Try these Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips 

Going out for lunch with your coworkers or meeting friends can help you consume a bigger lunch to focus on a smaller dinner to help you lose weight. Shutterstock.

Make Lunch Your Main Meal

Take a moment to think about how much food you consume in every meal. For instance, do you ensure that you have a healthy but large breakfast to help start your day and then a smaller lunch? This notion leaves you with hunger pains for dinner time, so you tend to consume a more substantial meal again, telling yourself that it’s okay because you barely ate anything for your mid-day meal. 

In reality, eating more substantial portions of food at the end of your day can cause you to lose weight at a slower pace. In fact, for many people, it can cause them to keep their weight on or even gain a few pounds over an extensive period. One study showed that women who didn’t make lunch their main meal lost 9 pounds while women who made lunch their main meal and then ate smaller portions throughout the day lost an average of 12 pounds.