Learn the Reality of Adding Immune-Boosting Foods to a Diet

You need a well-balanced diet of all food groups. Shutterstock

Fact: Eating A Varied, Healthy Diet Is Your Best Defense

Instead of jumping onto the latest health-food fad, focus on eating a varied diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Yes, use the turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon to season your food. Yes, cook your food in whatever oil you think is the healthiest. But don’t believe that one or two foods, in particular, is a magical cure-all.

Aim to eat a colorful plate full of different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Get plenty of protein, because protein is necessary for just about every cellular function (but not too much protein). If there is a specific nutrient that you know you are deficient in, for example, if you do not spend enough time outside to get adequate vitamin D, consider a supplement. However, the supplement is just that, a supplement, not the main thing.