15 Simple Tips to Stay Slim, Good Looking and Healthy

By Elizabeth Lilian
15 Simple Tips to Stay Slim, Good Looking and Healthy

In today’s modern world there is a large emphasis on looks and appearance, but staying healthy and happy are more important for your mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

While everyone is different, there are many things you can do to ensure you are feeling and looking your best. These include improving your lifestyle and cutting out any unhealthy habits, keeping active and not over-indulging on rich foods.

You only have one life so live it well and balanced and don’t spend all your time worrying about how other people look better, are prettier or fitter or taller or funnier than you.  This is your life and you are the captain of your own ship. Your body is your vessel. Remember what you put into it and how you treat it will determine how your outward physical appearance is.  There is no perfect body so stop chasing that. Just be the best you that you can and be kind to yourself.

Here are 15 simple tips to stay slim, hot and healthy.

1. Stop eating when your belly is 80% full

From time to time, everyone eats until they’re fit to burst. With such a wide array of different foods and cuisines to enjoy, is it any wonder we’re absolutely stuffing ourselves? While it can be an enjoyable way to live, over-indulging in food is a major cause of weight gain and a fast track to becoming unhealthy. Overeating can be triggered by things like stress, emotions or just pure boredom, but often it can result in a stomach ache and feelings of guilt or shame.

Overeating can also be a result of mindlessness. It’s easy to sit down in front of the TV with a bag of chips, and a view to only eating a small portion of them. But how often do you find that you’ve somehow eaten the whole bag without even realizing it? In order to combat compulsive overeating, there are some habits you can adopt.

Following a Japanese rule called “Hara Hachi Bu”, also known as eating until you’re 80% full, is one very effective way to stop overeating. While there’s no way to know exactly when you’re 80% full, it’s a good guideline to go by. Aim to eat slower as well, because the brain won’t immediately register when your stomach is full. So eating slowly lets your brain catch up to your tummy, allowing you to realize when you’re reaching that 80% mark.

Once you start to feel that fullness in your stomach, stop eating. This ensures you are eating the right amount of calories to fuel your body without the risk of overeating. You’ll find that when you reach that 80% fullness, you’re satisfied anyway. Also, don’t allow yourself to get too hungry. By eating something healthy and nutritious every three to four hours, you minimize the risk of growing too hungry and eating more than you require.