10 Signs of Skin Aging and Ways to Reverse Them

By Simi
10 Signs of Skin Aging and Ways to Reverse Them

Science and medicine have experienced unbelievable advancement in recent years. Breakthroughs have been made in every single field. There is one thing that is still an unsolvable conundrum to scientists all around the world. That thing is none other than skin aging.

No matter what, time will leave its mark on the skin. You can influence how big of a mark will it leaves. It all comes down to influencing the process both internally and externally. These are the ten most prominent signs of skin aging and ways to get glowing skin.

1. Crow’s feet

These eye-wrinkles are also known as “laugh lines” or “character lines”. Laugh lines stem from the speculation that laughing too much causes them. Since an instinctive reaction to something positive is to twitch our cheek muscles, some say it may be possible. However, this theory is unfounded and has no medical explanation whatsoever.

Crow’s feet are the first dermal signs of aging. Blinking, twitching and similar actions make this the most used muscle group in the entire facial region. Therefore, small wrinkles appear within the upper layer of the skin. In most cases, they can be seen in milder forms even in the early 20s. With age and additional strain, they can get bigger.

Certainly, their extent depends on a multitude of factors.

  • Genetics, dieting and a presence/absence of substance abuse all play a role in their reduction or expansion.
  • Certain studies also reveal that prolonged sun exposure plays a crucial role in establishing their existence early on.
  • Strangely, frowning may also affect the development of crow’s eyes. Its simple muscle mechanics and years of frowning take their toll on the skin.

A prominent treatment for crow’s feet is vitamin E oil. It’s widely available in most pharmacies, without the need for a prescription. By rubbing the gel all over around the eyes, you ensure the epidermis absorbs the healing liquid. The oil will work diligently to improve the elastics of your skin tissue. Such an improvement directly affects the performance of your facial muscles along the years.

Another option is aloe vera. The gel from this incredibly beneficial cactus also has healing and beneficial effects on the skin. The minerals that it contains play a vital role in reversing the decay of the skin.