18 Ways Smart Meal Timings Can Improve Overall Health

17. Meal timing may help with muscle building

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, protein breakdown is at its highest rate in the morning. This is due to the interval between your last meal and the morning. This is a type of mini-fast. That’s why the first meal of the day is called breakfast.

Your first meal of the day needs to pack a protein punch to get you going. Protein is rich in amino acids which help build your muscles. Before your workout, you need to eat a high-protein meal or snack. Factor this meal into your daily calorie count.

Your body will convert that protein into muscle mass as you work out. The timing of this meal or snack is essential. You need to eat it 1-3 hours before you go to the gym. If you eat it before that, you’ll have lost much of the nutrient value of the food. If you eat it too close to the time of your workout, it can affect your performance and give you a stomach ache.

It’s also important to eat a small meal after your workout to refuel your body. It’s advised that you combine some of your daily protein allowance with some carbohydrates.