is lukewarm and dermatologists recommend it. If you have a well-scheduled washing routine, the skin will look young.

5. Moisturize after Bathing

The skin needs to be moisturized after bathing to prevent it from drying. Moisturizers will keep your skin looking healthy and young. They protect the skin from the nasty weather that promotes drying and gives dull looking skin. The skin has standard natural moisture levels and to maintain that you need to apply moisturizers to close in the water that is already in the body.

The moisturizers are supposed to be applied at the appropriate time to gain the most benefits from them. After bathing or showering, the skin gets moisturized and apply the moisturizers a few minutes after bathing. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends using the moisturizers 3 minutes after bathing. This will enable your skin to retain most of the moisture that was attained after the bath or shower.

When you are bathing or showering the skin pores open more to let out the excess heat from the body. After coming out of the bath, dry your skin gently while the skin pores are still open. When you apply the moisturizer while the skin pores are open, it will go through deeply inside the skin. That’s where it will keep the trapped water better by stopping it from escaping. When you come out of the shower or bath and pat dry your skin, the skin pores are still open. So, applying moisturizer at this time helps it penetrate deep into the skin. It even traps water in the skin by preventing it from evaporating.

The body loses a lot of water through many ways, as a result, it needs to be frequently hydrated. Ensure to drink enough water regularly during the day. It has been suggested that drinking at least seven to eight glasses of water will be appropriate. This will help your skin to be firm, well-toned and looking healthy.

6. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Many experts have always stipulated that eating fruits and vegetables is good for your body. There are many benefits you can get from getting these into your eating routine. A diet that has more fruits and vegetables can significantly improve the outlook of your skin.

The fruits and vegetables are rich sources of the necessary nutrients that are important to the well-being of the body. They have antioxidants that assist your body to protect the skin from getting damaged. They are a rich source of vitamin C which is one of the antioxidants that enables the body cells to repair themselves and regrow. They also contain another antioxidant, vitamin A, that helps the cell growth. This assists the body look well-toned and beautiful.

There is no exactly any recommendation on how much you should eat these fruits and vegetables. Experts suggest that eating at least four servings of fruits and vegetables a day will do good to your skin. Some of the fruits and vegetables you can eat include carrots and tomatoes. Carrots and tomatoes contain what is known as the carotenoids which are antioxidants. These help the skin absorb the harmful free radicals that are created through stress that you get during the day. In some cases, they arise when the body is infected with a disease. By doing that, the skin looks shiny.

Studies by Evolution and Human Behavior has confirmed that eating a good diet that contains fruits and vegetables, your skin improves. In a related study by PLOS ONE, they found that eating fruits and vegetables has benefits on Caucasian skin looks within six weeks. This all goes to confirm that fruits and vegetables will make your skin look brighter.

7. Sleep on Your Back

There is no doubt that your body needs to rest after a hard day. Apart from resting, sleeping will benefit your skin look healthy. Oftentimes, you find that when you lack enough sleep, there are noticeable signs such as bags under the eyes. Depriving yourself of enough sleep will lead to negative effects on the appearance of your skin. If this happens just a single day, then it can be catastrophic when you have sleepless nights for a number of days.

In a study done by the University Hospitals Medical Center in 2013, they found significant results on the quantity of sleep. They found that sleep quantity has an effect on the skin use and aging. In their determination, they came out with the suggestion that poor sleepers had more signs of skin aging. In addition, those individuals had reduced recovery from several environmental factors that caused stress. These factors include the disruption of the skin barrier.

The way you sleep also matters on the skin appearance. For instance, dark circles can appear on your skin if you sleep with your face buried in the pillow. There will be puffiness and can cause constriction of the blood vessels. This results in poor blood circulation. Therefore, avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your back is the appropriate one. Keep your head raised well and should be above your body. This can be achieved by using two pillows.

Enough sleeping has another major benefit. Sleep enables your body to heal properly. All the processes such as tissue repair, hormone release and relaxation remove the small lines from your body. This happens when you sleep well and all the fine lines from your face will be removed.

8. Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works wonders for your skin and hair. It works well for all types of skin and this includes old people who are susceptible to skin dryness. Among all the moisturizers, it ranks the highest because it contains the medium-chain of the fatty acids. These acids are what stimulates your skin to look great. The coconut oil has a rich source of the phytonutrients and polyphenols that work as antioxidants. These help to support and protect your skin. They enable the body to protect itself from getting damaged and at the same time assist in the regrowing of the cells. These help your body look shiny.

In a published study by the International Journal of Dermatology in 2013, they found important results concerning the coconut oil. The findings showed that topical virgin coconut oil reduced water loss in the skin of people with atopic dermatitis. This is an inflammation that occurs in the skin whereby the natural moisture-locking barriers are unable to function appropriately.

Hair is an important part that will enable you to look young if it’s properly looked after. The coconut oil has a good effect that prevents the hair from being damaged. It has a good affinity for the hair proteins such as keratin and low molecular weight. This enables the oil go through the hair shafts. It, therefore, goes on to moisturize and provide the nutrients to the skin.

In a related study that was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2003, they compared the effects of the various compounds. The findings found that when minerals, sunflower, and coconut oil are applied to the skin, coconut oil was effective. It was able to decrease the protein loss experienced in damaged and undamaged hair. This was when it was used in pre-wash and post-wash.

9. Shaving

Shaving is a normal method to remove the unwanted hair from the bodies. This enables the skin to be conspicuous. However, shaving can be harmful to the skin if not done properly. When extra precautions are not taken, it can lead to skin irritation. This happens when the skin is thin, dry and overly sensitive. When you get such irritations, the skin will require some treatment otherwise it will look dull.

In a study that was featured in British Journal of Dermatology in 2011, it reported that shaving involves many things. It has complex processes that concern the mechanical and chemical interactions that happen on the skin. It, therefore, suggested that to get optimum desired results you need to be careful when shaving. Make sure that you manage your skin properly to get great comfort.

It has been recommended that shaving after a warm bath or shower is ideal for your skin. You can opt to press a warm wet cloth on the skin and this will assist the hair to be softened. Shaving when the skin is dry will cause some damage to the skin. Importantly, using a clean and sharp razor will help you get a required cut. The hair should be removed in the direction of where the hair is growing. It is good to rinse the skin with warm water after shaving to remove the hair, soap, and dead cells.

Once you notice that the skin is getting irritated after shaving, don’t use any other chemicals to rinse your skin. The lotions that contain alcohol will only make the irritation get worse. These chemicals have a tendency of drying the skin and you don’t need the skin to be further worsened.

10. Yoga

Facial yoga has become popular because of its benefits which are the same as the effects of facelift surgery. The advantage of it is that there are no risks and costs that are involved. Facial yoga will help you reduce the facial wrinkles and eye puffiness. In addition, you will get a firmer jaw and well-toned skin.

The yoga enables the body to produce enough collagen which is the source of having a youthful skin. This compound reduces as you age and get exposed to the sun. In a study published by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, they related facial yoga with its effects on the skin. They found that it promoted the skin restoration.

Facial yoga is focused on the muscles that are in your head and neck. If done appropriately, you can get the youthful look. There are various yoga practices that you can do. For instance, you can decrease the double chin and remove the smile lines. It promotes your face to get more energy, right posture, better flexibility, the right mood and reduced stress. These are normally observed in the young people.

Experts suggest when you become aware of the link between mind and body, it’s good for the face. It means that you will benefit from anti-aging results if you do it properly. The practice oxygenates the cells and removes the toxins, fight the diseases and increase the shininess of the skin. Facial yoga works both internally and externally, giving it a greater tool to use for the well-being of the body. It helps the digestive system, reproductive system, and the immune system. It can be practiced at least twice a week and you will surely, get that lovely skin.

11. Avoid Excessive Scrubbing

Exfoliation is mostly done by many people. It’s not a bad practice to get rid of the excess dead skin. However, when you overdo, it can cause great damage to the skin. The dead cells make the appearance of your skin lose their shiny appeal. But excess exfoliation can cause irritation and inflammation that will leave your skin looking bad.

When the skin is rubbed aggressively using a scrub, it will injure the sensitive skin. There is friction and abrasions that happen on the skin. This removes the natural oils that are there and results in dryness and irritation of the skin. Worse still, it can lead to post inflammation of the hyperpigmentation that can cause dark spots appear on the skin. This will spoil the perfect look on your skin.

