30 Best Foods to Help Unclog Arteries (and What to Avoid)

30 Best Foods To Help Unclog Arteries - And What To Avoid
Foods that help the heart provide a range of benefits for the whole body. Shutterstock.

2. Pomegranates

The deep red color of this fruit is a sign that it is packed with anti-oxidants, like berries.  Pomegranate seeds contain polyphenols (anti-oxidants) which have many health benefits, and the seeds themselves are a valuable source of nutrients and fiber. A single pomegranate can supply 40% of your daily Vitamin C requirement alone. Just be careful if you are on blood pressure or cholesterol medications, as they may react badly to the fruit. Initial studies point to pomegranates having blood thinning properties, as well as working against clogging or stiffening of the arteries. 

The wide range of antioxidants also helps to clean the blood.  The fruit is also considered beneficial for lowering blood pressure, fighting prostate cancer, anti-inflammatory properties (it is particularly useful for the digestive system) among many other benefits.  Again, foods that help the heart provide a range of benefits for the whole body. As the fruit is only available seasonally, most likely much of your intake of pomegranates is going to be in juice form or as a supplement capsule.  Fortunately, the juice itself contain more anti-oxidants than most fruit juices. Remember that fruit juices have already lost their healthy fiber and may have lost much of their nutritional benefits if they have been processed or pasteurized.   

What you thought was a healthy option may turn out to be little more than sugar-water (fructose). Choose fresh fruit itself when you can or make sure you drink fresh fruit juice. Unfortunately, the cheaper brands may simply lack the health benefits you seek when you buy fruit juice. While it might look daunting, removing the “meat” from a pomegranate is easier than it might appear – rolling it before cutting it can help to loosen the seeds and submerging the cut fruit in water will help to soften the pith, allowing you to easily whack the seeds out.