15 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Prevent Most Types of Cancer

2. Drop The Bottle

Do you ever wonder where all the last night’s poison goes when you’re hungover? Sure, it was in your body for a while and then it went out through your bladder, but how? What happened to the actual ethanol? Did your blood just absorb and digest it? No, all of it actually went through one single organ – your liver. The liver is, as its name suggests, what allows you to survive all the popular junky substances. Alcoholics tend to neglect and abuse its function, which eventually sends them to a hospital. More often than not, long-term alcoholics don’t get to re-visit the ER.

What happens is their liver simply gives up on filtering all the horrible poisons, because it is wounded and exhausted. Once a human being reaches this stage of constant intoxication, health becomes a distant thought. A damaged liver is very difficult to repair, and after it, all the other organs as well. With a malfunctioning poison filter, all your organs begin taking much more damage than usual, which weakens them. Cancer is then likely to kick in, for a undefended body is much more prone to cell overgrowth.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that alcohol dumb down your muscles and organs. When you’re intoxicated, your blood is slower than usual, due to the present toxin. Again, this creates a similar effect to that of smoking, and the organs experience malnourished. This means that most of your cells are then undefended, which is exactly when cancerous mutations happen. And yeah, in case you were wondering, those that combine smoking and drinking bear the greatest cancer risk.