15 Best Ways To Get A Flat Stomach That You Can Start Right now

9. Stand up We spend a lot of time sitting down. Whether its whilst we are commuting to and from work, watching TV or sitting at… Simi - December 15, 2017

9. Stand up

We spend a lot of time sitting down. Whether its whilst we are commuting to and from work, watching TV or sitting at our desks either at work or at home. When we sit down our bodies are not working all the areas and this lack of movement is not good for us.

It’s not just that it’s bad for our back, but it’s terrible for our body functions in general. When we sit we are not able to digest properly. Everything we eat will turn to fat as we are not exercising. This could cause serious problems to your body.

It’s a simple way to help the weight loss programme. Instead of sitting down, rather stand. You can stand on the bus or train. Try standing at work and working instead of sitting down. In fact, if you can’t really stand at work whilst working. Then make a concerted effort to get up and move around every 30 minutes. This will keep your muscles active and just make you feel better in general.

If you are sitting down then you can exercise as well. Pull in your stomach muscles and hold for the count of 10 and release. If you did 50 of those every day you will be going a long way in strengthening both your stomach and back muscles. Stand or sit up straight. This way you are using your core muscles to keep you upright. It’s a great way to exercise and it will do wonders for your posture. If you stand up straight you already look taller and thinner.

10. A spoon full of Apple cider for anyone?

I can actually hear you cringing as you read the words apple cider. Your nose wrinkled up and your stomach pulled in. Well firstly this is great and you dust exercised both your face and stomach muscles.

But let’s get back to reducing that belly fat. Apple cider has more health benefits than you can even imagine. Apple cider is primarily made up of acetic acid and this compound helps our body reduce the fat accumulation in our bodies.  It’s so simple. Take a tablespoon a day and see how things improve for you in as little as two weeks.

So what does apple cider do you for you? It regulates your blood sugar, helps with weight loss, lowers cholesterol, improves your skin, reduces blood pressure, relieves acid reflux, helps boost your gut health and even soothes sunburn. If the thought of putting this “sour” liquid in your mouth makes you squirm, then just add it to a bit of water and swallow it. An average of 3 tablespoons a day in a bit of water will seriously improve many aspects of your health and will assist you in burning off that unwanted fat.

Apple cider is made from crushing apples and getting all the liquid. Then they add in healthy bacteria and east and allow it to ferment. But you don’t have to make your own. Just pop into the store and buy a bottle. Remember the old saying of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, well 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day will not only keep the doctor away but will assist your body in burning off that unwanted and unhealthy fat.

11. Walk and talk

We have looked at exercise in the above paragraphs.  If you not into going to the gym, swimming or doing some resistance training. Well, you can simply just walk every day. Our bodies are perfectly designed for walking. In fact, it was the original and only form of transport thousands of years ago.

When we walk our heart rate increases, which increases our blood flow. When our heart rates are up and blood is flowing, we are moving and exercising all our muscles and feel better. You can even add in resistance into your walking routine. You can carry a water bottle filled with water in each hand and as you move your arms you are doing resistance training.

Now I’m not saying go out and walk a marathon on day one. Start by just walking to the top of your street and back. Then gradually increase the distance daily. Try avoiding using your car to go to the store. Rather walk and when you carry home the parcels you are also now adding resistance training into your routine.

If you have to use your car then park as far away from the mall entrance as possible and walk there and back. Great exercise and again you are adding resistance to your exercise.  Walk with a friend and just chat or even listen to some music. Your mind will be focussed on what you are listening too or what you are about to say. This way you get to share with a friend or listen to great music which is not only good for your body but your soul as well.

12. Water it down

We as people love carbonated drinks, sugary drinks, and alcohol. But none of them are going to help you lose weight. They are all high in sugar and remember we are cutting out sugars completely. Not only will they help you gain weight, but they have no caloric value what so ever. There is the marvelous miracle drink you can have – it’s called water.  Water keeps us all alive, and the earth and all people would die without it.

