Foods That Could Help Fight Hair Loss 

Go Nuts We are nuts about nuts when it comes to the health of our hair. When you are deficient in certain fatty acids such as… Trista - June 23, 2020
Nuts are a great source of fatty acids, and you can snack on them throughout the day. Shutterstock.

Go Nuts

We are nuts about nuts when it comes to the health of our hair. When you are deficient in certain fatty acids such as omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids, you can start to lose hair on your head and even your eyebrows. 

Not only that, but it can also cause your hair to lighten. To prevent this, you need to consume these fats. You can use walnuts for this as it is packed with linolenic and alpha-linolenic acids that will help you keep that healthy hair. 

Certain foods like swordfish could be contributing to the poor condition of your hair. Shutterstock.

What Foods Aren’t Good For Your Hair

You now have a pervasive list of foods that will help you maintain or boost your hair health, and they’re all very delicious. But, there may be things in your diet that are preventing your hair from being its best. 

One of these things is swordfish. Swordfish is higher in its mercury content than other seafood, and high levels of mercury could be linked to hair loss. If you are experiencing hair loss, steer clear from this fish for a while, and also tuna. 

Put away the bottle for a while, and see the effect it has on your hair and your skin’s health. Shutterstock.

Alcohol Is Not Ideal For Your Skin Or Hair

Alcohol is another thing that could be preventing your hair from growing or being beautiful and healthy. This idea is because alcohol slows down the levels of zinc that you have in your body. And zinc is essential for hair health and growth. 

Another downside of drinking alcohol is that it dehydrates your body. This dehydration can lead to your hair being brittle. Taking a break from drinking could be an excellent idea for your skin and hair health in the long run. 

Sugar prevents our bodies from adequately absorbing protein, which is vital for our hair to be healthy. Shutterstock.

Sugar Isn’t Sweet For Your Hair

We all love a bit of sweetness in our lives, which usually comes in the form of sugar. As much as we love it, it could be hurting the health of our hair. It speeds up hair loss – how can sugar do this to you? 

Protein is something that our hair craves to promote its growth, and sugar stops our bodies from being able to absorb it properly. If you are struggling with hair loss, try eliminating sugar from your diet and seeing its effect. 

Replace starchy refined grains with whole wheat to give your hair the best chance of success. Shutterstock.

Get Rid of White, Starchy Grains

Another food type you should be avoided if you are looking out for your hair health is starchy refined grains. These types of foods are things like white bread, pastries, white pasta, and also cakes. These are all overly processed starches. 

They will all be converted into sugar in your body, and this can lead your hair to thin. Replace these starches with whole wheat and natural sugars to allow your body to absorb the protein that it is craving.