Excess exfoliation can cause problems such as loss of moisture in the skin and peeling parts that are dry. Other problems include patterned and red skin, sensitivity to your normal skin products and a burning sensational. This happens when the skin comes into contact with any product. And there is a nasty itching that results from this.

Exfoliation can be done only once every week or two but this will depend on the sensitivity of your skin. Best time to do it is at night before bedtime. This will afford you enough time to do it gently because you will not be in a hurry to go anywhere. The exfoliant should be a gentle one with fine scrubs. Using an appropriate moisturizer after that will be ideal as a follow-up. Consider doing it for the whole body as this will assist all the body parts to get that youthful look.

12. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is an important fluid that should always be taken. When asked if you really know why? Why, for instance, can’t you just take tea, coffee or soft drinks? And why should you drink water when you are not thirsty? Water has many benefits including weight loss that enables your body look perfect.

Water doesn’t contain the fats, sugar or carbohydrates and is a great appetite suppressant. It keeps your heart healthy, and studies have shown that it can even prevent heart attacks. In 2002, an American research conducted a research on effects of water. The individuals who drink five glasses of water every day were 41% less likely to die from a heart attack. This was compared to those who drank less than 2 glasses of water. Based on this result, water will not only keep your skin looking healthy but can also save you from an early death.

The reason you can’t rely on tea, coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol is that they will harm you. These drinks actually dehydrate your body leaving it dry and looks dull. The reason your body doesn’t tell you that it needs water is that the lifestyles have affected it. This has dulled your ability to sense when the body needs water. By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated.

Drink water first thing in the morning. Ensure you start the day by drinking a glass or two of water when you get up in the morning. Taking a glass of water before sleeping is also important. Carrying a bottle of water during the day will help re-hydrate your body even have one in your car.

13. Combat stress

Staying young involves many things to be achieved but the easiest one is ensuring that you avoid stress. A massage can provide a safe, warm and comfortable environment for relaxation. You are bound to a good experience by being in an environment that has clean linens, warm aromatic oils, and music that will set a perfect scene. There are many reasons you should go for a massage. This includes, to get the spiritual outcome and/or to get emotion relaxation.

Massage will help you reduce many illnesses that eventually affect the skin appearance. When under stress you may exhibit a variety of signs such as anger, frustration, increased blood pressure and insomnia. This will cause your muscles to be tensed and affect the skin. Research indicates that getting a massage on a regular basis can assist you. It helps release the physical symptoms of tension.

Massage improves the blood circulation. Your fight and flight reflexes release stress hormones that can cause the body to go into a defensive posture. Blood rushes to the extremities and muscles tense up. As long as you maintain the emotion which initiated the stress, your muscles will remain tensed up. The body’s immune system will slowly start to decrease and you become prone to infections. Go for a massage to counter this response.

Massage will enable you to get a deep relaxation. This helps you get rid of any sleep problems that you may be having. A good sleep will ensure that your muscles relax and there will be an acceleration of injury rehabilitation. A good sleep assists your well-being. The body’s systems have time to rest and work on your body such repairing of the worn-out tissues. This will leave your skin looking healthier.

14. Consume fatty acids

The omega-3 fatty acids will help you steady your mood and strengthen the bones. It also prevents aging by decreasing inflammation that happens in the body. Fish has a good source of the omega-3 fatty acids. These are eicosatetraenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which reduce inflammation and enable the body to have a healthy look.

The studies indicate that these fatty acids will prevent inflammation when it’s in the early stages. This means that before you start getting the aging signs, eating the fatty acids will prevent it. The fatty acids have many other benefits including reducing the blood fats called triglycerides. Furthermore, they remove the clogs from the blood vessels and reduce the high blood pressure. All these can affect your body and may result in it getting the inappropriate appearance. The acids will improve the circulation of blood and this helps the body maintain a healthy status.

A good source of these fatty acids includes the salmon, tuna, and sardines. These fish contain good amounts of the acids and eating them for at least two times a week will help your body. You need to be careful when eating these fish because they also contain high contents of mercury. Mercury can harm your body and don’t over-eat the fish. It has been suggested that eating smaller fish can be good as these have small amounts of mercury.

