Immune-Boosting Foods That Will Help People From Catching Bugs

By Trista
Immune-Boosting Foods That Will Help People From Catching Bugs

With the current crisis, people are more cautious about heading toward cold and flu seasons. Globally, we’ve been reminded that a new strain of illness can pop up and turn the world upside down. Now, we’re already thinking ahead and what we’re going to do stay immune in a few months when the cold and flu season starts up again. 

However, you shouldn’t be looking several months away and wondering what you need to do. It’s time to look at what you can do now to start preparing yourself. The key to fighting illnesses like the cold and flu is boosting your immune system. Fortunately, you can do this by simply eating certain foods throughout the day. How cool is that? Need to know what foods to put on your plate so you can stay healthy – check out the list below. 

Blueberries aren’t generally thought of as winter food, but they’re great for building your immunity. Shutterstock.


The biggest reason blueberries boost your immunity is because they’re filled with a compound called pterostilbene. This increases your body’s ability to fight bacterial infections. It doesn’t matter how you consume the blueberries, but it’s always best to ensure they don’t have high levels of pesticides, as this can decrease its effectiveness on your system. 

You can add fresh blueberries to your salad or yogurt. They also make a great snack by themselves. You want to keep your blueberries as healthy as possible to boost your immunity, but you can also make them into a blueberry pie for an extra special treat.