10 Astonishing Benefits of Green Tea That You Didn’t Know About

Prevents you from Losing Hair Prematurely For most women and man, hair is something very important. It requires a lot of work and commitment to keep… Simi - October 10, 2017

Prevents you from Losing Hair Prematurely

For most women and man, hair is something very important. It requires a lot of work and commitment to keep it shiny and glorious. Therefore, we are constantly trying to find something to make it even healthier. Instead of buying conditioners, lotions or shampoos, seek a solution in something more natural.

To achieve a healthy-looking style, go ahead and try adding more green tea to your diet. It’s a gift from nature that will rejuvenate your hair. It works for all hair types. There is no problem that this amazing tea can’t fix. Whether it’s hair loss, a greasy look, or some kind of scalp damage, green tea is the right answer. In view of the fact that it is loaded with vitamin C, it will bring relief to your scalp and will protect it from the sun.

It comes from the plant named Camellia Sinensis. Green tea has more antioxidants and minerals than any other herb because it goes through minimal processing. That leaves us with more benefits for our hair. One of them is caffeine. Its existence in this tea is a significant factor that helps with growth. Also, it can activate hair follicles. Polyphenol affects hair loss and provides potential growth by stimulating cells.

Another thing that green tea involves is panthenol. If you read labels on hair products, you will find this ingredient in almost every one of them. This powerful compound is famous for its nourishing and thickening effect. Mixed with the amino acid theanine that green tea has, the results will leave you speechless. Choose only one shampoo, consume more green tea and give your hair a little break.

Slows down the Aging Process

Unavoidable aging doesn’t have to come that fast, but it is something normal and we can’t fight it. It comes slowly and unnoticeably in many cases. It can cause a lot of changes to our body and face. Our lifestyle, nutrition, and mental health can significantly slow this process down.

Your best friend on this journey can be green tea. With steamed and prepared leaves, none of the antioxidants or minerals are damaged. What makes our skin suffer wrinkles and other signs of aging are free radicals. They can demolish it if we don’t get enough oxygen. The skin will lose its elasticity and radicals can easily damage it.

Our biggest organ is the skin and, naturally, it requires a lot of work to keep it young and healthy. Protecting it from the sun following with less stress can do miracles. Green tea comes in handy in these cases. Significant British studies have shown that consuming green tea on a daily basis can make sun blemishes disappear. In addition to that, it can prevent skin cancer and many other diseases.

Polyphenols are a special kind of antioxidant that protects our skin from free radicals. They help with skin treatment and people often take advantage of it. You can find it as an ingredient in many beauty products. This beverage can detoxify your skin and keep it hydrated. Hence, spotless skin with a feeling of refreshment will become your everyday reality. Increased longevity is the inevitable effect of green tea. Besides this, countless other benefits are attributed to green tea. Such a small effort but such an amazing result in return, don’t you think?

Lowers the Possibility of Hypertension

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a condition that many people struggle with. Next, to heart disease, hypertension is one of the biggest world issues. Too much salt in your diet can cause higher blood pressure than normal. That’s another reason why you should limit your intake of processed food and focus more on natural ones.

Stress can play a big role, too. It can be an acute cause of hypertension and can lead to a stroke or a heart attack. It is curable. Just by changing some habits, you will see great results. More activity, better nutritional choices are some ways to do it. Decreasing your alcohol intake and eating more low-sodium foods can be some other choices. Furthermore, try drinking more water. That will keep your body hydrated and healthy.

What is even more helpful on this occasion than water is green tea. One of the latest studies confirmed that consistent intake of this beverage can improve your blood pressure. The amount that we need to drink to achieve this is not specifically indicated. 3 or 4 cups a day will do their job. This will also help you to maintain relaxed blood vessels.

Indeed, this incredible tea doesn’t stop revealing its benefits. It represses angiotensin, which is a leading factor in causing high blood pressure. Something like this can be a ray of hope for people battling genetically predisposed hypertension. Who knows what other secret benefits green tea still hides?

Protects you from Cancer

Have you ever wondered why people in the Far East almost never suffer from cancer? That is an interesting fact that requires a little bit of research. When you dig deep into the subject, the discovery is surprisingly simple but makes perfect sense. They drink lots of tea! And what is the most prevalent kind of tea that is drunk in Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand? Green tea, of course! That claim was a reason for more research.

The secret to this cancer-battling power lies in the high antioxidant level within the tea. Even today, antioxidants are still pretty much an unknown area of nutrition science. Fortunately, the tides are turning. Because of this increase in research, we’ve come to see some amazing discoveries being made. All of them have led to the conclusion that green tea is perhaps the best cancer-battling beverage on the planet.

But what are those amazing findings of antioxidants? Well, for starters, we’ve got to know their true power much better than before. It turns out that they are much more powerful than regular micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Catechin, the most prevalent antioxidant is 100 times more effective than vitamin C when battling cancer. Vitamin E is also 24 times weaker than catechin.

These startling antioxidant-related discoveries are no fluke. One Argentine study has confirmed the tumor-eradicating properties of green tea. Many cancer patients have not only experienced tumors stooping growth but also shrinking. Other instances of research are also underway. We’ve yet to see what the mysteries of green tea have in store for us. If they are as magnificent as they seem, cancer may be a thing of the past.

Maintains Bone Strength

When it comes to maintaining the stability of your skeleton, several substances are needed. Calcium is the first and foremost, with phosphorous coming in at second place. An important compound that we often omit from the list is fluoride. It’s one of the crucial factors in bone cell regeneration. And it just so happens to be one of the most important components of green tea.

As the years pass by, we tend to lose our bone density, day by day. Some say it is a normal consequence of aging, but that simply is not true. It can be prevented by drinking green tea daily. The chief factors that prevent bone structure loss are antioxidants. Catechin prevents frequent inflammations that may cause bone cells to break down sooner or later.

There was a significant breakthrough in the field of osteology. It was conducted on a group of professional football players who suffered tibia or fibula fractures. One group was given green tea to drink, while the others did not. The result was astonishing. While the second group saw their bones heal at a normal pace, the others surprised everyone. Their bone cells regenerated ten times faster than they do normally. All this was because they were given three cups of green tea.

Now, it’s important to point out that results don’t come overnight. However, it’s never too late to start. By adding green tea to your diet as soon as possible, you will get a safer old age. While your peers will have fragile bones, you will be able to do all sorts of exercises.