Plant-Based Immune Boosting Recipes 

Ginger is One of the Best Foods For Your Plant-Based Diet There are many great foods that you can eat on this diet, but one of… Trista - September 11, 2020
You can buy ginger from various stores or Farmer’s Markets and ground it up for your meals. Image via Shutterstock

Ginger is One of the Best Foods For Your Plant-Based Diet

There are many great foods that you can eat on this diet, but one of the best that you want to ensure you add daily is ginger. You might have grown up sipping on a ginger ale when you were sick and still focus on this product to help make you feel better because it’s known to work. While this is the right choice, if you’re ill and needing a bit of soda, you want to think outside of this box for the plant-based diet. 

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You want to look at the whole food source of ginger and add it to your various meals. For example, you can add a little ginger to your tea, soups, or casseroles. You can also look at any recipes that focus on the food to help you get a healthy start at adding ginger to your diet. 

Garlic will help keep the vampires away, but it will also help boost your immune system while eating a plant-based diet. Image via Freepik

Try More Garlic

For some people, garlic is best known to help keep the vampires away. Others will eat it, so they don’t have to kiss someone at the end of a bad date. It also has another great benefit, helping to decrease inflammation in your body and make your plant-based meals taste even better. 

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For centuries, people have turned to this ingredient to help them fight off colds, and while it’s known as an old’s wives tale – science proves that it’s true. You don’t have to add a lot of it to your meals, especially if you also add other ingredients like beets or turmeric. But by ensuring that your food has garlic, you’re adding the particular compound of alliin, which helps boost your immunity. 

If you like beets and turmeric, you want to try making a salad with the two ingredients. Image via Shutterstock

Don’t Forget About Beets and Turmeric

Two more ingredients that you want to make sure you add to your meal plan are beets and turmeric. One of the best foods to improve the health of your gut is beets. Not only are they known to improve an athlete’s performance, but they can also boost your brain health, freshen your breath, regulate your blood pressure, help you fight off certain cancers, and keep your digestive system running smoothly. 

Turmeric. Image via Shutterstock

Turmeric is another spice that can easily be added to most of your favorite meals to help you fight off infection in your body and boost your immune system. It has a compound called curcumin, which tends to activate T cells and other pathogen-fighting cells in the body. In response, your body can get your feeling better quicker. 

There are a variety of mushrooms that you can add to your meals to boost your immune system and make your food taste better. Image via Shutterstock

Add Mushrooms

Mushrooms are known as a superstar when it comes to improving your gut health. Not only do activate the famous T cells that help fight off infections, but they’re also high in vitamin D. Plus, there are many types of mushrooms that you can choose to add to your dishes. For instance, you can include white button mushrooms into your salad or oyster mushrooms into your soup. 

Mushrooms. Image via Shutterstock

You can also grill or sear mushrooms to give them a different flavor when adding them to your cooked food. While fresh mushrooms from a Farmer’s Market is always best as they have the most potent taste, you can also freeze them and get the same benefits. The key is to cut and sear them before you freeze them, so they’re not mushy when thawed. 

Start your day off right with one healthy plant-based breakfast of oatmeal, bananas, and favorite berries. You can also add a glass of orange juice for additional vitamin C. Image via Shutterstock

Include Some Oatmeal

This article has a lot of mention about fruits and vegetables for your plant-based diet, but you can also start your day off with a tasty hot bowl of oatmeal or even add them to your meal. This ingredient is an integral part of the plant-based diet because they’re great for weight loss, cardiovascular health, cancer prevention, and digestion.

Oatmeal porridge with berries and honey. Image via Shutterstock

They are full of fiber, which is excellent for your immune system, but they also have zinc, which helps you fight off infections faster. They’re known as natural killer cells because they help build up the T cells that you need to beat the illness inside your body. 


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