Understanding a Hangover and the Natural Remedies That Can Help 

By Trista
Understanding a Hangover and the Natural Remedies That Can Help 

We have all done it; that is, thought to ourselves: Had I been a bit more careful about those drinks last night, this wouldn’t have happened to me. After all, you said the same thing the previous time you had too much alcohol. And the last thing that you think you would ever experience is waking up with a hangover, yet again. Well, probably the day before, you’ve had your share of fun and enjoyment. You’ve had your share of mouthwatering foods and drinks. You’ve also enjoyed wholeheartedly with your family and close peps, and had a fantastic time sipping your glass of alcohol.

Fast forward to the next morning! You wake up with disappearing bliss and fun of the previous night. The morning sun penetrates your mind, leaving you with a brain-splitting regret, and all that you think of is, ‘if I was a bit more careful about drinking last night, this wouldn’t have happened.’ Here is what you should do when you feel this way — and what is happening to your body. 

Hangovers are the worst thing to wake up to the next morning. Shutterstock.

The Science Behind a Hangover

You wake up with a hangover – the medical condition that comes due from last night’s bill, leaving you buried with discomforting pain. But that’s not enough. Light sensitivity, headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea – all get combined to make you feel all the more lifeless! But what has made you suffer from the intolerance of waking up with a hangover the day after? Is it because of dehydration? What about mixing your alcohol? Or is the illness entirely because your level of alcohol consumption had been a bit too high? It is time to learn the truth about hangovers and how to cure them. 

Hangover, or medically speaking, veisalgia, is a condition, which is set in some hours after you stop drinking. That is because the BAC or blood alcohol level falls. It peaks when the BAC level reaches zero. It’s something like a mini withdrawal, according to what researchers indicate. The symptoms of a hangover can last the full next day, and these are similar to the symptoms that most of the alcoholics often experience when they stop consuming alcohol.