15 Best Ways To Get A Flat Stomach That You Can Start Right now

13. Whole food Today we are all about fast food, get it quickly and eat it quickly. Open a can or defrost a pre-made meal in… Simi - December 15, 2017

13. Whole food

Today we are all about fast food, get it quickly and eat it quickly. Open a can or defrost a pre-made meal in the microwave. We are known as the PING generation as we microwave or defrost our meals. If we go back a few generations you will note that people ate what they grew or picked off trees or hunted or fished for. There we not preservatives, colorants, of added flavorings in our foods.

Today we want it all quickly and don’t really think about the impact it will have on our bodies. Foods today are packed with sugar as it’s the best preserve there is.  But remember we have not cut sugar out of our diets, reduced our carbs, increased our protein intake, are exercising and drinking lots of water. So let’s go back to whole foods to help us lose that weight.

What exactly are whole foods? Simply put they are foods that are free of preservatives of any kind and have not gone through any processing procedures. Things like fresh fruit and vegetables that are organically grown.

Meat that is free range and has no additives in the feeds of the animals – they free roam and graze. Fresh fish – not farmed fish as they are feed food that has additives in them.  The main reason why whole foods are so important to our bodies is that it’s just good for you.  When it’s a whole food it is free of sugar that is used in processed foods to preserve it and is also free of additives, colorants, MSG, and artificial ingredients.

14. Eat slowly

We spend all our time rushing around and chasing the clock. We are on deadlines and have to get so much done in a single day. Often we rush out and just grab something to quickly eat as we don’t have time to prepare a good healthy meal. This can cause serious problems to your body.

Well, this has got to stop. You need your body and if you don’t look after it properly you are going to cause it to seize up and then you are in trouble. Make time for your meals. Get organized so that you can sit and have breakfast. Take time out in the day to sit and have lunch and dinner.

You can even prep your lunch and dinner meals beforehand. Do not just grab something and eat it. It’s probably loaded with sugar and we know this is not going to help you lose weight.

If you eat regular balanced meals within your daily calorie limit you will soon see that you start losing weight. If you add some exercise to this you are doing well.  If you just slow down your eating process you will not only enjoy the food more.

It can lead to weight loss as you are taking time to eat slowly, reducing the intake of air into your system that causes gas and bloating, but it will help you reduce your weight as the slower you eat the fuller you feel. It will give you time to sit with family and friends and just enjoy your meal and their company. This all promotes a healthy and improved life.

15. Gearing down on stress

Stress is one of the unhealthiest things in modern life. When we stress we don’t eat properly or we tend to comfort eat as our bodies crave something sweet or fatty to give us the momentary feeling of wellbeing and fullness.

Stress can cause some serious health conditions to your body. These include developing insomnia and high blood pressure. When stressed you fail to sleep properly. This will lead you to have less time to relax your muscles. Sleeping is the best way to help your body heal. This is the time when the muscles are relaxed and the body has enough time to work on healing any health problems you might be facing. Don’t be fooled stress is unhealthy and can add weight to your body.  We need to take time out on a regular basis to balance out our lives.

We can’t work 24/7 at a high pace as its going to be so detrimental to our bodies and minds in time. Try reducing your stress. When we are not stressed we laugh more and spend more time with friends and family. We have time to prepare great healthy meals and we want to spend time outdoors just playing with friends or taking a walk with a loved one.

When we are not stressed we eat better as we think more about what we are putting into our mouths. We will take more breaks – all of these are good for our health. Create a space in your day to just BE STILL, whether it meditation or just emptying your mind as you stare at the sky.