Water is used in our bodies in all our cells, organs and tissues and regulates our body temperature and assists in all our other bodily functions (urinating and excrement). Because our bodies lose water during the day through breathing, sweating and our digestion – not to mention when we go to the loo it is so important to replenish this liquid and NO a carbonated sugary drink is not going to do the trick.

Lack of water will cause your body to be hydrated. This can cause serious problems such as constipation. You will need water because it doesn’t contain any calories, therefore, it will enable you to lose weight. In that way, you will avoid other diseases such as high blood pressure and obesity.

When we drink water we increase our energy levels, help to promote weight loss, allow our bodies to flush out the toxins in it, improve our skin condition, helps our bowels to be regular, boosts our immune system and prevents cramps. There are many more health benefits of drinking water, these are just some.  So if you reducing your calories and feel a bit peckish rather have a glass of water than a carbonated drink.

13. Whole food

Today we are all about fast food, get it quickly and eat it quickly. Open a can or defrost a pre-made meal in the microwave. We are known as the PING generation as we microwave or defrost our meals. If we go back a few generations you will note that people ate what they grew or picked off trees or hunted or fished for. There we not preservatives, colorants, of added flavorings in our foods.

Today we want it all quickly and don’t really think about the impact it will have on our bodies. Foods today are packed with sugar as it’s the best preserve there is.  But remember we have not cut sugar out of our diets, reduced our carbs, increased our protein intake, are exercising and drinking lots of water. So let’s go back to whole foods to help us lose that weight.

What exactly are whole foods? Simply put they are foods that are free of preservatives of any kind and have not gone through any processing procedures. Things like fresh fruit and vegetables that are organically grown.

Meat that is free range and has no additives in the feeds of the animals – they free roam and graze. Fresh fish – not farmed fish as they are feed food that has additives in them.  The main reason why whole foods are so important to our bodies is that it’s just good for you.  When it’s a whole food it is free of sugar that is used in processed foods to preserve it and is also free of additives, colorants, MSG, and artificial ingredients.

14. Eat slowly

We spend all our time rushing around and chasing the clock. We are on deadlines and have to get so much done in a single day. Often we rush out and just grab something to quickly eat as we don’t have time to prepare a good healthy meal. This can cause serious problems to your body.

Well, this has got to stop. You need your body and if you don’t look after it properly you are going to cause it to seize up and then you are in trouble. Make time for your meals. Get organized so that you can sit and have breakfast. Take time out in the day to sit and have lunch and dinner.

You can even prep your lunch and dinner meals beforehand. Do not just grab something and eat it. It’s probably loaded with sugar and we know this is not going to help you lose weight.

If you eat regular balanced meals within your daily calorie limit you will soon see that you start losing weight. If you add some exercise to this you are doing well.  If you just slow down your eating process you will not only enjoy the food more.

It can lead to weight loss as you are taking time to eat slowly, reducing the intake of air into your system that causes gas and bloating, but it will help you reduce your weight as the slower you eat the fuller you feel. It will give you time to sit with family and friends and just enjoy your meal and their company. This all promotes a healthy and improved life.

15. Gearing down on stress

Stress is one of the unhealthiest things in modern life. When we stress we don’t eat properly or we tend to comfort eat as our bodies crave something sweet or fatty to give us the momentary feeling of wellbeing and fullness.

Stress can cause some serious health conditions to your body. These include developing insomnia and high blood pressure. When stressed you fail to sleep properly. This will lead you to have less time to relax your muscles. Sleeping is the best way to help your body heal. This is the time when the muscles are relaxed and the body has enough time to work on healing any health problems you might be facing. Don’t be fooled stress is unhealthy and can add weight to your body.  We need to take time out on a regular basis to balance out our lives.

We can’t work 24/7 at a high pace as its going to be so detrimental to our bodies and minds in time. Try reducing your stress. When we are not stressed we laugh more and spend more time with friends and family. We have time to prepare great healthy meals and we want to spend time outdoors just playing with friends or taking a walk with a loved one.

When we are not stressed we eat better as we think more about what we are putting into our mouths. We will take more breaks – all of these are good for our health. Create a space in your day to just BE STILL, whether it meditation or just emptying your mind as you stare at the sky.