10 Foods to Balance Hormone Levels Naturally

  1. Chasteberry.

Chasteberry is also known as vitex, and it helps in the calming effect of progesterone. Chasteberry stimulates the pituitary gland, therefore regulating the balance of estrogen and progesterone. Chasteberry helps one to reduce the severity of painful cramps and premenstrual problems; it also helps in promoting a healthy womb for women who are expecting to become pregnant. 

For men, the naturally occurring androgen in the chasteberry helps in lowering the testosterone levels and protects one from having prostate cancer. Chasteberry triggers the hormones that regulate mood swings and other problems like dry skin, hair breakage and sore throat. For most people who have problems in maintaining of their body fluids due to an imbalance of hormones in the body that triggers the supply of fluids in the body, this can be very helpful.

However, medical doctors have researched and found out that it is not advisable for pregnant women to use chasteberry, because it might lead to abdominal pain and at times a pregnant woman may miscarry or give birth to prematurely. Chasteberry can also lead to one having a heavy flow in her menstrual periods, or she may miss her periods for a few consecutive months. It is advisable to take chasteberry after seeking consent from a medical doctor because its effect are strong and might not work well for those that have a weaker body system.

For women, chasteberry helps their menopausal symptoms, like not having your menses for more than twelve months. It triggers the production of estrogen, which results in helping the woman avoid having the symptoms early. This is highly recommended for women whose menopausal symptoms do not go away naturally, as the symptoms are known to disappear when taking chasteberry.

The procedure for using chasteberry is that you take the prescribed amount of powder in capsule form for a period of two to three months, or at least until the symptoms diminish and one gets back to her normal life. One should always be careful when taking it and should only take it when prescribed by her doctor and that it is safe to consume. 

The use of chasteberry was discovered during a certain medical research program, however the use of artificial made chasteberry has led to many side effects. So, people are advised to use chasteberry carefully and under the care of their physician. It is also noted that it is not advisable for parents to give it to children under the age of ten.