Experts suggest that eating a 3-ounce serving of salmon is the recommended standard. This serving has 6.9 grams. If the omega-3 fatty acids are not being effective in your body consider taking the supplements. There are fish-oil supplements that you can take but you have to consult your doctor first before taking them.

15. Green tea

The green tea has become favorable with many people because of its many benefits. The tea has been associated with reducing the risk of breast cancer and prevents remissions. The green tea enables your body to relax and this enables you to sleep well during the night. A more relaxed sleep will give you a healthier body that will keep the skin looking good. Green tea is ideal when it comes to anti-aging.

Taking tea before bedtime will relax your muscles and provide you with a well-deserved sleep. To stay young and healthy you need enough sleep. Lack of sleep will affect your looks, moods and can even affect your daily routines. Stress can cause you to experience sleeping problems. Avoid drinks before sleeping such as coffee and replace them with the green tea. This is because these drinks will only keep you awake at night and prevent you from getting a comfortable sleep.

If you don’t have enough sleep for several days, it can lead to some complications. Obesity and weight gain have been associated with lack of sleep. Lack of sleep has been linked to the reduction of leptin which is a hormone that suppresses your appetite. The weight gain will prevent your skin from being well-toned and will affect your appearance.

In a study done in 2010 that was published in the British Medical Journal, they determined the effect of sleep. It was found that people who slept for eight hours looked healthier and attractive. Those who slept less than eight hours didn’t look good. Therefore, drinking green tea will help your muscles relax and in addition, you will get a good sleep. When the muscles relax, they enable a good blood flow and all the fine lines in your body are removed.

16. Avoid sugar

If your diet is high in sugar, it can increase sagging and wrinkles because it damages the collagen. Most of us consume far too much sugar today – on average about 22 teaspoons. This comes from eating baked goods, cereals, candy and sweet drinks. Limiting sugar intake will not only help you to control your weight but can keep your skin looking younger.
Glycation is a process that occurs when you eat sugar – it bonds with the proteins in your body. This, in turn, produces free radicals that destroy the elastin and collagen that keep your skin supple and strong. They also prevent your skin from producing any more. This causes visible lines and wrinkles on your skin.

Some of the tell-tale signs that sugar is aging you are sagging skin, deep crevices, discoloration, deep lines along your upper lip and a hard, shiny skin surface. Seeing some of these signs can give you the incentive to cut back on your sugar intake. By reducing your sugar intake, you can turn back the clock by up to 10 years. The tone and texture of your skin will improve.

The first step is to eliminate as much sugar as possible from your diet. Secondly, supplementing your diet with vitamin B1 and B6 can help to inhibit the damage. The third step is to add foods with antioxidants to your diet to reduce the damage caused by the free radicals. Vitamin C helps to prevent skin aging. If you manage to cut out sugar altogether, you could start seeing the results after about ten days. You will not only improve your skin but reward yourself with a much longer, healthier life.

17. Eat Goji Berries

Goji Berries may be new to the Western world, but they have been around for centuries. The Chinese have been using them for their medicinal qualities for thousands of years. It is only in more recent years that science has proved their many nutritional benefits. They contain plenty of fiber, antioxidants and over 20 different minerals and vitamins.

The antioxidants Goji Berries contain are one of their significant health benefits. Free radical damage is a significant cause of aging and health problems, and antioxidants prevent this damage. Goji Berries are rich in lycopene, beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-cryptoxanthin. These antioxidant carotenoids have more free radical destroying capabilities than most other fruits and vegetables. Goji Berries contain 18 amino acids as well as 21 trace minerals and unsaturated fatty acids that all have many health benefits and prevent aging.

Goji Berries contain iron, zinc, vitamin C, beta-carotene and potassium in more significant quantities than other foods well known for providing these nutrients such as steak, oranges, carrots, and bananas. The vitamin C content alone helps in preventing colds, reduce wrinkles, lower cholesterol levels, and help with eye, heart and cell health. Carotenoids are converted into vitamin A which boosts the immune system, eye health and helps build healthy teeth and bones. The ancient monks who ate these berries to help them meditate and deliver vitality and longevity knew a thing or two.

