15 Simple Tips to Stay Slim, Good Looking and Healthy

14. Detox those emotions Earlier we chatted about detoxing your body through various liquids.  We have also looked at cutting out smoking and drinking and upping… Elizabeth Lilian - March 19, 2017

14. Detox those emotions

Earlier we chatted about detoxing your body through various liquids.  We have also looked at cutting out smoking and drinking and upping the exercise.  But there is more we need to do.  We are very quick to look at the outsides of our bodies and judge our appearances. But we seldom look internally at our emotions and those of the people in our space.

Are you happy, sad, angry, resentful, agitated, irritated or stressed?  All these emotions have a direct effect on how we look and feel.  Believe me, an angry person is so not sexy or even healthy looking.

Who do we have in our lives sharing our space? Is it a happy and warm environment or do we walk around on eggshells not wanting to disturb the other person’s emotions?  This is not a healthy way to live and soon the telltale signs start showing; our skin looks pale and blotchy; we start eating to comfort ourselves, our stomach aches, we start consuming more alcohol or if don’t drink alcohol you could be drinking way to many sugary drinks, which give you a temporary good feeling or even start taking drugs or anti-anxiety medication to help us feel better.

When we feel emotionally insecure or emotionally threated it takes its toll on our bodies and we look older than we actually are.  Deal with those emotions and find your peaceful balance; whether it’s through exercise, therapy, laughter or play its time for them to give way to a happy and healthier you. As we detox our bodies so too do we need to detox our minds.  Healthy mind, healthy body.

15.  Having great sex!

We have looked at changing your diet, detoxing, rehydrating, being kind, laughing, playing and then getting rid of  toxic emotions we are now ready for the final part of the journey to being hot, healthy and happy.

It’s about getting sexual and having sex.  When we feel good about ourselves and are looking after ourselves physically the happy hormones in our brains are constantly being released. When we are happy we are more likely to flirt, when we flirt more we start getting more sexual in our auras which permeates into the atmosphere and our pheromones will attract another.

This all leads to sex and great sex is the best thing in the world.  It feels so good and we are so energized by it, but here are some of the great physical benefits of sex:

  • It burns calories and a lot of them. So the more sex you have the more calories your burn.
  • It improves our heart rate and our blood pressure – we can only benefit from this.
  • Sex is exercise and much more fun and pleasurable than running on a treadmill
  • Great stress and pain reliever – we just let go and give way to our bodies own movement and when we relax we de-stress. When we are distressed our pain eases.
  • Sex improves our sleep – well after all that great fun and activity you can only sleep better.

When we are in a happy mood we walk lighter and smile more. When we have had sex we glow with radiance and mischievousness with a youthful glow and a sparkle in your eyes…….in fact, you may even skip which can only benefit your fitness and health.