Weight Loss

Try these Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips 

Consume More Fiber in Your Diet One way to help yourself get rid of a few pounds is to increase the fiber amount in your diet.… Trista - October 15, 2020
Along with adding more high fiber foods to your diet, you can also look into fiber supplements, and even fiber one bars as a snack. Shutterstock.

Consume More Fiber in Your Diet

One way to help yourself get rid of a few pounds is to increase the fiber amount in your diet. You want to eat foods high in this category, which means that processed foods and sugary beverages shouldn’t be a big part of your diet as they are low in fiber content. Foods that are high in this nutrient include beans, whole grains, and vegetables.

When you have the right amount of fiber in your diet, your cravings for high carbohydrate foods decrease. Studies have also shown that fiber helps decrease the Body Mass Index for individuals. Of course, it can be hard to eat a high amount of fiber daily, so you should also look into the best fiber supplements. 

You don’t need to turn to eat only rice cakes, fruits, and vegetables to help you lose weight. Shutterstock.

Look At A Low Carbohydrate Diet

It’s hard to know what diet is the best for you because there are so many. You might look into the Keto diet, but then there is the paleo diet. There are several other diets, some that focus on higher carbs than others. Even though scientific research is new, many professionals believe that you should turn to a low calorie and high healthy fats diet to help you shed the most pounds. 

Many studies that focus on these types of diets prove that you lose weight about two to three times faster than high carb diets. They also show that you will lose more weight and improve your health at the same time because foods that are high in healthy fats will also boost your immune system and overall health. 

Stock healthy foods in your home and make a meal plan, so you know that you have the best foods for you waiting at home and don’t struggle to eat the wrong foods as often. Shutterstock.

Keep The Unhealthy Foods Out of Your House

If you struggle to lose weight because you love junk and processed food, you want to switch up your shopping list and do your best to keep those foods out of your home. While you don’t need to ignore them completely, you do want to limit them as much as possible. For example, if you’re used to snacking on chips, skip that aisle and turn to apples and peanut butter or other healthy snacks instead. 

You can make hardboiled eggs, mix berries with your yogurt, and have other fruits and vegetables in your reach. If you find that you don’t like the unprocessed foods that you’re eating, try spicing them up with your favorite herbs and spices. Another step to take is to make a meal plan every week and even prepare your meals, so you know that you have healthy food waiting for you at home and are less likely to stop at a restaurant. 

Using smaller plates will help you cut down on your portion sizes because your eyes and mind will feel that you have more food than you do on your plate. Shutterstock.

Buy Smaller Plates

Take a look at how big your dishes are in your home. You might notice that you have different sizes and realize that some of the biggest plates you own are those you fill up with food during your meals. Think of it this way – when you see a plate full of food, you sit down and start eating. When you see that half or less than half of your plate has food, you’re more likely to add more ingredients because you believe you need a full plate to ensure you have a full stomach. 

In a sense, a smaller plate will give you smaller portions and trick you into believing that you’re eating the same amount of food that is on the larger plates. This tip will help you shed a few pounds during your weight loss adventure. 

Spicy foods can help you shed a few pounds for several reasons. Shutterstock.

Try Spicy Foods

If you’re able to digest spicy foods without too much heartburn or other issues, you want to look into them to help you lose weight. One reason for this is because spices like chili peppers help you boost your metabolism, which can reduce your appetite. 

The trick is to keep your spice foods to a minimum, so you don’t cause other health issues. You want to know what your limit is and make sure you follow it. Another reason is that some people eat smaller portions when they have spicy foods because they have a lower tolerance. 


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