Watch Out for These 15 Sneaky Factors That Will Age You Prematurely


We all know that exercise is good for us, but it’s so hard to find time in our busy lives to fit in all physical activity we should be doing. If you struggle with this, just try to achieve some small, short-term gains. Use a smartwatch or GPS tracker to work out your average daily step-count over a week or so. Then try adding an extra 500 steps each day or week – remember to make the goals achievable.

Small changes in your daily routine will make all the difference: Take the stairs instead of the lift, park your car further away from the entrance, don’t email your colleague if you can walk over to them and discuss it face to face, use your breaks to move around the office or take a brisk walk – that sort of thing. After you’ve met your initial goals for a reasonable period of time, add another 500 steps.

Once you begin to run out of ways to add more steps, try speeding things up. Walk faster, add a little vim and vigor to every physical activity you do. Consciously work at getting that heart rate up, holding your core and stomach in, tightening your butt, and increasing your stride. That way you gain some extra health points without taking extra time out of your day for exercise.

We tend to overestimate the impact that exercise will have on our lives. It is only recently that we have learned that while exercise can get you fit, it won’t help you lose much weight. So, watch out for those treats to reward yourself after gym. Don’t believe yourself when you tell yourself you’ve earned that slice of cake. You have probably burnt off a forkful at best. If you need help and advice, ask for it (and take it when given). Enjoy! Oh, and have more sex – it can make you look 10 years younger!