We Are Obsessed With these No-Sweat Ways To Burn Calories

8. Eating Breakfast We’ve heard it our whole lives. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Moreover, it could be the most important way… Trista - July 15, 2022

8. Eating Breakfast

We’ve heard it our whole lives. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Moreover, it could be the most important way to help you burn extra calories! Did you skip breakfast this morning? Did you rush out the door without taking something to eat when you get to work? New research shows that this wasn’t just an old wives’ tale. Making time for breakfast in the morning could be what your metabolism needs. Breakfast gives your metabolism a significant boost. When you eat a hearty breakfast that nourishes your body and gets it going for the day ahead, that goes double.


The good news is that you don’t have to eat your breakfast first thing. Some people aren’t hungry at that time or are way too busy to sit down for a delicious breakfast every morning. You should make time to eat some good food at some point in the first portion of the day, and it could even replace your 15-minute coffee break. Instead of living on a caffeine diet, pack a breakfast for yourself the night before work so that you don’t have any excuses. This will give your metabolism the best chance at burning calories throughout the day. Plus, you’ll get a delicious meal out of it too.


7. Singing

Do you love to sing in the shower? Or what about singing along while you’re cooking dinner and playing some music? This is one of the most fun ways to burn calories without sweating — unless you’re a pop star performing on stage. A study reveals the benefits of singing, and it even extends beyond burning calories. It’s good for the health of your heart. So, they’re not joking when they say, “sing your heart out.”


Singing actually exerts a fair bit of energy as you’re using a few of the muscles in your body. When you sing, you need to engage your abdominal muscles to support your voice. If you like to sing opera, you’ll be burning the most calories as this type of singing requires a lot of breath work and a lot of stamina to keep up with the singing. You can burn about 135 calories per hour of singing. This is great for road trips and nights out when you will be singing a lot without your neighbors wanting to call the cops on you for disturbing the peace.


6. Donating Blood

Donating blood is very important to do, especially when many hospitals face blood shortages, which helps save lives every day. Nevertheless, you will be rewarded when donating blood. Furthermore, it is not just with the juice and cookie you’ll get afterward. When you donate blood, you can burn a significant amount of calories! So, not only are you helping between three to four people with each blood donation, but you’re also looking after your body.


When you donate between 350ml-450ml, you burn about 650 calories. It might also factor in a few extra calories if you are anxious and scared of needles. That will certainly get your adrenaline pumping and increase your heart rate. Burning calories won’t always be fun. However, there are creative ways to do this, which helps other people too. We think that this way of burning calories is the best win-win we’ve seen on this list! When was the last time you donated blood?


5. Laughing

Pretty much everything we do in life burns calories. When we laugh, our heart rate rises, which can actually rise by about 10-20 percent. When your heart rate rises, so does your metabolism! When your metabolism is performing well like this, you’ll burn calories not only when you’re laughing but also after the joke. Your body will just work all by itself to burn more and more calories. Laughter is not just good for the soul, but good for the body too!


Laughter also is an excellent workout for your abdominal muscles, and you won’t even realize you’re “working out” because you’ll be enjoying yourself too much. Laughter isn’t a magic pill to lose a lot of weight, but it certainly will help you keep fit and happy. Aren’t those great things in life? Include laughter as part of your day and supplement this with some additional actual workouts to really see the benefits.


4. Drinking Coffee

We discovered that green tea has incredible health benefits and is excellent for helping people burn those extra calories, but what about coffee? Coffee is everyone’s go-to drink throughout the day but are we benefiting from this drink? The good news is that you are! It has excellent benefits like green tea does in helping you shed those unwanted calories. These fat-burning qualities can help you in the long run.


With one cup of coffee, you can boost your body’s calorie-burning by four percent over about two hours. Don’t get too excited because the best way to burn calories with coffee is to drink it black. This means saying goodbye to your sugars and creamers. Why? Because those are actually going to add calories, and then you’re just defeating the purpose of the coffee you’re drinking all day. Start slowly and cut back on your creamers and sugars. Soon, you’ll be drinking straight coffee and reaping the rewards in your body.


3. Chewing Gum

Did you know that people have been chewing “gum” for thousands of years? It might not have been as delicious as the gum we know today. Nevertheless, it’s been around for a long time. With the introduction of sugarless gum to the shelves of stores, gum-chewers have been burning calories without needing to sacrifice their dental health. Researchers did studies on the number of calories you burn per hour when chewing gum, and the results weren’t too bad!


When you chew gum, you are about to burn around 11 calories per hour. This is an impressive 19% more than a person who sits in a chair without chewing gum for the same amount of time. This simple action hardly exerts any effort, and it’s a great mindless activity to do. Researchers concluded that when chewing non-caloric gum, you could lose more than 11 pounds of body fat a year completing this habit. Furthermore, that is without any changes to your diet or activity level. However, beware of the sweetened gum, as you’ll only burn about five calories with that.


2. Feeling Cold

Something that has become increasingly popular over the years is cold water therapy. It ranges from plunges into the arctic to simple things like cold showers. So, can feeling cold help you burn calories since it has many other health benefits? When you shiver, you exert a lot of energy, which obviously helps burn calories. It isn’t the most recommended way to lose weight, but you certainly won’t sweat!


Depending on how low your body temperature goes when exposed to the cold, your energy expenditure can increase by 48 percent. That is a considerable amount. We aren’t saying go and do unsupervised polar plunges. However, it might not hurt to turn off your central heating every once in a while or enjoy a freezing shower. Let yourself feel the cold, and you might just see a few extra calories coming off your body in turn.


1. Sitting on a Stability Ball

Do you have people sitting on stability balls in your office and making everyone else feel bad for their comfortable office chairs? Well, they might be onto something as this could be helping them burn calories without even trying too hard. This is actually a proven way to burn calories, especially while sitting. Try bouncing safely on the stability ball if you want to go the additional mile and burn a few extra, as this extra movement will definitely help.


When an ordinary man of about 185 lbs sits at a regular work desk in a standard workplace chair, they burn roughly 156 calories naturally. When you add a stability ball into the mix, you up this calorie burn by 6%. This means they’ll be burning up to 165 calories per hour, and when you add it all up, they will have burned an extra 75 calories throughout the work day. In a year, this adds up to 19,500 calories. The great thing about stability balls is that they also help strengthen your core muscles, which will help you burn calories and tone your stomach area.