Goji Berries can protect your skin from the free radical damage caused by exposure to the sun, prevent age-related eye problems, and offer a natural approach to maintaining blood sugar levels. They also improve detoxification, fertility and increase energy levels. The next time you want a snack, consider reaching for Goji Berries rather than junk food.

18. Don’t smoke

One of the side effects of smoking is that it makes you look much older. Smoking has a severely negative impact on your health, and it also ruins your hair, skin, and teeth. After smoking on a regular basis, you get wrinkles, your teeth appear yellow, and your skin, hair, and nails look dull and unhealthy. Smokers are often seen as much older than they are.

Smoking reduces the blood flow to the skin and prevents essential oxygen and vitamins from reaching tissue. This causes tissue damage, exacerbated by the direct adverse effect of smoking on collagen and elastin. It also causes bags under the eyes due to reduced blood flow to the eyes, giving the appearance of always being tired and drawn. Smokers often have thinner hair than non-smokers and tend to go gray younger.

Smoking significantly increases your risk of dying. Insurance companies recognize this and bump up your contributions if you smoke. Smokers can pay up to four times higher than non-smokers. They suffer from far more health problems of all descriptions, such as all types of cancer. They also do not heal as well after surgery.

Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide that displaces oxygen in the skin. It contains nicotine that reduces blood flow. It also depletes the nutrients consumed, such as vitamin C, which protects against tissue damage. Smoking can even increase the risk of cataracts in the eyes because it puts oxidative stress on the lens. If you smoke, you already know you need to give up – and knowing more about its impact on your body and how it reduces your life expectancy may give you the motivation you need to give up.

19. Wear sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses is pretty much like using anti-wrinkle cream. They not only protect your eyes from the glare of the sun but they prevent you from squinting. If you’re always squinting when you’re outdoors, you can develop crow’s feet and wrinkles. An inexpensive pair of sunglasses from the drugstore may look cool but will not necessarily offer the type of protection your eyes need.

The type of sunglasses you wear is essential. They need to have UVA/UVB protection. UVA rays cause signs of aging and UVB rays are known to cause cancer. Polarized lenses eliminate the brightness of the light coming off reflective surfaces like water, sand, and snow. Metal frames can reflect sunlight causing the tops of your cheeks to burn. Look for sunglasses that thoroughly cover your eyes. Wrap round ones will block out glare from the side as well as the front.

Our eyes are sensitive, and prolonged exposure to the sun can cause all kinds of problems. With age, people can develop macular degeneration. Using sunglasses protects the photo-receptors from UV damage and can help to prevent loss of vision. Protecting your eyes can also slow down the development of cataracts. It can also prevent skin cancer of the eyelids and avoid the formation of tissue growth over the white part of the eye surface, altering the curve of the eyeball and causing astigmatism (Pterygium).

Bright sunlight can also trigger bad headaches or migraines. Wearing sunglasses when you’re outdoors will reduce eye strain and make you more comfortable. They are a great fashion accessory but more importantly, your eyes will be protected and less subject to all the eye problems that come with aging.

20. Drink red wine

Resveratrol is a substance found in the skin of grapes. In studies done with mice, those whose diets were supplemented with resveratrol lived longer on average than the control group. The resveratrol reduced liver problems and diabetes in the mice, and lead to a decline in deaths related to obesity. The catch is that you would have to drink about 180 bottles of red wine a day to achieve these results.

Researchers are now working on developing a resveratrol pill containing an optimal amount but until it appears on the market, enjoying red wine has some other health benefits. According to a study at Johns Hopkins University, red wine may help to diminish the brain damage caused by stroke. Other research has shown that the procyanidins found in red wine could help with clogged arteries. This helps to lower bad cholesterol and reduce heart disease.

The antioxidants, including the resveratrol, in the red wine help to deal with the free radicals that play a significant role in aging and age-related health problems. It’s recommended that women drink one glass of red wine a day and men drink two. Any more than this recommended amount can have the opposite effect on health and appearance.

Drinking red wine on a daily basis may have such positive benefits as giving your skin a healthy glow and lowering your risk of cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. It may seem counter-intuitive but drinking that glass of red wine daily increases rather than decreases your brainpower as you get older. If you don’t want to drink red wine, other foods containing polyphenols and antioxidants will have the same effect. Blueberries, pomegranates or dark chocolate will do the trick.