This is Biohacking and Here’s Why We Should Use it for Our Health

By Simi
This is Biohacking and Here’s Why We Should Use it for Our Health

Biohacking is the latest craze among those people who want to get the maximum output from their bodies. It’s a holistic approach that looks at everything you allow your body to come into contact with. Having established that, you can look at what good things you allow into your body and what bad things you allow into your body. The idea is to put as much good into your body and keep as much bad out of it. This helps your body to function like a fine-tuned machine.

Think about your car. If you want it to run effectively and efficiently, you put the right grade of gas and oil in it. You make sure all the engine parts are working and replace those that are old or faulty. You ensure that your tires have enough tread and are inflated according to the vehicle’s specifications. And you also make sure it’s clean inside and outside. All these actions help you make sure your car is in good working order and will give you miles of smiles.

To preserve your body, you need to have the same approach. You should use the tools you have at your disposal to keep your body functioning well. This leads to a longer life expectancy and a better quality of life.

Wondering what you should do? Well, here are 20 biohacking ideas you can use to make minor alterations in your lifestyle that will have major benefits to your overall health and well-being. Try to think of others you can include in your lifestyle as well once you’re finished looking at these.

1. Determining which foods your body doesn’t like

Many of us have food intolerances and allergies. Sometimes, we don’t connect the dots between what we put into our bodies and how we react to it.

If you suspect you have an allergy, it’s best to see your doctor about it. You can have a blood test done to determine food allergies. You may be allergic to substances such as egg white without even knowing it. It can result in eczema. Allergies and intolerances can shed a lot of light on the ways your body is reacting to the food you eat.

For most food allergies, you can find substitutes in your grocery store or at a health store. Then you can incorporate these into your diet. It’s best to avoid foods you are allergic to. But remember, some allergies are more severe than others. While certain allergies will result in temporary reactions such as hives, others can be life-threatening. A peanut allergy, for example, can result in anaphylaxis. If this is not treated immediately, it can be fatal. When you avoid consuming foods you’re allergic to, it gives your immune system the capacity to fight off the ‘real’ enemies which are germs and viruses from the environment. When you keep eating these foods, your immune system is preoccupied with dealing with the body’s allergic reactions.