The Most Dangerous Foods You’ve Been Giving Your Gallbladder and How to Save It

Eat Apples and Drink Apple Juice The reason that apple juice is recommended for the gallbladder cleanse is that apples contain limonoid. Lemoniod softens gallstones, which… Samantha Davis - October 14, 2022
Apples and apple juice have benefits for the gallbladder and digestive tract. Mashed.

Eat Apples and Drink Apple Juice

The reason that apple juice is recommended for the gallbladder cleanse is that apples contain limonoid. Lemoniod softens gallstones, which makes them less painful and easier to pass. Additionally, apples reduce bad cholesterol levels by making lipids liquid and easier for the body to pass. Reducing bad cholesterol is one way that you can reduce the likelihood of developing gallstones.

Try apples baked with a little cinnamon to satisfy your sweet tooth. Healthy Recipes Blog.

Apples also have the major benefit of being full of fiber which is good for the digestive tract. Pectin in apples also keeps things moving. By aiding in digestion, apples make it so your gallbladder doesn’t work as hard. Additionally, their high levels of antioxidants fight against brain disease, certain neurological conditions, chronic disease, and cancer. Antioxidants also have benefits for the immune system.

Avocado is full of healthy fats that balance cholesterol. Shutterstock.

Eat Avocado

It’s not true that all fats are bad for your gallbladder. Avocado is full of healthy fats that can actually lower levels of bad cholesterol. It also raises good cholesterol for better all-around levels that support heart health and reduce the risk of gallstones. Additionally, avocado reduces the risk of gallstones because of its high level of potassium. Potassium plays a critical role in maintaining proper balances of electrolytes that control hydration.

Avocado salad tastes great on a taco or as a standalone side. EPARKER FREIEBACH.

Being dehydrated significantly increases your risk of gallstones because bile acids are thicker when you are dehydrated. Additionally, the average avocado contains about 9.2 grams of fiber. This makes them great for digestion, which supports organs like your gallbladder, liver, and digestive tract. They also help suppress appetite, making them a great addition to your diet if you are trying to lose weight.

Stuffed, baked artichokes are a yummy side for holidays or family dinner. Well Seasoned Studio.

Eat Globe and Jerusalem Artichokes

Artichokes belong to a group of herbs and vegetables called digestive bitters, which are known for their wide range of benefits for the digestive tract. With the gut playing such a big role in our physical and mental health, it’s important to nourish it with the right foods. Jerusalem and Globe artichokes contain inulin and silymarin, two strong liver protectants that help detoxify the liver and can even reverse liver damage.

Jerusalem artichokes fight inflammation from high-fructose diets. Shutterstock

Being a digestive bitter, artichokes like these also increase bile flow and keep things moving along the digestive tract. Additionally, the inulin found in Jerusalem artichokes helps control inflammation caused by proteins created from a high-sugar diet that’s common in the Western part of the world. This is important because inflammation causes the liver not to work as efficiently as it should.

Opt for low-fat dairy products for a healthier gallbladder. Shutterstock

Don’t Eat Full-Fat Dairy Products or Fatty Meats

Like with processed foods, eating full-fat dairy products raises cholesterol levels and puts you at greater risk of developing gallstones. However, dairy is also a great source of nutrients like calcium, iron, and protein. Instead of staying away altogether, swap out your favorite full-fat dairy products for their low-fat alternatives or consider dairy-free alternatives like almond milk.

Salmon is a healthier alternative to fatty red meats. Shutterstock.

If you’re considering the fat in foods that you eat, you should also avoid fatty meats like pork or beef. Instead, opt for healthier alternatives like chicken or turkey to help manage cholesterol levels that cause problems with the gallbladder. That being said, not all fatty meats are bad. If you are going to eat fatty meat, opt for seafood like low-fat shrimp or salmon that has high levels of healthy fats that can actually reduce cholesterol.

The caffeine in coffee reduces your chance of gallstones. Shutterstock.

