Understanding a Hangover and the Natural Remedies That Can Help 

Dark liquors are the biggest culprit in causing hangovers. Shutterstock.

Drinking Dark Liquors or Mixing Alcohols

So, last night’s booze might trouble you more with the throes of the hangover, if it’s darker liquor. Say, for example, if you had whiskey or bourbon, things become clearer why you’ve suffered from a nightmarish hangover. The fact is, darker liquor comes with a chemical byproduct called congeners. These are the byproducts of the process of alcohol fermentation and are found more in whiskey, bourbon, red wine, brandy, and darker beers.

If you consume one of these liquors, you might get the worst hangover the next morning. They’ve got a taste to enhance the flavor of alcohol, but these are toxins that cause a hangover. However, slugging the vodka sodas or mixing your drinks can never be your remedy. You might experience a hangover from neat alcohol too! Consuming too much of something alcoholic would leave you with a hangover the following day.