20 All Natural Ways to Stay Young Forever

2. Keep fit by running a marathon

One of the reasons why your body may be aging very fast is lack of fitness. Many individuals find it tough to start taking exercises because of lack of will-power. The best way to overcome this is to focus on a single event such as a marathon. There are several marathons that take place. The training involves consistency and progression. Consistency because there is no other way to run a marathon other than, to run. Progression because you have to start slow, break yourself into the routine. Slowly you increase the speed and mileage. This will keep your body fit and look young.

Running a marathon is great, but you will need to have other distractions to keep you focused and interested. You can take up a game such as squash or swimming to break the monotony of running. Games are an effective way to keep fit and they provide a social outlet. This will assist you to gain a youthful appearance.

For instance, a game of squash will give you an opportunity to make friends and have a great time. It is a social outlet that might help to keep you consistent and moving on days when self-esteem is low. Rather than going home and watch TV or slip into a bar after work. A happy individual will help your body be healthy while doing the exercises.

There are other aspects that you may need to improve your fitness levels. This cannot be achieved by running alone. Running, for example, is good for cardiovascular conditioning and weight management. However, they do little to build strength and absolutely nothing to encourage flexibility. You need the combination of all these for you to look young. Therefore, you will need a strength program to supplement with the running.