Drink Coffee

Gallstones affect around 10-15% of the United States population. Surprisingly, something as simple as reaching for a morning cup of coffee can help reduce your chance of developing them. According to researchers, the benefit of coffee when it comes to gallstones is likely the caffeine. They are not sure how caffeine helps, but a study that tested various coffee beverages found that only caffeinated coffee reduced the risk of gallstones.

Coffee is also full of antioxidants and aids in digestion. CNN.

Additionally, the same study found that people who consumed more caffeine during the day had a lower risk of gallstones. Coffee also contains beneficial microflora, which are bacteria that improve gut health. The high levels of fiber nourish these bacteria and also aid in healthy digestion. Furthermore, coffee can help your body digest foods by stimulating your body’s production of stomach acids and bile.

Dandelion has been used in medicine for centuries. Shutterstock.

Eat Dandelion

Dandelion is one of those plants that has a deep history rooted in ancient medicine. It has been used by the Native Americans, as well as in Europe and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dandelion is a digestive bitter, which helps stimulate bile flow and encourage digestion. It also benefits the liver and gallbladder by detoxifying them. As a diuretic, it also helps move these toxins into the stomach and then through the body as waste.

Add dandelion greens to your salad or steep them to make tea. Gardening Know How.

Research on animals also shows that dandelions help balance cholesterol levels. Having good cholesterol is incredibly beneficial to the gallbladder and helps prevent the formation of gallstones. While you could pick Dandelions from your front yard, it’s important to wash them thoroughly before eating them. You should also avoid eating any dandelions that have been chemically sprayed with pesticides or other toxic treatments.

Pomegranate juice breaks up cholesterol and gallstones. Shutterstock.

Eat Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a staple of the Mediterranean diet, one of the healthiest diets in the modern world. The juice of pomegranate seeds is full of potent antioxidants that fight inflammation and free radicals throughout the body. Pomegranates have higher levels of antioxidants than superfoods green tea and red wine. Research shows that it has a number of effects on the body, including reducing cholesterol and breaking up gallstones.

Pomegranate makes a great addition to a grilled chicken salad. Taste.

Pomegranate juice has acids in it that travel through your digestive tract and breaks up things like cholesterol, kidney stones, and gallstones. It also has been linked to lower blood pressure and blood sugar, as well as reduced inflammation throughout the body. Furthermore, pomegranates reduce oxidative stress that is responsible for advanced signs of aging, degenerative conditions of the brain, heart disease, and cancer.

Pears are full of pectin that softens gallstones. Blue Apron Blog.

Eat Pears

Pears have a high level of pectin that soften gallstones so they are easier to pass. Some people also find that eating pears relieve their pain when they are having an attack. They are also full of several types of antioxidants that fight inflammation and free radicals. This is important because an inflamed digestive tract means inflamed bile ducts where it’s easier for gallstones to form.

Baked pears are a sweet, healthy dessert. Running on Real Food.

Pears also have a lot of nutrients including 12% of your daily recommended Vitamin C intake and 18% of your DRV for copper. Copper is an important mineral that helps with red blood cell production and keeps your organs like your gallbladder working as they should. Additionally, it has healthy carbohydrates in its natural state and is a hydrating fruit that can provide your body with energy.

Fried and processed foods are hard for the body to digest. Pxhere.

Don’t Eat Fried or Processed Foods

Sometimes, eating processed foods seems like an easy shortcut after a long day. However, fast food, fried food, and processed food are high in ingredients that raise blood sugar levels, affect your hydration, and increase levels of bad cholesterol. Furthermore, most processed and prepared foods contain high levels of sodium that can cause swelling and damage heart health.

Unhealthy foods like these increase the risk of gallstones. Health Digest.

For people who already have gallbladder problems, avoiding processed foods is one of the best ways to avoid flare-ups. Most of the gallstones found in Americans come from eating a high-cholesterol diet. Since cholesterol is controllable by diet, one of the best lines of defense is avoiding unhealthy fats like trans fat found in common foods like fries, cakes, donuts, cookies, and crackers.